Volunteers: Women over 50

Fab Over Fifty is looking for a woman who has had a compelling story to tell about her wheat-free success.

It could involve weight loss, relief from mental “fog” or arthritis, or any of the other ways that wheat elimination improves lives and health.

If you are interested, we will need “before” and “after” photographs–nothing fancy, just a photo that shows the change. If your story is not about weight loss and there are no photographs, that’s okay–we’d still love to hear your story.

Post a comment to this blog post and your email is automatically posted here. I will then email you with details.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. JanetDarbey

    Hi, I volunteer,send me the details please. I am 56 and still compete as a female bodybuilder.I am celiac and have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as well. I am struggling to lose the weight again that I put on with the thyroid condition. I have tried the traditional gluten free diets but I am still having problems. I know I also react to soy products and oats and corn. I need to go totally gluten free but to be honest there is no way I can pay for any books or memberships of anything at the moment. I only have enough for good honest food and a roof over my head. Thanks!

  2. Joanna Miller

    I am 57 years old and have been on a variety of diets for over 50 years. I have done low fat, low carb, raw food, intuitive eating etc. I have been lactose intolerant for several years and feel terrible when I eat sugar. I am starting the wheat belly diet (actually started 2 days ago when I came accross this site). I weigh 172 and hope to get to 142. I definately have the wheat belly. I ordered a copy of the book, but for now I’m reading labels and doing my best to stay away from wheat (and other carbs except for vegys). I would like to be a part of this “50” group. Please keep me updated.

    • Hi, Joanna–

      Then please be sure to take your “before” photo!

      Then come back with your proud “after” photo in a few weeks or couple of months.

      • Joanna Miller

        How do I upload a before picture. Thanks.
        Also, after only 3 days of no gluten or processed sugars the foggy brain and goopy eyes are sooooo much better.

  3. Joyce

    Dr. Davis, I’m in too – no before or after photos, I’m still losing weight and a work in progress, but my arthritic symptoms vanished, no acid reflux, less depression, no more carpal tunnel or toe neuropathy. I posted the other day and mentioned all this.

    Dr. Davis, I don’t know where else to ask, so I’ll ask here. PLEASE consider a forum community where those of us on the Wheat Belly plan can share how we’re doing it, share recipes and just converse with each other.
    I know there are many low carb forums out there, but a forum specifically for us Wheat Belly gals and guys would be awesome.

    Also, in the article in Woman’s World is it correct where you say a maximum of 2 fruits and 2 servings of non gluten grains a day is ok? I hate counting carbs, that’s why I love your plan. Just having serving parameters would be great. Was that article accurate? 2 servings max of both are ok?

    Thanks in advance for your answer. I can’t believe it; a doctor who takes the time to answer his blogs! Aren’t we lucky!

    • Joyce–

      Thanks for the offer. They are, however, asking for photos. Nonetheless, I and others would still love to hear the details of your experience, even without photos. Personally, this is my favorite part of the entire experience: hearing about the wonderful successes people like you are enjoying.

      I hear you on the forum. Let me chew on that. We are working on a number of projects and there may be a way to get this done along with some other nice services.

      Yes, that is roughly correct. But remember that carbohydrate sensitivity is really an individual issue. Some do fine on this, while others become diabetic. Easiest check: HbA1c, a reflection of your previous 60 days blood sugar. I aim to keep HbA1c 5.0% or lower, not the conventional 6.1% or less.

  4. Janet

    Dr Davis, I have been wheat and sugar free for 16 months, losing over 50 pounds, back to a normal BMI with many health improvements along the way. I now believe it was the increased wheat consumption with a vegetarian diet which triggered my weight gain, and the elimination of wheat which allowed me to shed the fat, arthritis, eczema, and other health issues.

  5. I lose the arthritis pain and fog when I stop eating wheat, and the bloat, too.

    Unfortunately I keep slipping into it again, so I can’t really say I’m “successful” yet at stopping. Ah well.

    I think before and after photos are misleading. Anyone can do an instant before and after just with poor and good posture alone. ;^) But when your strength trainer asks why your waist is getting smaller, like mine did last night, well that’s saying something…

    At 53 I never expected to be in better shape than I was at 43, lighter, stronger, and able to lift heavier weights than ever and participate in bar method classes with women half my age. But, here I am.

