Grain Foods Foundation braces for the fight

The Grain Foods Foundation is reorganizing for the fight. Here’s a press release that discusses some of their new direction and initiatives to counter the “wheat is the most rotten thing in the human diet” argument that I and a growing number of others have been advocating:

WASHINGTON — Having met its initial objective of stemming the decline of baked goods consumption early in the 2000s, the Grain Foods Foundation is adjusting its mission, is relocating to Washington and will be seeking new executive leadership.

In a statement issued Feb. 8, the board of trustees said the grain-based foods industry would be better served if it were to refocus the group’s effort. The changes were agreed upon at a Jan. 26 board meeting.

While the group will be moving and will be replacing Judi Adams as president, the G.F.F. will remain an independent organization. It will relocate to Washington from Ridgway, Colo. Ms. Adams, who has been president of the foundation since its establishment eight years ago, has been offered the position of chairman of a revitalized scientific advisory board. She also serves as president of the Wheat Foods Council.

“G.F.F., founded in 2004, has served as the ‘voice of the grain-food industry‘ to counteract the impact of popular low-carb diets on consumption of grain foods,” the trustees said. “G.F.F. successfully met its initial mission by helping halt the erosion of baked food consumption. It has provided meaningful value in communicating the nutritional benefits of grain foods to target audiences.

“Over time, however, the grain foods industry has moved into a new set of challenges. With an updated mandate, G.F.F. has suffered from decreased focus. To effectively influence behavior in the current nutrition environment and optimize its value to grain industry members, G.F.F. needs to be sharply focused against clear measurable goals. G.F.F. needs to be more aggressive, flexible and nimble. Expertise in issues management, marketing and public relations are critically important.”

According to the trustees, the move to Washington “will position G.F.F. closer to many key influencer organizations with which it hopes to work more closely.” Robb MacKie, president and chief executive officer of the A.B.A., and Mary Waters, president of the North American Millers’ Association, have been delegated the responsibility to generate recommendations for the new location and leader of the G.F.F. A search for a new president will begin this year.

The trustees identified three main objectives in the foundation’s refocused mission:

1. Prioritize ‘influencing the influencers’ — G.F.F. will change the primary focus of its efforts from consumers to key influencers. It will aggressively promote the nutrition benefits of grain foods with key influencers, including health and nutrition professionals, appropriate health-related organization, health and nutrition policy makers, and leading nutrition journalists and bloggers.

2. Proactively track and preempt misinformation — G.F.F. will proactively track grain-focused initiatives (studies, books, broadcasts, articles) with the goal of preempting or countermanding misinformation regarding grain foods on an ongoing basis. The G.F.F. Scientific Advisory Board members will lead efforts to provide rapid response to false communications and claims against grain foods, including fad diets.

3. Maintain crisis management reserves — To effectively guard against potential extreme attacks against grain foods, G.F.F. will develop a crisis communications plan to continue to develop appropriate reserves to enable prompt industry response to neutralize such attacks.

It’s too late: The horse is already out of the barn. The question is not whether information damning wheat will get out. It’s a question of damage control. They can only hope to slow the dissemination of the modern-wheat-is-bad message as their market declines. In the Information Age, unless you borrow information-squashing techniques from Saddam Hussein, there is no “preempting” of information.

All I can hope for is that they fight clean.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Hey Dr. Davis. Thanks for your book. It was a great read, and now I have the information to justify what I do.

    Suffering from autism my whole life (and didn”t even get properly diagnosed) I ate the low fat diet grain shenanigans that got me into tons of trouble. Since then, I have changed and I couldn”t have done it without you.

    I hope the grain industry actually comes up with legitimate arguments instead of sticking their fingers in their ears and not listening.

    You can also tell them they “lost” another wheat belly in me :).

    51 pounds down? Thank you Dr. Davis.

    • Fabulous, Joshua.

      I”d love to hear more about your story. It sounds like you”d have a compelling story to tell.

      Your story might be heard by somebody like you or a parent who is unaware of these issues.

  2. Neicee

    Dr. Davis, they won”t fight fairly. They will do everything within their power to discredit and silence anyone and everyone that disagrees with them. Character assassination anyone? I for one, do not care what others do/say/or eat. However, for the sake of the children, wheat products/grains should carry warning labels for those under 18. Until they can argue their ”foods” are safe via double blind studies, with thousands tested, they should not be able to market them as healthy or safe for consumption. Moving their headquarters to D.C…..closer for their lobbiests to gain access to the powers that be.

