An update from Grace: The amazing shrinking waistline

Remember Grace? She was the reader who experienced a life transformation after years of misdiagnoses and failed treatments for her multitude of disabling health problems, including hair loss that her doctor declared would save money at the hairdresser, only to finally discover it was . . . wheat.

Here’s an update she posted:

I used to wake up every morning full of such resolve to get healthy, lose weight, have more energy. I was prepared to use hyper vigilance with food and be super consistent with exercise. Today was THE day! And then, by the time my head hit the pillow I would be full of anguish, self-loathing and despair because, once again, I had failed. This went on for years.

That scenario is no longer a part of my life. I wake up eager to face the day and I go to bed feeling successful. I sleep soundly and wake refreshed. I smile and laugh a lot.

I decided to weigh myself once a week and measure my waist, hips and upper arms once a month until I reach my goal weight of 135-140 pounds.

I”ve lost 22 pounds since the 21st of January.
I”ve lost 4.5 inches from my waist since the 28th of January.
I”ve lost 1.5 inches from my hips.
I”ve lost 1.5 inches from my upper arms.

4.5 inches from my waist!!! I”m pinching myself again to see if I”m dreaming.

My diet has been free of wheat (and oats and high GI carbs) since February 12, which is also my wedding anniversary. I was teasing my husband about not getting me an anniversary present. But, as it turns out, reading excepts from Wheat Belly to me (I”ve since read it from cover to cover) was the best present he could ever have given me.

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Comments & Feedback...

    • Thanks, Lori.

      I find it amazing and wonderful that, the more we learn, it seems like many of the same fundamental processes can be blamed for a multitude of health conditions.

  1. Marv

    Grace and Dr. D.,

    Those numbers are so impressive, especially in such a short time! I”m down 15 pounds and 40 glucose points in 2 months and wonder where I”d be IF I WAS WORKING AT IT! (this is SO easy…)

    You mentioned earlier the anger you feel over being misled for so many years. Me too and I know we”re not alone in doing as we”re told by the Government and Medicine when in fact we we”re killing ourselves. I”m trying very hard to channel that anger into telling anyone who”ll listen about the Wheat Belly concept and Dr. Davis. I still get mad though, very mad. But Dr. Davis” courage and your success, Grace, inspire me to calm down and create tasty, poison-free meals (please hurry with the moussaka!)

    Dr. Davis should be the US Surgeon General, except then he”d have the Government lobotomy. How about just “General” and we”ll all be the army to wipe out poor health (and it”s expense) caused by the wheat food lobbies?

    –Marv (poison-free since 12/14/11!)

    • Hi Marv,

      Sorry about not getting to the moussaka experiment yet. The eggplant got co-opted for a roasted veggie pizza last night. (cauliflower crust with pesto–pretty good but needs more work before I”m ready to go public with it.) I bought some more eggplant today, though, so will be trying out ideas for moussaka. I have to figure out how to make a bechamel sauce without wheat or other high GI carbs. And I”m thinking on some notions for vegetarian entrees as per Dr. D”s request. I don”t eat soy so that”s going to be more of a challenge. ~Grace

      One thing about being older and having very little short term memory…anger melts away quickly, which is, I believe, a boon for ones” blood pressure.

      • Marv

        Thanks Grace! The bechamel I made from cream cheese and spackle just isn”t cutting it.

  2. Mary

    Grace, you are an inspiration! I can totally relate to what you describe of years of high motivation and sad defeat by the end of every day. This to me is the worst part of the whole thing, the assault on your thoughts and the feelings of frustration and failure that come with eating wheat. Dr. Davis” book explained very well the reasons for the constant failure. It”s hard to succeed at losing weight when you are eating something that is increasing your appetite, your blood sugar, your cravings, and messing with your mind! I am thrilled with your success! I have improved my blood sugar back to “normal” ranges since stopping wheat, and have gotten off the diabetic-for-life down hill slide. I have steadily lost weight, but the best thing is the freedom from the terrible self-loathing and feelings of failure that go with that whole wheat sandwich. My cravings are few and far between, not the minute-to-minute way they used to be. Wheat Belly has been one of the best investments in my health that I could have made, and all for less than the cost of a co-pay to see my doctor, who told me my situation would only get worse! Thank you Dr. Davis!

  3. Elise

    I”ve been wheat free since early January 2012 and I”m convinced and “angry” too, like some of you, trying to channel that into telling others about this, especially my loved ones.

    I think my dad is a hopeless case. He grew up on a farm, though he has not lived his adult years as a farmer he has retained his interest in farming. As I have recently been sending him anti-wheat propaganda, he sends me pro-wheat propaganda.