    • Jondy

      Hi – I’m 53 too. I have a hard time sticking with the wheat free – I guess I’m just lazy. I really need to stick to it – arthritis has hit my knee now (already in my back and elbow).
      Thanks for posting. It’s somehow reassuring when someone confesses that they keep slipping too.

  6. Gretchen Linden

    Dr Davis! Sign me up! I have been singing the praises of Wheat Belly to everyone I know and I absolutely cannot shut up about the improvement I’ve had in my RA. I tell everyone to stay away from wheat….in fact, when we were watching the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving, the Pillsbury doughboy balloon came by…I shouted “SATAN!” and my daughter banished me from the room! LOL

    I’m 54, and I do have a Before and a During pic, since I’m still a work in progress… ;)

    Anyhoo, here’s my story so far:

    I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease early in 2010 after being referred to a specialist for my increasing pain, stiffness and weakness. Initially, it was called Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder/MCTD, which is a rare cluster of autoimmune diseases that can ultimately manifest primarily as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, or Scleroderma. I was put on a strong med and ordered to have very detailed eye exams every 6 months, as that med might destroy my eyes. I asked the rheumatologist initially if there was anything I could do, if there were any connections – good or bad – between foods and my condition. She told me that there is a lot of info, much of it conflicting, out there but nothing she could really relay that was definitive or universal. As 2010 went on, my pain and weakness worsened. It was determined that my MCTD had evolved into Rheumatoid Arthritis. My feet had become increasingly deformed. A second med was added in hopes of stemming deformities in my hands. This med was even stronger, and one that is sometimes used to treat breast cancers, so I was to have labs done every 3 months to watch for any damage being done to my liver. By the end of 2010, I was not doing any better, and I had steadily gained even more weight, exacerbating the pain and weakness. Early 2011, I was barely functioning, had a permanent handicapped placard for the car and had been using a cane for over year. I was sent to a neurologist for extensive testing, and a brain MRI was ordered. My social life was gone and I can now say openly that I was teetering toward suicidal thoughts. I was exhausted beyond imagination and desperate to have my life back. I could barely lift my feet enough to put my pants on while seated. I had a small step built to have next to the tub so that I could step in for a shower and I could barely stand for the length of time a shower took. I got a walker and shower chair from family. Others did my grocery shopping for me; I was in too much pain and too weak to manage it. I could no longer stand long enough to cook or wash dishes. A third med was added for the RA. I bought a wheelchair.

    May 2011, a friend posted on Facebook: “23 lbs lost. [name of diet] Srsly.”

    I started reading and couldn’t stop. I began the diet on May 15, 2011 and started losing weight immediately. My energy was starting to improve. For 6 days of 7, it excludes all grains, among other things. On that weekly “cheat day” when anything is allowed, I saw over time that I could isolate which foods seemed to aggravate my pain, stiffness, and weakness. I had identified that wheat was definitely a trigger. About 4 months into that diet, I came across Wheat Belly, and I then knew that I was not some weird unique case, but that there are millions who are affected by wheat, and in many different ways, not just RA. Diabetes, migraines, digestive problems, skin problems, and on and on.
    From May 2011 to Dec 2011, my weight has dropped by 40 lbs so far. My pain, strength, energy, mood, skin, hair – all improved. My blood pressure dropped enough to warrant cutting one of my bp meds by half. I’d been on them for 5 years. My bp on 12/19/11: 119 over 66. Nov 2011, my cholesterol stats were stellar: Total – normal is less than 200; mine is 164. HDL (good chol) normal for women is higher than 50; mine is 85. LDL (bad chol) normal is less than 130, but if you have heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease (I do not), your goal is less than 70; mine is 69. Triglycerides – normal is less than 150; mine is 52.
    By September 2011, I no longer used the cane. I had used the wheelchair once. I’ve watched jaws literally drop when people who had not seen me for a while see the dramatic improvement in my mobility. I admit I am a fanatic about how foods can be much more powerful than any meds out there. I know that for me, it’s a combination of having LOTS of green veggies, very few processed foods (only once a week, if any) and abstaining from wheat that has given me my life back.
    And I’m grateful beyond measure.

