Wheat Belly Chronicle

If you live in northern New Jersey or New York city and are just starting your Wheat Belly wheat-free experience, I’d like to talk to you.

If you’d agree to allow us follow your experience, please post a comment to this blog post. Your email address is automatically posted and I will respond to provide details.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Robert Mogle

    Love the book. I just finished reading it on Kindle and am ready to take the plunge. Technically, South Florida is not in the NYC area, but we have tons of New Yorkers down here. I haven’t been this optimistic about my health for some time.

  2. NYC resident, been low-carbing since March 2011 but avoiding wheat for about two months (since September) now. People still think something’s wrong with me eating this way because I’ve always been relatively skinny. Wheat-free has helped me with acne and reducing my hunger. I used to brag about being hungry all the time but I lost the right to doing so recently.

  3. Mary Ann Moser

    I’m not from NJ or NY, I live just outside Baltimore, MD. I have been off wheat for about a month now (right after reading your book). I haven’t lost weight on the scale yet, but my bloating has gone down, my clothes feel better, I feel better overall. I am now in the process of removing most, if not all, sugar from my diet. I’m no longer craving the wheat products. Wow! I am currently at 217.5 pounds. The scale never seems to move for me. I’m hoping this is the answer :)

  4. Esther

    I did not read the book yet, but I know the contents, and I just started “wheat-free” a week ago. I also noticed that there is little, almost no information about this in spanish, looking to help my mother and sisters and friends in Argentina. I live very close to Philadelphia, PA.

  5. Will

    I am in New York City and have been wheat free for two months. I also read your book and have been telling everyone about it. Still many doubters but truth always wins ultimately, so it’s just a matter of time. Feel free to contact me.

    • Gary

      Will, sounds like you started about when I did. Curious, how much weight have you lost? I have been telling a lot of people about the book as well. They tend to be intrigued because I have lost about 30lbs in these two months (and had lost about 20 pre-Wheat Belly). When people see me for the first time in a couple of months they cannot believe it.

  6. Vas mihalitsas

    I live in northern NJ and have been wheat free for 56 days. So far I have lost 10 pounds and other symptoms vanished immediately. I am happy to help.

  7. Karen Ann

    Let me know when you want to talk to someone from Oz. Have been wheat free for about 6 weeks now…loving it in so many ways!!

  8. Shaun Zimmerman

    Probably the first time I have ever wished I lived in that area as it would be so great to be a part of an in-person study with you. Good luck to those who get the opportunity.

  9. Lana

    I have been low carbing on and off for awhile now. In the process of reading the book and have been completely wheat free for about a week now. I live in northern new jersey.

  10. Thanks, everybody.

    It’s tough to snag someone just as they are starting. But we want to get to you as you take that last bite of bruschetta or ciabatta, then chronicle the effects as they unfold.

    • Cas

      I live in Maine and thought I was starting wheat free today but just had some cake…oops. Even though I am outside of the geographic area I would love to be a part of this!!

      • Cas

        I should mention I have been trying to be gluten free for the last year and have been inconsisant with it, but when I am off gluten and sugar I feel amazing. I’m 31, have arthritis in my knee (after 5 knee surgeries) and have been diagnosed with IBS and OCD. I know this wheat thing is for real and it is poison for me.

  11. I wish I could participate. We can’t meet in person because I live in Ontario, Canada, but I’ve been blogging about this experience ever since I started, two weeks ago. I posted measurements and cholesterol before starting, as well as daily meals and weight loss. So far I’ve lost 6lbs.
    Follow my blog and see if I can be included in this study.

  12. Kate

    I have been flirting with the Paleo/Primal movement for some time to address various health issues (thyroid condition, inability to lose weight) but have yet to take the wheat-free plunge. I just finished your book and loved it and would love to participate in this. I’m in Jersey City, NJ.

  13. Stella Winston

    My mom and I purchased the book soon after August 31st. She read about it in Women’s World. I’ve been wheat free since reading the book. Mom too. I live in NYC and would like to take part.

  14. Mike

    Help with website! I understand how to add a comment like this one, but how does one begin a new topic? Please reply.

  15. Donna Lee

    I live in Westchester County and work in NYC. I had severe nighttime stiffness in my right hand and overall joint stiffness to the point that it was difficult to get down on the floor. Some of my family have discovered their gluten-intolerance over the past 2 years and encouraged me to explore whether I had the same. The doctor thought that I might have latent RA based on family history and did tests to rule out, In September/October I removed gluten from my diet for 3 weeks. Within 3 days, I had experienced a reversal. General joint pain has subsided dramatically and I continue to eat a gluten-free diet. l still have the nighttime pain and stiffness in my right index and middle fingers but the general OA symptoms are 90% clear. I am also a vegetarian and need to lose weight.

    • Excellent, Donna!

      Too many people are not aware of this effect and end up on the nasty drugs used to treat arthritis. Think of all the side-effects and health problems you’ve sidestepped!

