Volunteers: Women over 50

Fab Over Fifty is looking for a woman who has had a compelling story to tell about her wheat-free success.

It could involve weight loss, relief from mental “fog” or arthritis, or any of the other ways that wheat elimination improves lives and health.

If you are interested, we will need “before” and “after” photographs–nothing fancy, just a photo that shows the change. If your story is not about weight loss and there are no photographs, that’s okay–we’d still love to hear your story.

Post a comment to this blog post and your email is automatically posted here. I will then email you with details.

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50 Responses to Volunteers: Women over 50

  1. Cate says:

    I am only on day one but I already feel so much better! No cravings for dessert. Better energy. And my stomach isn’t upset or bloated – I don’t remember it feeling this way before. I am so grateful for this resource. I was one of those people who thought I was treating myself so well by eating organic whole wheat breads (preferably sprouted), organic brown rice pasta, etc. What eye-opener this research is, about the state of affairs with how big agriculture has tampered with wheat over the years. It all makes so much sense now, why people are getting so sick.

    Even though I exercise daily and eat “healthfully” I still felt so many cravings and my belly has gotten bigger and bigger. I feel so much optimism and thank Dr. Davis and all of you who post here and elsewhere about your success stories. I love those basic biscuits! More to come.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Great, Cate!

      It is Big Agribusiness versus all the other humans in the world! Put aside the ridiculous arguments they put forth that they feed the world’s hungry, etc. Their agenda: Feed the world’s hungry with excess profit in mind, your health be damned. Don’t play that game!

  2. Cate says:

    I wanted to share a recipe for crackers that I found on the Food Renegade website:
    Not being a big fan of rosemary, I omitted it. I would suggest cutting back on the sea salt a bit. I added a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Excellent!

    Almond flour is my new BFF (Best Food Friend).

    Feeling great, free, and angst-less when it comes to eating for the first time in my life. THANK YOU!!!