      • Gretchen Linden

        Dr Davis, I’d be delighted! Thank you. And thank you for so much more than just this; thank you for all that you do, and keep doing tirelessly, for everyone who is hurting in one way or another. I’m sure it’s not easy and I’m sure there are many out there who do not want the message spread, but it’s truth and it has to be known. You are equipping us all with the knowledge, and therefore the power, to improve our lives!

    • Joanna Miller

      What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it. There are so many people I know that can benefit from your testimony.

  7. darMA

    Sorry, no pictures – I have always hated having my picture taken. However, I did want to thank you for being one of my heros. I was a 58 year old diabetic on Avandia, Diovan and Zetia and having multiple annoying and painful side effects and I’d been reading about the possible dangers of the Avandia. I was looking for answers when I happened upon Dr. Eades’ blog which led to Tom Naughton and your Heart Scan Blog. Ironically, the first blog post of yours I read was a 2/22/08 post on diabetes meds. Your genuine compassion and concern for your patients and willingness to LISTEN to them was very apparent so I started reading everything you’d written. I immediately cut the carbs and quit the wheat/grains and waited for my next appointment while weaning myself off the meds. At my next appointment, I told the doctor (fairly new to me) about the side effects and weaning off the meds. He was not a happy camper and dramatically stated “it’s Avandia or insulin!”. However, not 10 minutes later, as he was about to go to his next patient, he said my A1C was 5.8 so I could “try” no diabetes meds. I was thrilled – this meant the low carb/no grain diet was working!

    It took me a while to notice some of the other benefits – no IBS, no migraines, the dry, flaky skin I’d had all my life was gone, excessive flatulence gone, 30 pounds gone without even trying, thankfully those side effects eventually disappeared, I can breathe through both sides of my nose again!! (which I would never have dreamed could be cured by simply not eating wheat!), BP down, HDL up and many more that I notice from time to time.

    So here I am today, now 61, on no medications (I do take the supplements recommended by you & Dr. Eades) and my A1C at my physical earlier this month matched the one from last year’s physical – 4.7. I was telling the doctor how many of my health problems had disappeared when I changed my diet. He said yes, it was amazing what changing your diet could do. Since he is a pretty heavy guy, I keep wishing he’d ask me what exactly I changed, but he never does. It’s a shame because he could certainly benefit from your advice and/or at least try to talk his other diabetic patients into cleaning up their diets (including my 2 sisters, who will listen to the doctor but not to their now slim and healthy.little sis..).

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, Dr. Davis! May all the blessings you’ve brought to others be returned to you in multiples in the new year.

  8. Beverly K

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    First off, I am thanking you on both my fiance’s (soon to be husband in 9 days) and my behalf! I am 50 and he is 41. Your book was recommended to me on a low-carb forum that I follow. I purchased your book and was so surprised to see that I was reading about my fiance and all his problems, which I never expected. He has suffered so greatly from symptoms such as sever acid reflux, migraines, brain fog, stomach problems, and tired and listless. Also, he had some “bumps” on his arms and hands that no doctor could explain.
    I, on the other hand, wish I could tell you that I was in poor health before going wheat free. But, I want to be totally honest with you. I was in good health, no medications, free of complaints, but I was overweight, and in the past 5 years, gaining weight more rapidly, although I am active. I feel that health problems would eventually come my way if I had kept my eathing habits as they were.
    I started reading your book and both of us began eating gluten free diets. I wish I could tell you how I felt better immediately, but since I didn’t have obvious symptoms to begin with, I feel pretty much the same. My big improvement was my new ability to control what I was choosing to eat. I felt so powerless about my eating before. I just couldn’t stop myself from drinking beer, eating a cookie, having a waffle, eating a bagel, etc. I hated myself for not being able control my eating. I was always thinking about food. Always craving a beer.
    Jim, on the other hand, saw immediate improvement. I don’t mean that we had to search for signs of changes, or that he “somewhat” was feeling better. His health has greatly improved. All of those issues I mentioned above have either completely, or mostly gone away. Hallelujah!!!!!!
    In six weeks, I have lost 16lbs and he has lost about 10lbs. (I have given up sugar and all grains and starches, and he has limited starches and still small amounts of sugar) I no longer suffer from the low blood sugar, shaky, feelings I would get when going 2 hrs without eating. I don’t get as hungry, and I now know the difference between cravings and real hunger. I don’t think about food all day long. I am having a hard time explaining it, but food no longer is in charge, I am.
    We have had 2 tests of the gluten effects on Jim since going wheat free. The first time, was about 10 days into it, and he ate a chicken wrap, not knowing the wrap was flour. He had bad acid reflux and when I questioned him if he had anything, he told me about the wrap. The second time was just recently when he had a “cheesy rice” and got sick immediately. I read the package and saw that it was rice with vermicelli (in very small print). So…we are quite sure what the culprit is.
    I will gladly share pictures with you, if you like, but I would call it “in progress” because I know we are early into this journey. Agian, thanks so very much for helping us both.
    p.s. I no longer crave beer, and it doesn’t bother me to be around a group of friends who do not eat like we do. Those things just don’t call to me any more. I feel quite satisfied with what I eat and will never look back!

