Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain presentation

I recently gave a Wheat Belly presentation at a local Milwaukee High School (Dominican H.S. in Whitefish Bay) to benefit their Athletic Fund:

Part 1

Part 2

(Unfortunately, the camera battery pooped out at the end, so a bit is cut off.)

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Michael Kovacs

    Dr. Davis, Your presentation is so well presented. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed at the end when your camera quit at probably the most important part of your lecture. Anyway Your presentation is so well done it should be available on DVD and sold through your website. This would be excellent material for teachers and anyone who wants to learn the truth about wheat.

  2. J E Young

    Dr. Davis,
    An excellent presentation, very clear and simple explanation of your ideas about wheat. Please consider finishing your power point slides and talk, possibly just video it in your office with a small camera, and make a part 3 to add to YouTube. Or as suggested above, a professional re-do of the complete presentation with the actual slides inserted (no turning to press the forward button or coughing :-) would make a good DVD. Thanks for all you do, trust the benefit was a big success.

  3. Hi Dr Davis,
    I just wanted to thank you for uploading this presentation. I thought it was excellent. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Dr Davis I was wondering about your interview with CBC. I would like to be able to listen to it. Do you have a link for it?

  5. Nina

    Dear Dr Davis

    Great lecture and good to see this work going into schools.



    PS Is that a bit of rice belly I see you carrying, or did the camera angle/lighting distort the view?

  6. Sybille Hartmann

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    I too want to thank you very much for uploading this excellent (!!!) presentation. It is just too bad that the camera stopped working. Therefore I want to urge/ beg you as well to please do another lecture like this and have it professionally recorded with the slides visible. It would be a very (!!!!) valuable teaching material for schools or health activist, like me, to bring your important message to the communities. For 25+ years it was my dedication to provide the healthiest, nutrient dense food to my family . I considered whole wheat and other gluten containing whole grains the quintessence of healthy eating. I even volunteered to educate others about the superior nutritional value of whole wheat/grains. In the last several years however I came across information that made me alter the preparation process for grains through sprouting or fermenting, which may have helped neutralizing some of the problems associated with them. But your book helped me understand that in the course of eating that way I had in fact become addicted to wheat and had possibly inflicted a few other imbalances on my body which I am now determined to undo. I was finally able and willing to eliminate wheat and other grains from my diet. I am very grateful to you!!! The 180 degree turnaround in my mindset still amazes me, but the truth is the truth and needs to be spread. That said, I cannot wait to pop your presentation hopefully in its FULL length into a projector soon and show it to anyone who is willing to listen.

  7. Karen

    Thank you so much for posting these videos!

    Dr Davis, do you have any thoughts or comments on the use of xylitol as an alternative to other sweeteners? My understanding from what I’ve read about it is that it is very low on the glycemic index.

    Thanks again!

  8. Josey

    Many gluten intolerant patients seem to tolerate “sprouted wheat” products. What is your evaluation of the effect of sprouting on wheat? Does it change it in a way that would make it less detrimental or would it have the same effect?

  9. Jenny

    Dr. Davis,
    In your book you write about using cream cheese. Is any regular fat / plain cream cheese ok…? I know most have guar gum etc in it. It’s ok to use this cream cheese?

    Thanks so much

  10. Jeanne

    Didn’t know where to post this, but Dr Oz show is having a segment on gastric bypass with the gist being ” why aren’t more people with diabetes and obesity getting it and how wonderful the health benefits…

    Scrolled down to the comment section and the FIRST poster mentioned Wheatbelly! She also mentioned the mutant wheat and it’s role in this issue. Yea! Btw, at the moment they are saying Bypass sx is better than medical management. Really pushing this for some crazy reason. I’ve had lots of patient with lifelong nutritional problems after gastric bypass.

    • Boundless

      > … gastric bypass …

      The only person I ever knew who elected this, died on the table. It was his last resort, after trying and failing on every diet then available (circa 1990). Needless.

      Even the nominal outcomes for this procedure are sobering, and the complications and side effects are appalling. And, of course, if they continue to consume wheat, it may result in less weight gain, but still inflicts all its other damage.

      Why doesn’t modern medicine at least suggest trying low-carb grain-free for a month first?

  11. Anya

    Saw this on Youtube! What a great lecture. I think part of your success is being able to explain things in a really simple and easy to follow way that makes total sense. So many medical types use tons of jargon and come off as snotty and arrogant. You come across as very relatable and likable!! More to come, I hope. Maybe you could do a lecture series!

  12. Kari W

    Dr Davis –
    I’ve really enjoyed listening to you on various Podcasts, most recently Jimmy Moore’s.
    Do you have any suggestions for finding local doctors (I’m in the VA / DC / MD area) who support more of a nutrition-based health protocol? Specifically cardiologists… I give health presentations and run Paleo challenges in the area, and I often have clients who come to me just so troubled because they are stuck with a doctor who’s telling them to avoid dietary fat and instead have their daily morning bowl of cheerios to ‘lower cholesterol’.
    I checked the paleo physicians network, but so far this area only shows some Chiropractic options.
    thanks so much for any help!

  13. Barbara

    Dr. Davis, I am trying to get the blood test endomysium antibody here in Vancouver, British Columbia and none of the labs do it?? Can you tell me why? Would appreciate any assistance. I have just had the HLA DQ2 and DQB blood test and waiting for my results. Also I made your eggplant bake and loved it!

    • Sorry, Barbara, I can’t answer for why your specific lab does not run this measure.

      They might, however, be running the transglutaminase antibody or gliadin antibody.

  14. Tim

    Dr. Davis,
    Could you please share with us the reactions and responses of the teens to your lecture? I hope some of them got the message.



    • Hi, Tim–

      The kids were unusually quiet. I’m not sure they know what hit them!

      The audience included my 14-year old stepson and his friend, who are doing a project on this idea. I think they had a bit of a hard time following the arguments. It made me more aware that, to reach a younger audience, we will somehow need to simplify the message.

      • PJ

        The kids may have been sitting there looking like deer in headlights, but I know from previous experience, one of these days, they are going to remember what you said. I’d give anything to eavesdrop on their little group conversations!

  15. Jess

    I work in the Milwaukee area and would really like to see one of your speaking engagements live. Any chance you will post these in advance in the future?