“Pass the Little Debbie’s snack cakes!”

Wheat Belly Blog reader, David, tells his wonderful success story of rapid weight loss and freedom from food cravings and body aches:

I started the diet about 2 weeks ago. I have lost 14 pounds so far (I started at 285).

Amazingly, I have lived with constant pain and numbness in my body, often down to the bones, for maybe about 5 years. I often described it to doctors as the same feeling you get with the flu, an aching weakness. Albeit without the symptoms of a fever, etc. They would smile and mumble something about ibuprofen or other pain killers and move on.

So, after reading the Wheat Belly book, it hit me with a ton of bricks, and it hurt. But it was a good pain. :) Anyway, I had always tried different diets, and often saw the best results with Atkins. But I would always eat some of the “low-carb” wraps or things like that on the diet… Ingredient number 3? Wheat flour. I would still be in pain though throughout the Atkins diet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would lose some weight, but the cravings for carbs would never go away, so it was a constant temptation to get off and splurge… It would always be justified ‘just this once’, which turned into ‘just this weekend’, which eventually turned into, ‘I already screwed up, pass the Little Debbie’s snack cakes!’

But after reading your book, I suddenly realized the one key to my dilemma, wheat. I was constantly craving it, and so I would eat it in small quantities while on Atkins, which would make me crave it more. So 2 weeks ago, I fully cut wheat out of my diet. I am following a low-carb/high fat diet with no tainted wheat at all . . . and you know what? I feel so much better. The aching has almost completely disappeared, my energy levels are way up, and I have NO craving for wheat. I see the cookies and cakes and pies and chips and everything around me, and no craving. And now that I realize that the pain went away because I cut the wheat out, it isn’t even registering to want to go back to that pain, and makes it so much easier to completely walk by.

It is funny, because I want to shout from the rooftops to everyone I know, that wheat is bad for you. I am living proof of the effects of cutting wheat from the diet. I have even convinced my wife to go wheat free. And she LOVES pasta and bread. It is a big world we are fighting against, and large industries that don’t want to see things change, but this really works, and we HAVE to be diligent and stand up and let people know that they are slowly killing themselves. Cigarettes don’t kill you off the first puff, they kill you slowly. Wheat is doing the same thing.

So, this Christmas season, I tried the Gingerbread cookies recipe I found on your blog, and am going to ask for the cheesecake for my birthday. Thank you for making things click with me. I knew there had to be an underlying piece to the puzzle, and you helped me see the light.

Imagine what David’s life would have been like without this realization, just blindly accepting the advice to eat more “healthy whole grains” from the USDA and U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services in their Dietary Guidelines for Americans, or the advice to resume whole grains in phase 2 of the South Beach Diet, or the later phases of the Atkins Diet. It would have left him aching, demoralized, questioning his willpower, and overweight. After all, official agencies blame Americans for the nationwide epidemic of obesity and diabetes, saying it’s due to our gluttonous, lazy lifestyle habits.

Instead, David has been set free, losing weight at an incredible clip–no cleansing enemas or extreme fitness routine in sight–and regaining a sense of health and comfort.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Lisa R

    That is great!!!
    I honestly believe this. Once I put a small piece of bad carbs in my body I crave it for DAYS! My mood is bad, I get depressed, fatigued… It’s awful! There is such a difference in me that my husband even notices. It’s crazy! I know what it does to me. I know how it makes me feel… I caved for the holidays, and I have spent evenings crying because I crave it so much now. I am fighting it all the time….. I will one day SOON be will completely wheat free…..

    • We all fall off the wagon – it’s part of being human. And Christmas is a difficult time, where cookies and cake seem to be the only way we know how to celebrate and have a good time.

      My mum made me some pineapple tarts (wheat/shortcrust pastry), and because I didn’t want to upset her, I had one. I paid the price for that :(

      Like David, I am no longer tempted by bread, or pasta, or cake – EVERYTHING I used to love. Now I look at these ‘foods’ and no longer feel the need to have them: no craving.

