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Pizza Face: How wheat can ruin an otherwise perfectly fine teenager

Who doesn’t have fond memories of teenage years? Youth, the promise of a bright future, blossoming interest in the opposite sex. But we all know that it was not all a bed of roses, either: Struggles with mom and dad, … Continue reading

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Raspberry chocolate cheesecake

This is the recipe for the raspberry chocolate cheesecake I made for my wife’s birthday. She loved it! I used the basic cheesecake recipe from Wheat Belly with a few modifications: In particular, I added some ingredients to make a … Continue reading

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Quit your whining!

Wheat Belly Blog reader PJ is back, this time with an emotionally unedited version of her letter. I feel PJ’s frustration. You can show somebody the answer time and time again, but some people just never accept it or follow … Continue reading

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P.S.: Don't eat the fruitcake

Wheat Belly Blog reader, PJ, left this wonderful letter in the comments to the last post, Wheatlessness and the New “Normal. I can scream, yell, and write nasty things about this thing called “wheat” until I’m blue, but the message … Continue reading

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Wheatlessness and the New "Normal"

Eliminate wheat from the diet and multiple facets of health improve. Health improves so much that I believe we have to reconsider what we regard as “normal”–normal health, normal aging, feeling good. If we accept the current state of the … Continue reading

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Hunger Pangs

Eliminate modern high-yield semi-dwarf Triticum aestivum . . . and what is the effect on appetite? A reduction in appetite is among the most common and profound experiences resulting from wheat elimination. If you read the comments left here and … Continue reading

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Upper Crust

If modern high-yield semi-dwarf wheat is the source of so many problems, just how bad are the older forms of wheat? Recall that modern wheat is a 2-foot tall strain bred primarily for exceptional yield. It is the combination of … Continue reading

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