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An update from Grace: The amazing shrinking waistline

Remember Grace? She was the reader who experienced a life transformation after years of misdiagnoses and failed treatments for her multitude of disabling health problems, including hair loss that her doctor declared would save money at the hairdresser, only to … Continue reading

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It ain't Rhight

Among the changes introduced into wheat in the 1960s and 1970s was dwarfism, i.e., plants with short stature. Short stature meant a shorter stalk that “wasted” less energy and required less time to grow, tolerance to larger quantities of nitrogen … Continue reading

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"Take more fiber"

Amy posted this story: I am writing to let you know that I owe you my life. I read your book, quit wheat, and felt a noticeable improvement after just three weeks. I have suffered from autonomic dysfunction, POTS [Postural … Continue reading

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Kick it, smack it, sprout it . . .

. . . and it’s still wheat. It could be organic, sourdough, low-carb. It could be red, blue, Republican or Democrat . . . it’s still wheat. Janet describes her experience with sprouted wheat: People have asked about the “sprouted … Continue reading

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It's not lack of exercise . . . It's the wheat

Jeanine left this telling tale of gaining weight despite vigorous exercise. We see this day in, day out: People who exercise, even to extreme degrees, who are unable to control weight. We see it on overweight professional athletes. We see … Continue reading

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What if . . . ?

There are several questions in my mind that nag me night and day on this thing called “wheat,” bothersome issues that, if any are true, suggest some very sinister goings-on. This is an “adults only” conversation, as it’s just too … Continue reading

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"You're lucky that your hair is falling out: You'll save money at the beauty salon!"

Read Grace’s incredible story of a life dissolving into the oblivion of weight gain and misery, transformed within days to an epiphany of life transformed . . . all by saying goodbye to wheat. I haven”t had any lab/blood work … Continue reading

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Rosemary Sun-Dried Tomato Scones

These mouth-wateringly delicious scones capture the essence of Italians herbs, complete with Romano cheese, the seductive taste of sun-dried tomatoes, topped off with some sea salt. Dip into extra-virgin olive oil while still warm and you will knock your spouse … Continue reading

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Why do we eat more?

It’s a well-established fact: Americans eat more. Several large studies have documented the increased calorie intake of Americans. This study, for instance, calculated a 440-calorie increased intake per day from 1977 to 2006 in 28,400 children and 36,800 adults. Increased … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly on local TV

Here’s a recent TV interview for local Milwaukee TV. The local reporter interviews a nutritionist at the Medical College of Wisconsin, who brilliantly defends the “healthy whole grain” dictum. (Just kidding; she barely knew what she was talking about.) The … Continue reading

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