"Anti-Wheat Low-Carb Crazies"

Mr. David Green, 2011-2012 Chairman of the Wheat Foods Council and Director of Quality Control at Archer Daniels Midland, labels followers of the wheat elimination movement “Anti-Wheat Low-Carb Crazies.”

He does concede in his presentation that 1% of Americans have celiac disease and another 5-6% have “gluten-sensitivity” (which, by the way, is a big leap in the right direction, since they previously denied the notion of gluten-sensitivity). But, in this wheat industry man’s view of the world, we are guilty of mass hysteria: We are a bunch of “crazies.”

I would like to commemorate being given such a designation. I see us as proudly defiant to the gospel according to people at ADM, Monsanto, and BASF. We therefore printed t-shirts to declare our craziness:

Anyone wishing to share in the madness and order t-shirts, go to this order page.

All proceeds go towards supporting Wheat Belly activities.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Susan Mangan

    Just read the presentation done by the WFC. Wow. I love the line “When the anti-wheat, low-carb and gluten-free consumers unite, could be a major decrease in consumption”. Maybe we should start a new group called AWLCGF united!

  2. Mike

    Dr. Davis, as of 2 p.m. west coast time 2/6 the website has changed. There”s no listing of recent posts. Is this temporary, or what?

  3. Ri

    Hi there-can someone please offer up some quick easy snack ideas that are wheat free and that i can have at work other than fruits and veggies or something that needs a lot of preparation…id like something i can keep at work and reach for my stomach starts to grumble- i used to eat rice cakes and snack bars till i read wheat belly and realized i need to stay away

    Thanks for any tips!

    • Tale

      Snack ideas that involve little or no preparation:

      – Handful of tree nuts: walnuts, almonds or cashews. Preferably raw or dry roasted, not roasted in “vegetable” oils.
      – A couple of squares of extra dark chocolate, 80% or greater. Not the whole bar.

      If you have convenient refrigeration:
      – Full fat Greek yoghurt, perhaps with berries (blueberries, raspberries) mixed in. Cabot Creamery (in Vermont) is what I eat, a nice 10% fat one. There are others.
      – “Al Fresco” brand chicken sausages or similar. Gluten free and low carb.
      – “Snack Bites” beef sausage snacks.
      – Liverwurst spread in celery sticks. Or just by the slice to make it zero prep.
      – Hard boiled eggs, or egg salad.

      • Teresa

        Don’t forget that you must soak, sprout and/or ferment your seeds, nuts and beans to get rid of the anti-nutrients (e.g. phytates, phytic acid, oxalates, etc.). If you eat raw or cooked seeds, nuts and beans without preparing them properly, you not only don’t get the nutrition from them, but they can leach nutrients from you body leaving you deficient. I recommend a book called “Nourishing Traditions” to learn about traditional cooking and nutrition information, the best foods to eat, the best way to prepare and cook foods, and some really fabulous recipes! If you are going to avoid wheat – which sounds like a tremendously great idea, just adjust the few recipes that may have wheat using nut flours or some other suggestions the book will give. Hope this helps.

  4. Ri

    Great Suggestions thanks Tale- i loveee greek yoghurt and i also have been eating hemp seeds lately hope those are allowed!

    • Dana

      Any seed”s going to have antinutrients in it–the plant kingdom”s equivalent of mauling you for messing with its babies–so don”t go crazy on ”em.

      I like string cheese too. It”s basically mozzarella but it comes in individually wrapped sticks.

      • Teresa

        Yes, please note that nuts, seeds and beans should be properly preapared BEFORE eating. Raw nuts are best, but they MUST be soaked to reduce or get rid of the phytates (phytic acid), oxalates and other anti-nutrients. It is quite easy to do. SOAK with a little sea salt (I recommend Real Salt – from ancient sea beds versus from our current polluted seas) at least 7 hours (there are variations, so do research) (many also need an acidic agent – raw vinegar, lemon, whey, etc, so do research.); RINSE; put on a cookie sheet (or in a dehydrator) and DRY/CRISP for 12-24 hours. Best seeds and nuts you’ll ever eat, too, by the way. (The beans can be cooked after soaking, instead of crisping, of course.)

  5. hitfan

    A week and a half of being wheat free. My psoriatic arthritis does still get the occasional flare-up, but I”d say progress is going towards having less pain than before. My psoriasis lesions also seem to be slightly thinner. But to cast aside any placebo effect (or wishful thinking on my part for a cure), I will know for sure in a few more weeks.

