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Diabeti illuminati

Terry May, a reader of this blog and a diabetic, posted this wonderful comment on how he reduced his reliance on insulin and is in the process of getting rid of diabetes by banning all wheat from his life: Before, … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly does the world

Have no doubt that the wheat-free arguments set forth in Wheat Belly are reaching a worldwide audience. A passing “fad” comes and goes, since there is no durable or long-lasting benefit. A genuine movement persists, as results become evident, word … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers, Optifast, gastric bypass . . . and finally address the cause

Linda tells her story of having struggled with being overweight and the incredible contortions she went through to “fix” it, all temporary fixes until she got to the source of the problem: wheat. I would like to share my story … Continue reading

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"Think beyond the wheat"

WheatFreeBelle left this wonderful comment about the first 4 weeks of her wheat-elimination experience: 4 weeks ago I started my wheat free lifestyle and I am happy to say that since then, I have lost 12 lbs, 5 inches overall … Continue reading

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Wheat . . . and type 1 diabetes

There seems to be some confusion about whether wheat is associated with type 1 diabetes, i.e., the form that generally occurs in children consequent to destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. This is not to be confused with the contribution … Continue reading

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Trail Mix Bar

These bars have many of the wonderful nuts, seeds, and crunch of a trail mix–but without the sugar load. This poses only a modest carbohydrate exposure, as the dates provide 4 grams sugar per date. However, if you are a … Continue reading

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Just think of the enormity of the impact of wheat consumption on the human condition. Consumption of modern high-yield semi-dwarf wheat leads to: –Weight gain–especially visceral fat in the abdomen, i.e., inflammatory fat –Diabetes, pre-diabetes–via the appetite-stimulating effects of modern … Continue reading

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Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain presentation

I recently gave a Wheat Belly presentation at a local Milwaukee High School (Dominican H.S. in Whitefish Bay) to benefit their Athletic Fund: Part 1 Part 2 (Unfortunately, the camera battery pooped out at the end, so a bit is … Continue reading

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How sweet it is!

Does wheat cause diabetes? Is the national message to eat more “healthy whole grains” to blame for the nationwide epidemic of diabetes? Can that bowl of bran cereal, English muffin, or plate of whole wheat pasta mean a life of … Continue reading

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Pizza crust . . . you can hold in your hands!

Here’s a recipe for pizza crust that you can actually hold in your hands. That’s what we lose when we eliminate wheat: the viscoelasticity of wheat gluten, the quality that provides wheat’s food portability. It allows you to stuff a … Continue reading

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