    • Yup, I hear you, Neicee.

      I know that they have already done some poking around in my private affairs and run credit checks. They might find something if my life weren”t so dull!

  3. Janet

    Of course this is not surprising. I am politically active and aware and this is just what happens with almost every issue that is important to us and our families. These powers cannot allow us to even hear anything that counters their propaganda, their agenda and their profit motive. They will be in league with the MSM (main stream media) who, since there is no REAL reporting and fact gathering anymore as reporting desks are moved into “entertainment” areas, will just regurgitate what is fed to them by the corporate grain and big pharma that are their sponsors in the first place. The MSM just closes the castle doors on TRUTH at the behest of them and their politicians and arranges the archers hired by the vested interests along the ramparts to take a shot at everyone who attempts to batter down the gates. BUT, I consider the internet one of the weapons that can get in and under those Big Money archers. Plus each of us pushing back.

    Just as OWS changed the conversation back to the 99% economically, we can OCCUPY our food and healthcare. Together or one at a time. As you said, Dr. Davis, the horse is out of the stall on this. There is a site on the Internet: It is helping with grassroots efforts to pull issues important to everyone, from the shadows and allowing anyone to take part. Last week, the Komen Breast Cancer about faced on their defunding of important women”s medical care services just by using such grassroots methods, including They heard the people. Maybe it is time for a petition to someone or somewhere soon to begin stop this horror of wheat trainwreck from racing on. We need focus, though.

    • Mark

      Like Janet, I am politically active (although probably on the other side on most issues). This issue has the power to unite a lot of people in a fight against the grain lobby. As they entrench and get ready to lobby politicians and spread propaganda, they need to realize that a lot of us are telling two to three people per day about the benefits of wheat elimination.

      I hope they are ready for a protracted engagement with a lot of nimble and passionate adversaries. May the truth win and lead to greater health for all.

      • Hi, Mark–

        We have formed a foundation to fund such activities, though mostly educational activities. We will also need to work with other like-minded foundations, uniting to spread the word despite the efforts of those trying to preserve the “healthy whole grain” status quo.

        • jake3_14

          General consumer education alone is insufficient, because the GFF will have most of the experts on their side, most of the research (however flawed), and most of the “influencers” on their side. Remember that the U.S.A. got itself into this mess by listening to Ancel Keys and his ilk via the McGovern commission in the ”70”s. The people telling the truth need to spend just as much effort (because we don”t have the money) gaining access to influencers.

          Also, thanks to Michael Kovacs for alerting us to the GoWithTheGrain FB page. I just made a whole bunch of posts there, and I encourage others to do the same.

          • Agreed Jake.

            But we should not underestimate what we can achieve. I believe that this message is already having an impact, as the GFF hightailing it to Washington has evidenced.

    • Wendy

      Janet – I agree completely and wanted to let you know there is one petition now on Gary Taubes” websites. I posted something about it on the Wheat Belly Facebook page and Dr. Davis posted the link to the petition and urged everyone to sign it. There are over 1000 signatures now but we need thousands more. Check it out!

      • janet

        Thanks, Wendy. I will go there and sign. I don”t use Facebook much but might have to get more active to post on mine as well. After being on a computer all day at work, hard to get motivated when I get home. I will go to the Taubes website. I have been on the Fat Head blog, reading past stuff, and just ordered the DVD. I plan to donate it to my library (where I work). This monumental blunder has destroyed so many lives, and so many “trusted” entities seem to willfully let this murder and sickness go on and on. Something has to change. What will I do when my wonderful 6 year old granddaughter comes to visit this summer (who has asthma, by the way!!!!) and she and my daughter whip out the peanut butter and bread. What will I do when I hook this sweet child up to her nebulizer every evening if my daughter will not listen to me when I try to tell her that since she is healthy in every other way now, the bread and cereal she eats may be responsible for the asthma or more down the line?

        • Tough situation, Janet.

          However, I”ll bet her mom listens if you tell her that, because you just “happened” to run out of all wheat products like breads and bagels, her daughter”s ashthma somehow miraculously cleared up! “You don”t think it could be a wheat allergy, do you?”

    • Well, Janet, I hope that smart, politically-active people like you will add this cause to your list of important causes.

      I would liken this to a campaign that tells us that “smoking is good for lung health,” causing us to go to battle with a gargantuan industry. The fight has to be fought.