    I”d like to share the latest with y”all. An article in Lancaster Farming published on February 18, “Baking with Fresh Whole Grains: Anatomy of a Grain Boom.” My dad read this article as supporting evidence for “fresh” and heirloom/heritage wheat (especially if you grow it yourself and grind it yourself and ferment it yourself…) as being “healthy” and not the dwarf wheat which is evil.

    Here is the article link:

    My dad is a very intelligent man but I think he just does not want to know this stuff. I have asked him to do his own research, and this is what he comes up with. I am beginning to suspect that he has not even glanced at the anti-wheat weblinks I”ve given him…

    I”ll keep trying.

    • Elise, I know how you feel. I just got off the phone with some of the first people I told about Dr. Davis” book. I sent them the info because the husband has recently started having to inject insulin, has diabetes-related neuropathy, can barely walk. He”s given up on life. Talking to his wife on the phone (I thought maybe she”d be able to influence him) she said that she just couldn”t imagine not being able to have a pastry if she wanted one. I”ve met so much resistance from many of the people I”ve tried to talk to about the effects of wheat, but I”ve also had quite a few people tell me they”ve ordered the book or that they”ve reserved it at the library. For the others I hold out the hope that seeing the positive changes in me may spur them to investigate. I don”t know what else to do. That article about the wheat growers kind of breaks my heart. I”m sure they”re such good, hard-working people, salt of the earth. I feel like having this knowledge is a huge responsibility. I try to stay focused on how getting this information out there is going to change the world in such a positive way. The transitions will not, I think, happen quickly or with ease for many.

  4. Linda Pettit

    Great results Grace! Dr. Davis, I bought your ebook about 2 months ago and was absolutely fascinated and stunned by it. It makes complete sense to me. I am into my 5th week and have lost some weight (was already doing Weight Watchers) and also some inches I think (I plan to measure myself today and start keeping track). I am continuing with WW, and counting my points as well as avoiding wheat. I also talked husband into going wheat free this past week. He is a true addict — can eat a loaf of bread in one day as “dessert”. Yesterday I noticed his belly is already much smaller. I made him weigh himself and he had lost 6 pounds in 4 days! He was amazed. I think it really did all come off his belly!!

    Here”s a question I have. I didn”t really have any withdrawal symptoms and had only benefits (including no longer having diarrhea or loose stools every day). Now, though, I am suddenly having diarrhea again and I am also having a major runny nose. I know I have not eaten any wheat – I am that careful and I haven”t eaten out for over a week. Is it possible that my body is just now reacting to the removal of wheat and I am having withdrawal symptoms as it is healing itself? Just curious. I am not enjoying either of these things at the moment.

    • Kim

      Hi Linda,
      I”ve been wheat free since August 14th last year, and all grains and starches free since late October. There have been stages of healing and insight for me all along the way.

      One thing I do remember is a constantly runny nose, and only when you just mentioned it, did I realize that it has stopped! It must have been 2-1/2 months of a runny nose, and I mean almost constantly. I couldn”t bend my head over a project without blowing my nose first or it would drip on my work – how irritating. Even worse, I would be trying to have a discussion with someone and it would start dripping, distracting as all get out. And now, not at all.

      Thanks for asking the question or I might have gone on without realizing that at some point it all cleared up. And I do believe it is an immune system that has been battered and bedraggled, trying to clear itself up. I can attest that, at least in my case, it does “dry up”!

      • Linda Pettit

        thanks kim! it makes sense that my body is just going through some healing. once i started thinking about it, i have also been really tired this week. i think when i put all those things together it sounds like some sort of withdrawal/healing period. i was one who felt great immediately after losing the wheat — i.e. digestion was better, sleep was better, more energy etc. so i guess i should not be surprised or discouraged that i”m getting some symptoms now. i will stick with this because at this point i really don”t even miss the wheat. i also have NO cravings for any foods, even sugar, which is so “not me”! LOL!! i know that this healing may take a year or more so i will just hang in there. and it is really good to know that the runny nose may eventually go away!!

        • Linda, have you ever tried a neti pot? I, and many people of my acquaintance, have had great success with allergy (immune system?) sinus, throat, upper respiratory issues by using a neti pot, or its equivalent, twice daily for a couple of weeks or until symptoms disappear. Most pharmacies carry them.

    • Pam

      Linda, just like you (albeit a year later), I’ve had the recurrence of some diarrhea. The one thing I’ve done differently is try some bread mixes and a recipe for bread – all containing Xanthan Gum. I am allergic to mildew, so am wondering if this could be the culprit. It’s the only thing I’ve done differently the past few days – I even have a slight headache. I’ll continue to read the blog, maybe this has been discussed.

  5. Ri

    Tried these today-theyre great !!