    But another side effect I”ve noticed is that there seems to be a lot less plaque getting formed when I floss my teeth. It”s not something I deliberately looked for or expected, so it is a nice added bonus.

    My weight loss seems to have stalled after having lost 8 pounds. But bodyweight is funny that way — perhaps fat is being replaced by muscle mass. And I wasn”t motivated by weight loss when I went wheat-free, but mostly to get relief from my autoimmune disorders.

    • Hi, Hit–

      It would be absolutely wonderful if the psoriasis cleared up with your wheatless experience. I bet it does, or at least becomes far easier to control.

      Many people have reported the less dental plaque effect to me. I”m not entirely sure why, besides the elimination of starch, but it is a nice side-benefit.

      • Serena

        This is an old post, but I understand tooth decay/plaque buildup to be the result of bacteria that loooooove sugar!

  6. darMA

    How funny. I was just thinking the other day I should have a special t-shirt made for me that would say:
    High blood sugar forever gone. It wasn”t the burger, it was the BUN! Take that wheat industry.

  7. Boundless

    > … another 5-6% have “gluten-sensitivity” (which, by the way,
    > is a big leap in the right direction, since they previously
    > denied the notion of gluten-sensitivity).

    It”s an astonishing concession, and one that they fail to explain at all in terms of what the cause is, not to mention whether the rest of the population is at risk to a lesser degree. There is, however, no indication that they intend to back off on their blatant propaganda and lobbying.

  8. Julie

    Six weeks into the wheat free diet (and sugar-free in my case), and I have stalled in the weight loss department. I am eating SOOOOO much less and completely no bread, pasta, cereal, etc., so it”s frustrating that the weight is not coming off any more. Have to go back in two months for another A1C test for my blood sugar, and I”m afraid all the fats (cheese, meat, butter) will backfire and my cholesterol and triglycerides will be through the roof. Sure hope this works!

  9. janet

    Just wonderin”. Is the T Shirt USA made? If it is, that might be nice to put on the description. Just like I want to eat local or support real food and their producers–I want to support working people in America making goods here. Our current race to the bottom economically by the lie of “supply side doo doo economics” has to be overturned or more people will be unable to institute healthier eating. Or even have a job to buy food. We have bought that colossal bag of crap for over 30 years too, and see the results tragically in our own neighborhoods.. In fact, I have used that as a comparison when people say to me “that all the experts say blah, blah healthywholegrains, blah, blah, low fat, blah blah”. Well, I tell them, if we bought the supply side lie/myth for 30 years, why wouldn”t you think we wouldn”t buy the “lowfathealthywholegrains” lie for 30 years?

    One of the reasons I like eating this way is the big stick it pokes in the eyes of the status quo of keeping us in servitude to the powers that be–politicians and their corporate overlords and those who by policies and profit motive, destroy us as a country economically and personally as healthy beings. I take personal responsibility for making my own choices in these matters–and if more get the truth like you have to offer , Dr. Davis, they will also. And then when feeling better, explore the truth in other places as well. I am careful who I vote for. What they do have consequences in MY life. When Ideology (ideas or faith–same thing–belief without facts) starts to destroy my FACTS of living well–then I push back.

  10. Chris

    What”s really scary about their presentation is that it”s not about heath at all, it”s all about making for $$ for the wheat industry. The admonish that “You need us…” to influence the world media to say ”healthywhoegrains” are good for you, so we can sell more wheat and make $$, keep our jobs, etc. And the head researcher on the primary study they use to dispute wheat and obesity is on their Board!! Talk about biased!

    This is big business as it”s worst.

  11. Wendi

    You know what? I don”t care what they call me. A month and a half without wheat – or any grains at this point – and not only has my back pain not returned, but I also no longer suffer from acid reflux and the gout that I could always feel hiding in my big toe is gone with no sign that it had ever been there. I”ve also lost 16 pounds without trying. I thought I was getting arthritis in my hips and knees but apparently not because that pain and stiffness is gone. I sleep through the night every night now that I”m no longer awakened every couple of hours by the pain in my back. I feel reborn. So they can call me crazy. I”m too dang happy to care.

  12. Irwin

    Have been “wheat-free” for a while now; not long enough to be able to say anything about it with conviction, except that the cravings for pastry and other sweets is gone. That alone, is worth it to me.