  4. Park Chapman

    The G.F.F. is just another scam of agribusiness. Now they”re moving to Washington so they can spend money to further corrput our political system. I”m they”ll claim they are a “grass roots movement?”

  5. The GFF will simply lie, or hire others to lie for them. They will fabricate ”studies” — there is ample precedent for that; just do a web search for 5TJP, the popular Atkins-bashing “low-carb” diet rat chow by Purina Test Diet. More accurately labelled ”crapinabag”, 5TJP contains Crisco and sucrose. The sucrose is in there because otherwise, rats will not eat enough of the stuff to gain weight. And Crisco… do we need some more ”studies” to prove that Crisco is not food?

    The GFF will trot out ”studies” with similar dishonest design to peddle their lies to politicians and bureaucrats who know less than nothing about nutrition, but have the power to dictate to you and me what we may eat. Anybody who objects will be marginalized as a crackpot (or maybe a terrorist).

    It will take time, money, and heroes (people willing to sacrifice their careers, and maybe even their lives, like Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, who died while incarcerated in an insane asylum) to counter the massive amount of money these criminals are willing to spend to preserve their racket.

    Dr. Davis, are you willing to rot in prison on some trumped-up charge for what you are trying to do? There is a significant chance of exactly that happening. Even if you eventually win, I”ll wager it will be an expensive victory.

    • Well, Howard, I sleep soundly at night knowing–knowing–that what I am doing is right.

      I am not doing it to promote a book or some hidden agenda. I am doing it because I see person after person experience health transformations with elimination of this corrupt grain, including myself and my family. Imagine the legions of people out there, suffering silently, getting nowhere with their physicians except being handed the next prescription, who really are suffering with nothing more than wheat consumption.

      This steels my resolve.

  6. Michael

    Sounds much like Global Warming, Marijuana or Pharma campaigns. Send out the Storm troopers !!! Soil the naive brains of America.

  7. J.

    Hi Dr. Davis….

    I love this diet and I have read your book many times over…..but when I come to an article like I am going to paste onto your blog….I still get a little confused. Would you or someone else please give me just a little insight on what is actually wrong with this article that I found>>>>>>
    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Rachel Weisz are among the celebs who reportedly stick to a gluten-free diet. But though proponents of the trendy regime say it can boost energy and make it easier to lose weight, some health experts claim it causes a variety of health problems.

    A gluten-free diet is advisable for those with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder in which the body triggers gluten to attack the lining of the small intestine. Celiac disease usually is diagnosed with blood tests and a biopsy of the intestines.But people who follow the diet when they don”t need to may not be doing themselves a favor. Weight gain, headaches and fatigue can be the consequences of eating gluten-free when there”s no medical reason to do so.

    Going gluten-free involves cutting out wheat, rye and barley, all of which contain the protein called gluten and replacing these with carbs like rice, cornmeal and buckwheat flour. In the long run, the switch may actually cause weight gain.

    “People assume that by cutting out gluten they are going to lose weight,” dietitian Tanya Thomas told the Daily Mail. “It”s a myth.”
    Also, many products that are gluten-free pack in the sugar, fat and salt, according to the Daily Mail.
    When wheat flour is fortified with vitamins and iron, it boosts the nutrient content of the diet. When it”s a whole grain, it also adds fiber. But eliminating wheat flour, which means forgoing pasta, bread and cereals, can cause flagging energy levels and those low-blood-sugar induced headaches that occur when not enough carbs are eaten.
    “So many people are needlessly avoiding gluten and spending a small fortune on doing so,” Thomas said. “Not only is it a waste of time and money when there”s no real problem, it can make your attempts to lose weight and get healthier backfire.”
    A faithful follower…..

    • Wow, J. This reporter got it wrong on so many points that it”s hard to know where to start.

      This is why I stress that the problem is NOT gluten, but WHEAT. We should not be consuming gluten-free foods, but real foods minus wheat. (The most gluten-sensitive should indeed avoid barley, rye, and other gluten sources.)

      And wheat-elimination is not only for people with celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity. It is for EVERYBODY. And eliminating gluten leads to weight loss . . . provided no gluten-free foods are eaten!

      How do we better communicate these issues?

  8. Susan

    I love that say they”ve met their initial objective of “stemming the decline of baked goods consumption.” Do they mean all those cookies, cakes, pies, etc. — full of sugars and HFCS and flours and frankenfats and all those other wonderful ingredients that keep us fat and always craving more, more, more… What kind of a goal is that? Lord save us from these fools!