      And yet, I’ve only been on this diet for about a month (I started on 01 December). It is so amazing that I can turn away from these ‘tempters’ I am gobsmacked that I don’t drool and NEED to have just one bite! I used to think it was a lack of willpower. Now, I know better.

      Persevere, and forgive yourself. This is the right way to go. To say I believe in this is so putting it mildly.


      • One month can turn your life around, Pat!

        Perhaps you should surprise your mom with a wheat-free baked dish like the raspberry chocolate cheesecake recipe here. That might start an interesting conversation!

  2. Ruby S

    I have been wheat free for 3 weeks, and do notice a big difference in my moods and no cravings. I am a diabetic and talked to my Dr. about this and she said go for it, my numbers are much lower and I hope to be able to get off some oral meds I am on.
    I had hoped to lose a bunch of weight but only about 2 lbs so far, guess thats not so bad, if it means 52 pounds in a year. I love the recipes and am just experimenting with them . I made the cheese cake but not enough sweetener will do better next time. Looking forward to the muffin in a minute tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for the information, I really love the book and refer to it a lot while I am still taking it all in.
    The comments of all the others are encouragement.

    • seashell

      You go girl! there is nothing wrong with slow and steady..at least you have found the missing pieces to the puzzle..i know how you feel..i am the same..i exercise and ate ‘well’ but the weight didn’t stay off and i was always feeling hungry and unhappy..wheat free is so..freeing! i have been wheat free for about a month..happy tummy, sleeping better and more even moods..it only gets better from here!

  3. Missy Monypenny

    I have had the same slow response but don’t
    give up. I still have a long way to go but try not
    to rely on the scale alot. You will start to see it in your clothes & the
    pleasure of not being constantly hungry is

  4. Dana

    One thing I have to interject about the Atkins Diet is that none of the allowed foods are *required* foods. Just because the book says it is OK to reintroduce whole grains doesn’t mean you have to do so. The diet allows canola oil, too, but I don’t even have that in my house anymore. (I sometimes encounter it in restaurant food, but that’s about it.) The diet’s remarkably flexible in that way.

  5. Ann

    I fell off the wagon for the first time, too. I did fine over Christmas, but the other day I had made a meatloaf for my husband to take to work and eat, and I LOVE meatloaf. We have tried making it without the breadcrumbs, and somehow it just isn’t right – much too moist and falls apart. Yesterday I gave in and had a slice, and it was wonderful! Last night, however, I was feeling differently about it, and today I am miserable. I used 3 slices of Dave’s Killer Bread to make the crumbs for a two pound meatloaf, and one 3/4″ slice has done me in! My bowels feel like I’ve eaten sharp gravel, and I’m aching all over today, including my head. What a dummy! My back hurts like it hasn’t in a long time. I decided today that I will still make meatloaf with breadcrumbs, and I will still have a slice, but from now on I’m using an alternative flour for the bread. Tonight I found some brown rice bread and some tapioca bread. Yes, I know it’s still high in carbs, but I’d rather eat the carbs once in a while than the wheat ever!

  6. Deanna

    In honor of my husband and I being wheat-free (3 months now), my sis-in-law made the cheesecake (Dr. Davis’ recipe) when we visited over Christmas. It was DELICIOUS. I felt so decadent eating it she had to remind me that it had no wheat and no sugar. We used 1/3 cup of Truvia to equal the 1/2 cup sucrose, and it worked great. I love not being hungry and not feeling bloated after every meal. I’ve lost about 15 pounds and my hubby has gone down one pant size and two belt notches. I have more energy, and our food tastes so good now that for the first time in my life I’m having fun cooking. And almost everything I’m preparing is quick and easy. I’m excited and I look forward everyday to delicious meals. And I LOVE high fat…it seems like such indulgence! I read somewhere online, from someone who is paleo and wheat free, that every meal is delicious. That’s how I feel…I think food just tastes better now! Loving life!