    There”s a discussion on this topic at “Canadian Money Forum”: http://www.canadianmoneyforum.com/showthread.php?t=10348

    Today someone linked to the review done by Chris Masterjohn. The comments below Chris”s review are very interesting, and well presented. http://blog.cholesterol-and-health.com/2011/10/wheat-belly-toll-of-hubris-on-human.html

    Thanks for this site :)


  13. Deanna

    Dr. Davis, I got off wheat the end of Sept (almost 5 months now). During the first weeks I really noticed hyper salivation. I read on Dr. Jack Kruse”s blog that this is a VERY good thing. But now, for about 6 weeks or so, my mouth seems quite dry and I have a VERY bad taste in my mouth all the time…leading me to believe bad breath also. So I got a glucometer. My results showed:
    A fasting level of 75.
    Blood sugar = 80 two hours after beginning a lunch of tuna patty made with egg, lemon juice, lemon pepper and flax meal…along w/ some raw broccoli. (Note: it was 83 just before I ate that meal.)
    Blood sugar = 90 two hours after beginning a breakfast of granola (seeds, nuts, few raisins and frozen cherries, cinnamon, coconut flakes)…higher because I ate fruit.
    All these levels seem good to me. Do you have any ideas what may be causing dry mouth and bad taste?

    • Sorry, Deanna, nothing specific comes to mind.

      I assume you hydrate well and don”t have gum disease.

      Try a probiotic? Perhaps a shift in bowel flora is involved.

      • Deanna

        Yes, I hydrate well and have no gum disease. I take a small amount of acidophilus…maybe I need more. Thanks for the info.

        • Wendi

          Deanna –

          What you”re describing is common among people who do Atkins, Ideal Protein, South Beach or any other form of low-carb diet. If you”re not trying to lose weight, you could try increasing your intake of carbohydrates from non-grain sources (sweet potatoes, fruit, etc.) and see if that helps. Or, you can do what I do – drink a lot of water and chew sugar free gum.

  14. Deanna

    Thanks Wendi, unfortunately I do need and want to lose more weight, but it”s good to know that other people have this problem too.

  15. Karina

    Hi there,

    I am looking for wheat free and sugar free/low sugar processed foods. I miss breads & crackers/cookies. Any suggestions other than rice crackers??

    thank you,

    • Rebecca

      I know Mary’s gone crackers are tastely gluten free crackers that I believe have flax seed in them, but you would really have to check ingredients, and see how well they fit into the wb diet.

  16. Joanne Laino

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I just googled wheat belly to see what its all about. I’m thinking of buying the book. I am Italian and the love of my life is bread and pasta! The thought of being deprived of my favorite things is horrifying!
    I’m 48, 5’5″ and 148 lbs. I’ve never been so heavy!
    I’m definitely pre-menopausal, fatigued, joint pain, hair loss, and definitely brain fogged!
    Maybe wheat is my problem!!
    I don’t know how I will follow through……but I will try..:(
    Any suggestions Dr. Davis??

  17. Mary Holloway

    I am a 57 year old female, 5′ 6″ and I wish I weighed 148! We’ve been wheat free for just over a month now and weight loss is slow, 2 – 3 lbs and they fluctuate. I feel much better though. Aches are gone, except for my feet. Carpal tunnel in my hands even seems better, maybe because inflammation is down/gone. I take a thyroid med and may need to have that adjusted. Also a blood pressure med which I believe I understand may inhibit weight loss. And a statin which I would love to be rid of. Following this blog is very motivating and helps to keep my head around the concept of wheat free. Thank you to everyone for posting your stories.

  18. Susie

    Dr. Davis,
    I have a question. I started on my wheat free journey about 3 weeks ago. Love it. No more feeling shaky, cold-sweats, and feeling like I could chew someone’s arm off if I didn’t eat something right now. I love being able to eat lunch and have it last all day. I eat when I am hungry, not to avoid the shakes every two hours. My question is – I don’t like coffee but am addicted to caffeine. I used to drink diet mt. dew all day long – gave that up for lent this year but switched to crystal lite packets with caffeine. I know these are not good and could be why I am not losing weight very fast, but I get caffeine withdrawal headaches without it. Iced tea (plain) doesn’t seem to cut it. Any suggestions for getting off crystal lite? Thanks, Susie