    • Reminds me of the response from tobacco executives when asked why they participated in the deception and killing of the smoking public: “Well, I had to pay my mortgage.”

      I fear it boils down to the usual human motivations in those who fail to see the bigger picture and the consequences for the broad public.

  9. David MacPhail

    At one point when it was becoming apparent that tobacco industry was losing the fight they argued that they were helping the economy by lessening the deman on social security because smokers had a shortened life span. Maybe the wheat lobby will use this line,

    • Cancel? No, I don”t believe so. And there is more to health than just reduced incidence of heart disease, of course.

      I think there are a number of factors at work here, including some reliance on older forms of wheat, such as einkorn and emmer in southern France, as well as differing methods of preparation.

      This is a complex issue that perhaps deserves a discussion of its own in future.

    • Ulli

      The French don”t eat much bread or other wheat products. A croissant with coffee for breakfast and then a small slice of white bread with lunch and dinner to pick up oils and gravies. They rarely eat pasta or something like that, at least traditionally. They eat a ton of different vegetables and fatty meats and cheeses, also very little starchy foods like potatoes and tubers.
      They never eat sandwiches or anything like that like even Italians and Spanish do.
      And even in France itself one can purchase maybe two or three different types of bread in a traditional bakery, differing mostly in size not ingredients.
      I haven”t been to France in more recent years and I assume that nowadays in large grocery stores there they also sell all those cereals and crackers and what have you but the traditional French cuisine knows bread only as the small pieces of baguette to pick up stuff and a sweet something for breakfast.

  10. Do they have a FB page? We should all post a link to Dr. Davis” book.

    It”s a lost cause Bill. The truth always wins out. It”s just a matter of time, that”s all. You and other like minded docs should create an anti-GFF FB page ASAP. Beat them to the punch.

    And hire a body guard.

  11. aerobic1

    This gives me pause to wonder! NAMA is marketing grains to children by lobbying the FTC. “Our organizations (i.e. American Bakers Association, American Institute of Baking, Grain Foods Foundation, Grains for Health Foundation, Independent Bakers Association, National Pasta Association, North American Millers’ Association, USA Rice Federation, and Wheat Foods Council) have long advocated a consistent, science-based approach to setting government nutrition guidelines”.

    What science? Their “science-based approach” will continue to fatten the children like farmers fatten their cattle before slaughtering. What”s to gain from this other than profiteering for the NAMA, GFF and the pharmaceutical companies who pedal the latest $20 pill to diminish the side effects of distorted lipids, blood glucose and obesity? This is collusion of the highest order?

  12. Pilot Mark

    Six days wheat free. Two thirds through the book. Both my wife and I are done more pounds than any other diet after a week. More importantly our urges to overeat have almost gone away.

  13. aerobic1

    Yes, the pucker factor has been increasing for the GFF over the past decade.

    Circa 2005, “Judi Adams, president of the foundation, based in Ridgeway, Colo., agreed that “it is very, very important we get people to eat more whole grains, no question.” She also said that there were “a lot of whole-grain products out there now that didn”t used to be out there” because “we know people are not eating enough whole grains.”

    Not surprising that campaign even included Dean Ornish: “To the extent that the campaign emphasizes the benefit of eating whole grains in bread, it”s a public service,” said Dean Ornish, president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, Calif., “because whole grains are actually beneficial.”

    GFF at that had retained Jennifer Burke, vice president and account director for Mullen, a high profile PR/Marketing firm, who said that the trade associations for the bakers and millers originally approached the agency “for a media relations campaign to get bread and grains back on American plates, but we knew a traditional media relations campaign was not going to do it.”

    Recently, GFF has again retained Burke as a hired gun to pursue the GFF’s priorities and is now with Burke/PR in Southbury, CT. “Jennifer Burke was an integral part of the team that concepted and launched the Grains Food Foundation in 2004. We relied on her solid, strategic counsel…and in fact, she can take credit for our original, creative programs and their effective execution” – Judi Adams, President, Grain Foods Foundation

    • Alright, that”s it!

      If Dean Ornish is on the “grains are good” bandwagon, even after we”ve pointed out the holes in that argument, let”s go for the jugular. Spectrum, schmectrum!

  14. Neicee

    And, I just a blurp on my homepage ”6 surprising ways to get more whole grains into your diet”……no wonder the govn”t is touting a national healthcare plan. If we continue down this path, before 2025 every single man/woman/child will need it and the prescriptions that go with it.

    • Frightening, isn”t it?