    • Hi, Beverly–

      Just 9 days before your wedding . . . and 16 pounds lighter! What fine timing.

      Yes, wheat-free is not just a variation of low-carb. It is the cause of an incredible amount of suffering, such as those your fiance experienced.

      So no diet should be just low-carb; it should be wheat-free followed by low-carb.

      Keep up your great work!

  9. Fran Theis

    What do exploratory surgery in one’s 20’s, thyroid issues in one’s 40’s, allergies all life long, and migraine headaches for 17 years have in common? Answer: Wheat! Today, December 22, 2011, I’m headache free, losing weight, and feeling fabulous after eliminating wheat from my diet as of November 18 on the orders of my neurologist, David Perlmutter, who also ordered me to read your marvelous book, Wheat Belly!! Thank you, thank you, Dr. Davis!!!

  10. Al-Shirley

    Hi Dr. Davis
    I am 52 and was diagnosed with Lupus after I was in a very bad flare for almost a year (counting the slow recovery if about 5 months in).
    After seeing a specialist for autoimmune disease and malaria and cancer meds I had to take for years and 60 pounds gain, I made the decision to go my own way.
    I did research and started HhCG and in September 2011 joined a group of people together with my husband (who was diagnosed with high blood pressure, borderline diabetes and was considered overweight 25 lbs but only around his stomach ). We started Dr. Simeons protocol “Pounds and Inches” which includes a NO man-made carb and sugar free, low fat diet.
    He lost 30 lbs in 3 weeks and 2 days and I lost 20.2 lbs in 30 days. I stopped taking meds and am feeling like new born. No joint pain. I still do not eat any man made carbs but healthy protein, fresh vegetables and fruits and lots of healthy fat (coconut oil). Nuts and such.
    My husband is after 3 months still exactly on his LDW (last drop weight) and I am in my second round of hCG protocol and lost another 10 lbs.
    I do have a before picture but no after picture yet ….. since I am not done with my weight loss.

    • That’s wonderful, Shirley.

      Yes: Man-made carbs. That’s precisely what they are. And they have no role in human health, given experiences like yours.

  11. Fiona

    Hi Dr Davis
    Whilst I don’t wish to appear as a magazine feature, I would be happy to email you my story, including before and during pics – I’m still a work in progress!
    I’m 52 and have been wheat free since mid July 2011. I’ve lost 34lbs and dropped 2 or 3 dress sizes. My health has improved enormously too.
    Maybe you could have a section on your website for success stories? I find reading others stories very motivating, especially when there are pictures.

  12. Karen

    I’m just a few months shy of my 50th birthday, but I’m headed into my 50’s far more healthy than I’ve been in my adult life, thanks to Wheat Belly. In less than 6 months, I’ve lost 60 pounds, and now weigh what I did in high school. I went from a size 16 pant to a size 4. And the mental clarity is simply amazing. My energy levels are back to what they should be. I have my life back!

  13. Elizabeth E

    I’m 54 and gluten-free for 4 months. I’ve always had digestion problems but put it all down to lactose intolerance, since after any cream or ice cream (cheese was fine), I’d have diarrhea within a half hour, about 3 times a week for years – I still didn’t avoid cream since i loved it – stupid huh?

