Grain Foods Foundation braces for the fight

The Grain Foods Foundation is reorganizing for the fight. Here’s a press release that discusses some of their new direction and initiatives to counter the “wheat is the most rotten thing in the human diet” argument that I and a growing number of others have been advocating:

WASHINGTON — Having met its initial objective of stemming the decline of baked goods consumption early in the 2000s, the Grain Foods Foundation is adjusting its mission, is relocating to Washington and will be seeking new executive leadership.

In a statement issued Feb. 8, the board of trustees said the grain-based foods industry would be better served if it were to refocus the group’s effort. The changes were agreed upon at a Jan. 26 board meeting.

While the group will be moving and will be replacing Judi Adams as president, the G.F.F. will remain an independent organization. It will relocate to Washington from Ridgway, Colo. Ms. Adams, who has been president of the foundation since its establishment eight years ago, has been offered the position of chairman of a revitalized scientific advisory board. She also serves as president of the Wheat Foods Council.

“G.F.F., founded in 2004, has served as the ‘voice of the grain-food industry‘ to counteract the impact of popular low-carb diets on consumption of grain foods,” the trustees said. “G.F.F. successfully met its initial mission by helping halt the erosion of baked food consumption. It has provided meaningful value in communicating the nutritional benefits of grain foods to target audiences.

“Over time, however, the grain foods industry has moved into a new set of challenges. With an updated mandate, G.F.F. has suffered from decreased focus. To effectively influence behavior in the current nutrition environment and optimize its value to grain industry members, G.F.F. needs to be sharply focused against clear measurable goals. G.F.F. needs to be more aggressive, flexible and nimble. Expertise in issues management, marketing and public relations are critically important.”

According to the trustees, the move to Washington “will position G.F.F. closer to many key influencer organizations with which it hopes to work more closely.” Robb MacKie, president and chief executive officer of the A.B.A., and Mary Waters, president of the North American Millers’ Association, have been delegated the responsibility to generate recommendations for the new location and leader of the G.F.F. A search for a new president will begin this year.

The trustees identified three main objectives in the foundation’s refocused mission:

1. Prioritize ‘influencing the influencers’ — G.F.F. will change the primary focus of its efforts from consumers to key influencers. It will aggressively promote the nutrition benefits of grain foods with key influencers, including health and nutrition professionals, appropriate health-related organization, health and nutrition policy makers, and leading nutrition journalists and bloggers.

2. Proactively track and preempt misinformation — G.F.F. will proactively track grain-focused initiatives (studies, books, broadcasts, articles) with the goal of preempting or countermanding misinformation regarding grain foods on an ongoing basis. The G.F.F. Scientific Advisory Board members will lead efforts to provide rapid response to false communications and claims against grain foods, including fad diets.

3. Maintain crisis management reserves — To effectively guard against potential extreme attacks against grain foods, G.F.F. will develop a crisis communications plan to continue to develop appropriate reserves to enable prompt industry response to neutralize such attacks.

It’s too late: The horse is already out of the barn. The question is not whether information damning wheat will get out. It’s a question of damage control. They can only hope to slow the dissemination of the modern-wheat-is-bad message as their market declines. In the Information Age, unless you borrow information-squashing techniques from Saddam Hussein, there is no “preempting” of information.

All I can hope for is that they fight clean.

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56 Responses to Grain Foods Foundation braces for the fight

  1. TR says:

    they are moving to Washington to continue to lobby governmental groups that have control of things like school cafateria food menus, hospital menus, what the military men and women eat, etc… Their goal is not public health or promoting healthy diets. Their angle is private profit. They could give a rip if it”s healthy for you or not. Wheat is huge business. “Wheat Belly” is bad for their business. The brainwashing is so extreme at this point; just listen to what some people say when you tell them you”re on the Wheat Belly diet!
    Thank you Dr. Davis, for your professionalism and honesty. I know as time goes on, you will be vindicated for any attacks or slanders these shills come up with. We need to hear from more good doctors in this world.

  2. WereBear says:

    You should see the LOOKS I get when I explain that wheat is addicting.

    In the meantime, they are crying that I”m the insane one, that they “cannot live without bread.”

    And they don”t notice the connection.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      It is funny, Were, when you see it for what it is.

