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The Gliadin Effect

Gliadin is a protein found within wheat gluten. It is, from a cold scientific viewpoint, a fascinating issue, a protean protein capable of incredibly varied biologic effects in humans. Among the things we know about gliadin: –Gliadin is the most … Continue reading

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A musician strikes a chord

Tyrannocaster left this fascinating tale of guitar-playing ability lost, then regained, with elimination of . . . yup, you guessed it: wheat. (He apparently wrote this for another venue, but reposted it in the comments for this blog, thus the … Continue reading

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Eat less food . . . or eat no wheat?

J. Butler posted this review about Wheat Belly on Amazon: Wheat Belly was the core truth I was missing in my years of failed attempts to control my appetite and leave the ranks of the obese. The truth is that … Continue reading

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A wheat farmer weighs in on Wheat Belly

Keith Lewis, a wheat farmer, left this insightful comment about modern wheat growing practices: You conclude in your book that modern wheat breeding has dramatically changed the nutritional value of wheat. Modern wheat farming has as well. I have been … Continue reading

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Low back pain, chiropractors, NSAIDs, narcotics . . and wheat

I believe we need to add back pain to the list of common health conditions that are relieved with wheat elimination. Not to say that all back pain goes away with wheat; it course it does not. But there are … Continue reading

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Does running cause intestinal bleeding?

Kathleen posted this enlightening comment to a recent Wheat Belly Blog post. Her story highlights some of the incredible ways that the adverse health effects of wheat consumption are misdiagnosed and mislabeled. My husband and I are long time, very … Continue reading

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Show us your Wheat Belly video and win a Wheat Belly audio CD set

Make a brief video demonstrating the “before” and “after” of your wheat belly experience–nothing terribly fancy or professional, just a homemade video that displays your results, something like what Gary did and posted to YouTube. Tell us what you experienced: … Continue reading

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Mocha Walnut Brownies

If you haven’t already signed up for the Wheat Belly newsletter, please do so (left navigation bar). This was the recipe that we sent out recently. For anyone who hasn’t yet signed up, I reproduce it here. Richer than a … Continue reading

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