      We are fretting over the cost of healthcare, while a big part of the answer is sitting right there on your kitchen table.

    • PJ

      Whew! I just came off that FB page . . . what a blast! I can”t believe that people actually believe that propaganda (especially the crap about folic acid). There are going to be a lot of anti-wheat people commenting I”ll bet. Several of my “friends” saw me commenting and we started a rousing chat. I really think my “friends” had some enlightening moments. Sent them over here and to Jimmy Moore”s site and Fat Head. Spreadin” the word! We really need to flood that FB page with our comments people!

  15. Laura

    Hi, Dr. Davis!

    I am an American who married a Dutch man and now lives in Amsterdam. I am going to read your book as soon as I can find it over here!

    My question is this: is the genetic manipulation of wheat plants specific to the USA, or is the bread in the Netherlands also made from mutated forms?? I THINK they have laws against that sort of thing here, but I am not sure… and I would like to know!

    Thanks very much!

    Best regards,

    • Hi, Laura–

      Note that modern wheat has not been “genetically-modified,” i.e., no gene-splicing techniques have been used. The techniques used to alter wheat pre-date the techniques of genetic modification. These older techniques were less controlled, less precise, less predictable. In short, they were WORSE in many instances.

      Conventional wisdom dismisses the potential dangers of older “hybridization” techniques, despite the fact that numerous unique proteins have been introduced into the food supply by such methods.

      • Boundless

        Dr.D: Note that modern wheat has not been “genetically-modified,” i.e., no gene-splicing techniques have been used.

        Is that still true? I”m seeing reports that RoundUp-Ready wheat is about to hit the market, and it is definitely GE.

        So not only are the proteins poised to morph again, wheat consumers can get a little herbicide on the side.

        None of which changes the fact that the effects of wheat over the last half century were inflicted without GE.

        • Hi, Boundless–

          Yes, they keep on trying and, last I heard, RoundUp-Ready GMO wheat is coming on the market.

          There are also substantial genetic initiatives to reduce the expression of proteins in wheat that are the most likely to trigger celiac responses. I”m always impressed that, while they focus on gluten, they neglect all the other undesirable aspects of modern wheat.

  16. Bruce Miller

    GFF seeking BS artists on K street in DC…
    Looks like the Grain Foods Foundation wants to make Whole-Grain Alphabet Soup in our nation”s capital!

  17. Uncle Roscoe

    Physicians can shove scopes down wheat eaters” gullets all they want, and brag about the lack of evidence all they want. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. When wheat elimination is tested double-blind on humans with a whole range of maladies wheat is shown to be harmful.

    Modern medical practitioners have done what so many other professions have done. They have convinced us that trusting a realm of our care to them will make us whole. Nothing can be further from the truth. You can”t place your car into a mechanic”s hands, write him a blank check, and rest easy knowing that you can always drive to work. Why would people think they can do this with medicine?

    I-t – c-a-n-‘t – h-a-p-p-e-n. Yet people try it in droves. Life is a participatory sport.

    Scopes can”t show doctors healthy intestinal tissue being damaged. They can only show doctors intestinal tissue which *has been* damaged ……but only if they find the damaged tissue. Genetic tests can identify likely candidates for celiac disease. They can”t identify gluten intolerance sufferers among these candidates, and they can”t identify the millions of gluten intolerance sufferers who the medical establishment does not consider likely candidates. Practitioners can send off lab samples all day long to check for gluten related antibodies. These labs c-a-n-‘t find the bulk of damage being done by wheat and its proteins.

    No antibodies are involved ……NONE.

    The public simply needs to face o-n-e – s-i-m-p-l-e – q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n. Who is responsible for our health?

    We are.

    How do we find out if wheat is harming us? Not by taking our bodies to a professional. Stop eating wheat. See what happens. If your problems go away, what are you going to do about it? Start eating wheat again? Make yourself sick again?


  18. TR

    they are moving to Washington to continue to lobby governmental groups that have control of things like school cafateria food menus, hospital menus, what the military men and women eat, etc… Their goal is not public health or promoting healthy diets. Their angle is private profit. They could give a rip if it”s healthy for you or not. Wheat is huge business. “Wheat Belly” is bad for their business. The brainwashing is so extreme at this point; just listen to what some people say when you tell them you”re on the Wheat Belly diet!
    Thank you Dr. Davis, for your professionalism and honesty. I know as time goes on, you will be vindicated for any attacks or slanders these shills come up with. We need to hear from more good doctors in this world.

