Show us your Wheat Belly video and win a Wheat Belly audio CD set

Make a brief video demonstrating the “before” and “after” of your wheat belly experience–nothing terribly fancy or professional, just a homemade video that displays your results, something like what Gary did and posted to YouTube.

Tell us what you experienced: weight loss, relief from joint pain, increased energy, etc. anything and everything that has occurred on your wheat-free journey. Post your video to YouTube (they allow this for free and it’s very easy; just create a free user account, then upload your video) and come back and tell us about it.

If chosen to be highlighted here, I will send you a Wheat Belly Audio CD set.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Anthony

    Argh, I can only post “a post video” and it will be confounded by virtue of my having been a high intensity strength trainee for almost 12 years LOL

  2. Drew

    We embarked onto the path of wheat-free living yesterday, after seeing a link to this website from another. I had lost about 35 pounds a few years back and now I’m down to the same weight I was in college back in the 1970s. I did this mainly through ramping up exercise and cutting back on portion size during meals. HOWEVER, I have been experiencing some rather unpleasant digestive issues over the past couple of years and had been wondering what could be wrong. Looks like many others on this blog have been experiencing similar issues and the wheat-free diet appears to be the way to go. It’s going to be really tough giving up bread (and its yummy liquid offshoot, beer!) but I’ve suffered long enough. My wife also has some health issues that we are hoping will be lessened or eliminated with the diet. Please wish us luck!

    • Good luck, Drew!

      Here’s a suspicion that may heighten your resolve: It is my suspicion that the many people who suffer with digestive issues from wheat are setups for gastrointestinal cancers over a long period. Get rid of the wheat, get rid of the chronic irritation and inflammation, get rid of the risk.

      • Drew

        Yeah, my grandad died from colon cancer at the age of 66. That scares the… well, crap out of me. I want to avoid the same kind of miserable stuff he went through. Thanks for doing all this research and making it available for us!
        P.S. I grew up on farm that raised a lot of grain–how’s that for irony? :)

  3. Well,

    I already made a video, but it’s not accurate. (Smile) Here it is:

    Wheat Belly Blues

    Over 4600 views so far.

    I’m now down 52 pounds since February. And 35 pounds of that since I read “Wheat Belly.”

    My video isn’t for the contest. But it does have some killer Blues Guitar in it.

    Here’s my YouTube video channel.

    There are now seven videos up, Dr. Davis.

    Here’s my Music Web page:

    You’ve heard most of the songs, Dr. Davis, but there are a few changes. Mythic Rhythm has my best Guitar Solo EVER.

    Thanks for Everything.

    I’ll be back.

  4. Carol Omer

    Hi Dr Davis
    I started reading Wheat Belly today and am VERY inspired by your knowledge and good choice-guidance. Thnkyou. I will be sharing your book with all of my friends and i am confdent my bofy will benefit from your knowedge and
    I am interested to see if wheat has bern responsible for my very curly hair and will keep you posted if there is a folicle change now that I have made the deision to eliminate wheat from my diet. …just joking…. I think…:-)

    Yors in appreciation
    Carol Omer
    Adelaide South Audtralia

  5. Neicee

    James, thank you and your song says it all. I just sent it out to my address book because they all need it !!

    Dr. Davis, being gluten sensitive, bordering on full blown celiacs for years, and finally giving up on those wretched gluten-free products… I’m finding I can’t yet allow myself to try any of the recipies you’ve posted. One whiff of anything that even tastes like sugar/wheat sends me off the bandwagon. I check in here a couple of times a day to read the other commenters remarks on how they’ve recovered and reaffirm my incentive to remain not only gluten-free but wheat-free.

  6. Cerie

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    I read your book yesterday and I can attest to the benefits of eliminating wheat! Starting the day after Thanksgiving, November 25, 2011, I eliminated wheat and all grains from my diet, including corn and potatoes, based on results of a blood panel I had done with my chiropractor, which showed my sensitivity to wheat. In the 44 days since, I have lost 16 pounds. I don’t feel nausea from low blood sugar or the need to eat so frequently to get rid of the nausea. I am sleeping more soundly and feeling so much more energetic. I was worried that not having grain carbs my drain my energy, but the opposite is true. I am actually exercising MORE lately and I feel so light!

    I’ve experimented with my diet and exercise regimens a lot over the years, trying to maximize my fitness and energy levels. I was vegetarian and vegan for a while. I ramped up my protein intake by adding meat, but I never completely eliminated grain. I am a former triathlete, and now I finally realize why, despite HOURS and MILES of training for several years in my twenties, I feel and look better NOW at 40!! NO MORE BAGELS!!!! Or, my homemade whole wheat bread. What a folly.

    Thank you for collating this most important dietary information into a very readable and inspirational book! I am recommending it to everyone I can!

    • Oooh, Anne: That is absolutely priceless!

      I’d like to post on Facebook. Please let us know how the experience develops! Looks like the girls will have fun doing it.

    • Ireka

      OMG!!!! Watched it!!! Loved it!!!! We must spread the word to all parents about the importance of the NO WHEAT movement, instead of sadly standing by with only a “tsk, tsk…” Kudos!!! =D

  7. Anne

    The Girls are thrilled that their video is being enjoyed, and would love to help others find the joy of wheat-free living. I will keep you posted on how things develop.

    • Please do, Anne!

      I’d like to see more kids participating and reporting their experience. After all, they are the most likely to obtain the greatest long-term benefits.