      I call it “whole grain incredulity.” “Surely whole grains are healthy! Just don”t eat the white.”

  3. Birgit says:

    As I”m sharing the “Wheatbelly” message with as many people as I can I”m still learning about the effects of wheat-free vs. gluten-free, vs. grain-free and the difference between glycemic index vs. glycemic load and I”m sometimes not sure what to tell people. So far I have been wheat-free and mostly grain-free for almost two weeks and my running has gotten faster (faster speed at same heart rate) and I have more energy in the afternoons so I”m exited about that.
    I do have a question concerning grains, beans and other starchy foods: How important is it to avoid these in addition for people who are not gaining weight on them (or on anything for that matter), are not gluten-sensitive and are not diabetic or pre-diabetic? Also it would be interesting to know how many people in the US would even fall in that category of people who seem to never gain weight, maybe a small minority at this point? I do know several people who fit this description, incl. my husband. He can eat whatever he wants and will not gain weight. Would a mostly carb diet actually help people like that? Is there a genetic predisposition for weight-gain/no weight gain on carbs? Do people”s insulin levels spike the same who are not gaining weight on big loads of carbs?
    I know that”s a lot of questions but think these are questions that a lot of people have when they are considering how far to go ranging from just eliminating wheat all the way to a paleo diet.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hi, Birgit–

      There are indeed wide differences in carbohydrate tolerance and sensitivity, with some people like your husband insensitive to the WEIGHT GAIN effect of carbohydrates.

      Problem: There are multiple phenomena that occur beneath the surface with excessive carbohydrate ingestion, e.g., hyperglycemia and glycation, small LDL formation, liver disease, that you will not be aware of unless somebody looks for it. You can be slender with a BMI of, say, 23, for instance, yet have a HbA1c of 6.1% (pre-diabetes, glycated hemoglobin) and 70% small LDL that leads to heart disease.

      • Birgit says:

        Dr. Davis,
        thank you so much for your answer. We will have to work a little to find a physician who is even willing to test for small LDL and in the meantime we are going to gradually reduce all grains, even the non-gluten kind. It”s more a matter of cost than of missing the taste, LOL, it seems only wheat is a taste I missed for about a week. Now I look at your book cover and think: “Yes, that used to look really yummy”. :)

  4. Wanda in Edmonton says:

    A colleague who went on the same diet as me. It is the HCG Diet and it essentially cuts out all “starches” and “sugar” for the first 6 weeks. In conversation, she mentioned how the HCG had all but alleviated her symptoms of colitis and wondered why. I told her about your book and my theory that one of the reasons the diet works so well is that it eliminates wheat from the diet. I told her about my own much less dramatic experience that I related here a couple of weeks ago. She bought the book and now we both are planning to cut out the wheat when we resume normal eating in a few weeks.
    Your book and her experience made a believer out of me!
    Wanda in Edmonton

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Sounds like you did your friend a wonderfully helpful service, Wanda! Had she not known this, she would have stopped her HCG diet and resumed “healthy whole grains” and returned to a world of misery.

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  6. Mrs. Ratfire says:

    Can you say LOBBYISTS? They are moving to DC to keep their industry pumping into our lives. Not to worry. Years ago, pharmaceutical companies put all out attacks on vitamin manufacturers, holistic health practice, doctors vs. chiropractors……these senseless fights have gone on for years, but I agree, the horse is out of the barn. Pharmaceutical tried to stop the tide of supplements that now pack an aisle in every drug store, grocery store, box store and Wall-mart. They failed. Why? Because as people felt better, they bought them no matter WHAT their doctor told them to do. I remember when doctors TOLD me that vitamins and minerals were worthless. I was told that, but I blew it off. He did not live in my skin, I was to be the judge of that. If Pharmaceutical companies could patten vitamins and minerals, herbs, etc., you can bet they would be written on every pad at every doctor. My point is this, they can push all they want, the anti-wheat community will grow NO MATTER WHAT, because it works! Fortune Tellers tell people they can see the future and even provide lottery numbers, if you pay them. If this were true, can you imagine the size of the line to get to this fantastic creature would be? And of course it it were true, the lottery would go out of business. The grain/wheat lobbyists are the fortune teller with the foggy crystal ball….they do not see the future either!