  19. You should see the LOOKS I get when I explain that wheat is addicting.

    In the meantime, they are crying that I”m the insane one, that they “cannot live without bread.”

    And they don”t notice the connection.

    • It is funny, Were, when you see it for what it is.

      I call it “whole grain incredulity.” “Surely whole grains are healthy! Just don”t eat the white.”

  20. Birgit

    As I”m sharing the “Wheatbelly” message with as many people as I can I”m still learning about the effects of wheat-free vs. gluten-free, vs. grain-free and the difference between glycemic index vs. glycemic load and I”m sometimes not sure what to tell people. So far I have been wheat-free and mostly grain-free for almost two weeks and my running has gotten faster (faster speed at same heart rate) and I have more energy in the afternoons so I”m exited about that.
    I do have a question concerning grains, beans and other starchy foods: How important is it to avoid these in addition for people who are not gaining weight on them (or on anything for that matter), are not gluten-sensitive and are not diabetic or pre-diabetic? Also it would be interesting to know how many people in the US would even fall in that category of people who seem to never gain weight, maybe a small minority at this point? I do know several people who fit this description, incl. my husband. He can eat whatever he wants and will not gain weight. Would a mostly carb diet actually help people like that? Is there a genetic predisposition for weight-gain/no weight gain on carbs? Do people”s insulin levels spike the same who are not gaining weight on big loads of carbs?
    I know that”s a lot of questions but think these are questions that a lot of people have when they are considering how far to go ranging from just eliminating wheat all the way to a paleo diet.

    • Hi, Birgit–

      There are indeed wide differences in carbohydrate tolerance and sensitivity, with some people like your husband insensitive to the WEIGHT GAIN effect of carbohydrates.

      Problem: There are multiple phenomena that occur beneath the surface with excessive carbohydrate ingestion, e.g., hyperglycemia and glycation, small LDL formation, liver disease, that you will not be aware of unless somebody looks for it. You can be slender with a BMI of, say, 23, for instance, yet have a HbA1c of 6.1% (pre-diabetes, glycated hemoglobin) and 70% small LDL that leads to heart disease.

      • Birgit

        Dr. Davis,
        thank you so much for your answer. We will have to work a little to find a physician who is even willing to test for small LDL and in the meantime we are going to gradually reduce all grains, even the non-gluten kind. It”s more a matter of cost than of missing the taste, LOL, it seems only wheat is a taste I missed for about a week. Now I look at your book cover and think: “Yes, that used to look really yummy”. :)

  21. Wanda in Edmonton

    A colleague who went on the same diet as me. It is the HCG Diet and it essentially cuts out all “starches” and “sugar” for the first 6 weeks. In conversation, she mentioned how the HCG had all but alleviated her symptoms of colitis and wondered why. I told her about your book and my theory that one of the reasons the diet works so well is that it eliminates wheat from the diet. I told her about my own much less dramatic experience that I related here a couple of weeks ago. She bought the book and now we both are planning to cut out the wheat when we resume normal eating in a few weeks.
    Your book and her experience made a believer out of me!
    Wanda in Edmonton

    • Sounds like you did your friend a wonderfully helpful service, Wanda! Had she not known this, she would have stopped her HCG diet and resumed “healthy whole grains” and returned to a world of misery.

  22. Mrs. Ratfire

    Can you say LOBBYISTS? They are moving to DC to keep their industry pumping into our lives. Not to worry. Years ago, pharmaceutical companies put all out attacks on vitamin manufacturers, holistic health practice, doctors vs. chiropractors……these senseless fights have gone on for years, but I agree, the horse is out of the barn. Pharmaceutical tried to stop the tide of supplements that now pack an aisle in every drug store, grocery store, box store and Wall-mart. They failed. Why? Because as people felt better, they bought them no matter WHAT their doctor told them to do. I remember when doctors TOLD me that vitamins and minerals were worthless. I was told that, but I blew it off. He did not live in my skin, I was to be the judge of that. If Pharmaceutical companies could patten vitamins and minerals, herbs, etc., you can bet they would be written on every pad at every doctor. My point is this, they can push all they want, the anti-wheat community will grow NO MATTER WHAT, because it works! Fortune Tellers tell people they can see the future and even provide lottery numbers, if you pay them. If this were true, can you imagine the size of the line to get to this fantastic creature would be? And of course it it were true, the lottery would go out of business. The grain/wheat lobbyists are the fortune teller with the foggy crystal ball….they do not see the future either!