    Anyhow, went gluten free to try it out and the next day noticed remarkable improvements. I had been having large body-covering set of rashes/welts about 4 hours after dinner, every night for 3 years (in retrospect, probably because I loved my pasta dinners). That has been gone since day one on GF. I’ve struggled to fall asleep all my life – getting 5/6 hours a night. Now I get 7 or 8 hours, consistently. I have a high–pressured job and have regular discussions at a highly technical level which used to be hard for me to keep up, but now I have no problem and am rising to the standard that is required of me without any effort at all! I no longer have memory lapses or brain fatigue any time of the day. Alzheimer’s and colon cancer runs in my family, and although I had rectal bleeding recently and was rushed for a colonoscopy, I’m clean as a whistle; apparently an internal hemorroid had burst.

    As noted above, my memory was getting fuzzy – but since GF, I’m back to normal, not fearing the genetic fate that might have been awaiting me. Interestingly, my grandfather, who died early of Alzheimer’s was a heavy bread eater, according to my mother.

    Lastly, I have NOT lost an ounce of weight like so many others. I stay away from commercial gluten-free products and eat fat, protein and veggies and fruit with the occasional amaranth/ancient grains/brown rice pasta (gluten-free) that they sell at Costco. I eat a healthier diet than anyone I know. I need to lose about 20 pounds but there have been so many other benefits to this way of eating that weight-loss is the last of my concerns.

    PS – I can eat ice cream and use cream now – no more diarrhea. I guess I wasn’t lactose intolerant at all! Must have been the gluten.

    • Boundless

      EE: > I guess I wasn’t lactose intolerant at all! Must have been the gluten.

      Or the amylopectin A, the gliadins or the lectins. Wheat isn’t just a gluten thug.

      But the point I wanted to raise is that anyone who thinks they are lactose intolerant (and I used to wonder about myself in that regard), needs to challenge test it after being off grains for some time. Many people drop both grains and dairy at the same time, and never go back to verify that the diary actually needed to go.

      • Elizabeth E

        Hi Boundless – yes that was a wake-up call, my thinking that I was lactose-intolerant. I guess when I had ice-cream, there might have been brownies in them or when I had cream in my coffee, I was eating it with what I thought was inoccuous raisin toast. So the fact that cream no longer bothers me is great. It’s part of my culture’s (Eastern European) cooking so I would have missed it immensely if I had to give it up. Take care!

  14. Dawn B.

    Hi–I went from 193 to 141 (size 16 to size 4/6) in less than 5 months giving up wheat, grains and sugar. I have before and after pictures to share. I am 52. Let me know and I’d be happy to share my story.

    • Dawn B.

      (Oh, and i should add, I was pre-diabetic which is what caused me to start on Wheat Belly. My A1C is now 5.5, completely normal.

  15. Pamela Andrews

    I found Wheat Belly book because of an article in Women’s World magazine back in late August 2011. The main thing that happened following Wheat Belly advice is that I have so much less pain now. I can walk better, and feel better when getting up in the morning, much more refreshed. This really beats having to ride the senior citizen scooter at grocery store and the stiff joints. No more painful joints which is especially remarkable since an orthopedic surgeon said that I already qualified for a knee replacement but that I was kind of “young” for that. I am 59. I have suffered painful joints for many years due to arthritis.
    Since trying the food and menu suggestions in the book I am no longer a “slave” to excessive appetite and have also been able to come off of diabetes pills once my A1C came down to 5.9. Hopefully it will go lower. I have also lost a little weight and look slimmer because of being able to stand up better.
    I was also on some medication that was apparently harmful to me, neurontin and one other that in combination with each other were causing my legs to go very weak and I would fall.
    Wheat Belly has given me a brand new perspective on life and happiness that I have not felt in years. There is so much less worry and this feels like a huge burden has been lifted off of me.