    Dr. Oz”s Butt-Busting Brownie

    If you think brownies are off-limits when you’re trying to get fit, think again! This no-bake brownie is not your typical dessert. The cayenne revs up your metabolism to get your body moving and the cinnamon helps process sugar intake, which helps keep fat from being absorbed into your bottom. It’s a win-win!
    Added to Recipes on Tue 02/21/2012

    1 cup raw cacao powder
    1/4 tsp cayenne
    2 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 cup low fat milk
    1 cup organic raisins
    1 cup oats
    In a food processor purée the cacao, cayenne, cinnamon, milk and raisins until a smooth paste forms. Add the oats to the food processor and quickly pulse to incorporate them. Transfer the mix into a square or rectangular container lined cross wise with wax paper. Press down to form the ‘brownie” base. Refrigerate until firm. Cut into squares before serving. Enjoy!
    Recipe courtesy of Ulli Stachel.

    • PJ

      Why in the world would Dr. Oz even think of calling these “butt-busting”? They are basically fat-free, I see weight GAIN in the future of anyone who eats these. Oats, raisins and low fat milk would do nothing but jack my blood sugar! How about dumping the raisins and use nuts instead with almond or coconut flour in place of oats and cream in place of (gag!) low fat milk?

  6. Sorry for OT and disjointed. I was very disoriented when I first went off wheat for about 3 days. I could barely drive. Had nightmares for a few weeks. Now sleep deeply. No insomnia, or leg twitches. I do take some magnesium. Will not touch wheat. I feel like I have visited Lourdes!!!
    I am waiting from specialist for DNA code results. This worries me that they are mandatory for newborns and military. Be careful to guard your DNA coding results. I did not give written consent. I am asking where this database is, and that mine not be used for any commercial, research, educational or scientific reasons without my signed consent. We must keep paper trails of all illnesses, DNA et al for our own private families and heirs. Maybe overreaction, but it really is a shadowy area now.
    Future science is moving at Brave New World speed and if class action lawsuits are coming in far future for or against dwarf wheat, then our paper trails of periperal neuropathy or any symptoms must be in our possession and recorded.
    Many researchers are keeping these records of DNA to be used in databases that I and most people at this point do not know how to access. So please do not think that in decades to come this will be science fiction. Although one might be used as ID #, it still is being filed and researched. Why do they think that newborns and military need DNA genetic bloodwork be drawn automatically? We need to protect our DNA in all ways and this wheatectomy is a fantastic guard. Have you read or watched “Ghost In Your Genes”? I know it is controversial, but I tend to be comforted by these researchers work. What do you think?

  7. Terry May

    Congratulations Grace and keep spreading the word. I am kicking up a step dance with you. i am now ending week tweive since I picked up the book Wheat Belly. I have lost 35 pounds and am looking for some new clothes. I stopped insulin injections on February 22/12 and I am presently taking no medication for diabetes. The big news came today following my first lab bloodwork this morning since I bid farewell to wheat and grains. My A1C was 6.0 (108 mg/dl). Cholesterol was excellent with a ratio of 2.7 according to the lab folks. i do not understand this whole cholesterol thing anyway but they seemed happy with the numbers. I have reason to celebrate and plan on doing so.

    Stay the course folks. I beat wheat…

    • Excellent, Terry!

      Would you be willing to recount your experience in conquering diabetes for my newest book, the Wheat Belly Cookbook?

      • Terry May

        Dr. Davis

        I would be delighted! I would be especially thrilled if others could be helped in their struggle to overcome challenges such as diabetes and its complications. For me, there is now more credence to the argument against modern wheat and grains. I have the results on a lab report. Ah yes…from a concept that I have been arguing, to concrete evidence. I love it!

        I am always looking for new recipes too!

        I beat wheat…

    • Terry, you are the poster boy of WB as far as I”m concerned. Any time I get in to a conversation with people about diet and nutrition (which happens pretty much daily, lately) I tell them about the amazing changes you”ve experienced. I am so, so pleased for you. Really happy to hear Dr. D is going to put your story in his book. More people need to hear what can be accomplished.

      • Terry May

        You are kind Grace, thanks. Hey… I implemented Dr. Davis” W.B. approach, I experienced amazing results. I now have medical laboratory evidence to support those results. The lab doesn”t make it up. Please let your friends know this information too, i.e., Wheat Belly works!

        Keep celebrating your success too Grace.

  8. J E Young

    Grace, what an inspiring story. And spread the word to your friends, I certainly am.

    Dr. D, at this time on Amazon”s Nutrition list, Wheat Belly Kindle is #1 and the hardcover #2. The 14 copies purchased for our library system have a wait list of over 100 and it grows daily. Congratulations.

    • Wow, J.E. Thanks!

      Word is spreading based mostly, I believe, on the expanding universe of people who have experience health and weight turnarounds following these concepts.