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Another Amazon gem: Goodbye hip pain

This comment was posted on the Amazon Wheat Belly page by Colin P. Conn: In just 3 weeks since buying Wheat Belly and going wheat free that same day, I’ve lost 15 pounds, my heartburn’s gone and so is my … Continue reading

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Dr. Mark Hyman: Fellow Wheat Belly-acher

It looks like Dr. Mark Hyman, well known for his popular and insightful books, Ultramind and Ultrametabolism, has jumped onto the Wheat Belly bandwagon with his comments in a recent article on his website. Some tidbits from his article: The … Continue reading

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Let nature take its . . . nahh!

Dr. Peter Shewry of the University of Bristol in the U.K. is one of the world’s most eminent agricultural scientists, an expert in wheat. I came across this particularly telling comment from a review on genetic modification he coauthored with … Continue reading

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My big hairy Wheat Belly experience

Roberto left this comment, bubbling over with enthusiasm over his and his wife’s wheat-free experience. Be careful: It’s almost too hot to handle! Dr Davis- We are in our early 50”s. Typical issues – tired – snap/crackle/pop of joints – … Continue reading

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Wheat is NOT "genetically-modified"

Alright. The Wheat Lobby has its lackeys out there, countering the Wheat Belly arguments by saying things like, “Davis says that wheat is genetically-modified and it’s not. So how much more can you believe of what he says?” (This Amazon … Continue reading

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Grain Foods Foundation braces for the fight

The Grain Foods Foundation is reorganizing for the fight. Here’s a press release that discusses some of their new direction and initiatives to counter the “wheat is the most rotten thing in the human diet” argument that I and a … Continue reading

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Opera tenor does Wheat Belly

Jon, an attorney, left this wonderful story of newly-discovered relief from the plagues of acid reflux sans wheat: I have been wheat-free for the last 6 weeks since reading your book. I am a 43-year old male and have suffered … Continue reading

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Unapproved drugs

Imagine a world in which the pharmaceutical industry were permitted to develop drugs, then bring them directly to market, no regulatory process required. They develop a drug to treat a specific condition, like toe fungus or depression, then introduce it … Continue reading

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My letter to the Wall Street Journal: It's MORE than gluten

The Wall Street Journal carried this report of a new proposed classification of the various forms of gluten sensitivity: New Guide to Who Really Shouldn’t Eat Gluten This represents progress. Progress in understanding of wheat-related illnesses, as well as progress … Continue reading

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Although people commonly call many reactions to wheat a “wheat allergy,” most reactions actually represent something else. Gastrointestinal distress is more likely, for example, to be due to lectins (wheat germ agglutinin) in wheat that disable the normal capacity to … Continue reading

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