  16. Tara Ramsey

    — Hi,
    Please volunteer me for the Over 50 project. I ” accidentally” benefited from a wheat free diet. I turned 50 this year and as winter started to settle in so did eczema for only the second time. As my doc found it odd that this only began at 49 he suggested that I try giving up wheat for a month. I had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia and hypothyroid about 15 years ago and struggled to lose weight, especially around my tummy, regardless of my exercise or diet regiment.
    Although, it took about 6 weeks for the rash to disappear, the result to my tummy was almost immediate. I didn’t lose the huge amount of weight the other woman talk of, in fact my weight lose is probably between 5-8 pounds. I did lose about 3-5 inches from my waist in the first week.
    Everyone I saw reacted immediately to my ” huge” weight loss. I laughed and thanked them for the compliment but really thought they were just being nice, On Boxing day, I took a huge box of Chocolates ( unknowingly full of wheat) I had been given, the full page Boxing day crossword and retreated into a comfy corner to pig out and enjoy the puzzle. That night when I passed the mirror, I almost chocked, I appeared at least 20 pounds heavier. There was virtually no difference between my tummy and my breasts and my face appeared round and puffy. I checked the scale the weight gain was minimal, under 5 pounds but my arms and eyes were itchy and my PJs uncomfortable. This time after giving up wheat for about 6 weeks the rash and swelling disappeared with in a couple of days.
    This week my tummy is really my fault – too much sugar, which we usually eat much less of and only a couple of good workouts over the Christmas week. I have spent 15 years trying to attack this problem absolutely certain that it was my faulty thyroid to thank for me looking like the lazy sister between my uber fit work out buddies and the kitchen chef posing with my Adonis like sons and husband. I am so thrilled with the immediate effects that along with our organic diet I am going to slowly move the entire family to a wheat free diet. Thanks for the great recipes- the better the food the easier out transformation will be.
    Again, Please sign me up for your women over 50 study. I have become a born again convert to the wheat free life style and I am sure the people in my life would like it if I used my energy in a more constructive method than critiquing their diets.
    Let me know where to email photos- thanks

  17. Lisa

    I went wheat free the day after Labor Day. Just about everything I had attributed to perimenopause (mental fog, bloated gassy, achy and more) went away. I could feel the change begin at day 3.
    I’ve lost 20+ pounds without even trying. My energy level is amazing, I now start my day with a 4 mile power walk! My relationship with food– the addiction is gone, I have to remind myself to eat! **WOW**
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I once again feel like the me I thought I’d lost forever ♥

    • Dr. Davis

      Isn’t that great, Lisa: Having to remind yourself to eat?!

      Contrast this with the ravenous hunger and intrusive, often obsessive, food thoughts of the wheat-eater, thanks to the gliadin opiate.

  18. karen rodgers

    Domino’s pizza has a gluten free pizza and it is delicious. Is this something we can eat on the wheat belly diet? I was not able to find the ingredients

    • Dr. Davis

      I would not, Karen. They are guilty of using the usual gluten-free junk carbohydrate ingredients that send blood sugar sky-high, causing visceral fat growth, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and dementia.

    • Boundless

      > I was not able to find the ingredients

      They are available at dominos.com
      Gluten Free Crust: “Water, Rice Flour, Rice Starch, Potato Starch, Olive Oil, Evaporated Cane Juice, Tapioca Flour, Potato Flour, Fresh Yeast, Avicel, Salt, Calcium Propionate.”
      Translation: we’ve replaced death by wheat with death by high GI carbs

      The macronutrient breakdown is in their Nutrition Facts PDF, and it’s not pretty: 91 grams of carbs (87 net) in a serving (1/6 of a pizza). This, alas, is the usual state of GF products today.

  19. Cate

    I am only on day one but I already feel so much better! No cravings for dessert. Better energy. And my stomach isn’t upset or bloated – I don’t remember it feeling this way before. I am so grateful for this resource. I was one of those people who thought I was treating myself so well by eating organic whole wheat breads (preferably sprouted), organic brown rice pasta, etc. What eye-opener this research is, about the state of affairs with how big agriculture has tampered with wheat over the years. It all makes so much sense now, why people are getting so sick.

    Even though I exercise daily and eat “healthfully” I still felt so many cravings and my belly has gotten bigger and bigger. I feel so much optimism and thank Dr. Davis and all of you who post here and elsewhere about your success stories. I love those basic biscuits! More to come.

    • Dr. Davis

      Great, Cate!

      It is Big Agribusiness versus all the other humans in the world! Put aside the ridiculous arguments they put forth that they feed the world’s hungry, etc. Their agenda: Feed the world’s hungry with excess profit in mind, your health be damned. Don’t play that game!

  20. Cate

    I wanted to share a recipe for crackers that I found on the Food Renegade website:
    Not being a big fan of rosemary, I omitted it. I would suggest cutting back on the sea salt a bit. I added a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Excellent!

    Almond flour is my new BFF (Best Food Friend).

    Feeling great, free, and angst-less when it comes to eating for the first time in my life. THANK YOU!!!