      • Bonnie

        So true! 30 years of prescription anti-inflammatories have given me chronic kidney disease! Awesome job Donna!

  16. Catharine

    Helo Dr. Davis….Have not read your book, but have listenned to every podcast that you have been on. I am a 42 year old RN, 5 year survivior of HNPCC Colon Cancer. I have always been bloated all my life, until I started eating Paleo (9/26/11). I have never felt better! no bloating, no gas, lost weight, no swelling in my legs, fatigue gone, moodiness gone….So many positive results. I have convinced my Mother and Sister in law to start eating Paleo (wheat/dairy free) We have never felt better!!! I do live in NJ and still am a practicing RN in oncology. I have 2 boys who also eat almost completley paleo…They are learning about the SAD diet in school and our 10 year old told them that was the wrong way to eat! Children are such sponges and my boys definelty spread the word about the dangers of Wheat. Thanks for all the knowledge that you share!

    • Excellent, Catharine!

      The fact that your kids are picking up on these concepts is encouraging! We’ve got to stop the tide of weight gain and poor health that has been advanced like a tidal wave in young people.

  17. Celia V

    I live in FL and don’t meet the geographic criteria for your study, but I just started the diet last Saturday the 5th of Nov., 2011. I only lost 4 lbs this week, was hoping for 5 since it was my first week, figured I would lose mostly water weight….but I stalled at 2 lbs because I didn’t cut out my daily orange crush soda. I still have sugar in my coffee. I cut out the soda and was so weak and drowsy from no sugar that Friday (a holiday) I had to stay in bed and I slept for over 24 hrs., getting up to eat some eggs and going back to bed. I was on Adkins diet years ago and had to quit after 3 days when I went onto ketosis and got sick like I did this time. Do you think this is withdrawal from the wheat or from the sugar, or both? Today, Saturday I feel great. In fact, I’ve had no wheat cravings, just craving for soda which I’ve been able to ignore today. What type of withdrawal effects have other people noted in first week or two of diet? Thanks for any advice!

    • It’s mostly wheat, Celia. Stopping sugar generates little to no withdrawal. Wheat withdrawal can be quite rough, in contrast, even if sugars continue to be consumed.

  18. Dr. Davis
    I live in Queens, NY and have lost about 15 pounds in 8 weeks by losing the wheat.
    My energy level has increase dramatically, and I do not feel drowsy after eating like I used to.

    I lose about a pound a week. After hitting a plateau (the same level I hit going up)
    I would be honored to speak with you. I have kept a general chronicle of my results, and tell anyone who will listen. My results have been dramatic and lasting.
    Garrett Sanders

    • Thank you, Garrett. And excellent progress!

      I am looking specifically for people who have not yet started their wheat-free journey. So you are already too healthy!

  19. Tracie Brennan

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I am posting here as you mentioned on Facebook today. I live in Northern New Jersey, have read your book and would be very interested in talking to you about your needs. I am 100+ lbs overweight and a definite carb addict. It’s honestly scary to me how hard it is to give them up. Would like to speak with you.

    • Thanks, Cheri, but our staff has to drive to you and New Haven is just too far.

      Why not just submit before and after photos instead? I’d love to show them off here!

  20. Kathleen McFeron

    I have been wheat free for 6 weeks and haven’t lost a pound. I feel a little better after eating not as tired and bloated.. Am getting really discouraged and wondering if this will work for me at all.

    • Hi, Kathleen–

      It will work for restoration of numerous health conditions and weight loss–unless there are conditions obstructing the benefits.

      Please see the full discussion of this issue a couple of weeks back about why some people fail to lose weight.

  21. sarah poliseo

    We are from northern NJ. My husband and I just started our wheat-free, low sugar diet last week. My Dad and son have celiac disease. So, the transition has been quite easy. Lots of support and plentiful recipes :) My Dad is one of your biggest cheerleaders. (He bougt me my Wheat Belly book!) We would love to be part of your study!

    • Thanks, Sarah!

      However, we’d like to capture someone just at the threshold of starting to show the entire process. But thanks for your kind offer.

    • Jeanie Keller

      Located your book on eBay and thought it was terrific! Lots of great information, written with a heaping spoonful of humor. All of our support group members at Warren Hospital (NJ) enjoyed a gluten-free Christmas cookie exchange on Wednesday. Soooo many wonderful recipes and so little time to make them all. Please keep us posted on the results of your study. Finding gluten-free products is easier now that more stores recognize the need.

  22. Donald

    I’ve been a strict vegan for over thirty years. During all that time, the main staple of my diet has been starch-primarily bread and pasta. Although I am not overweight and have no apparent health problems, I can honestly say that I have not felt great during most of this time. Before abandoning my animal free diet, after reading your book I am going to go wheat free and see what effects that has. Before I start, I am going to get a blood test just so I can see if my lipid profiles change by going wheat free. I live in Queens, NY.

    • Hi, Donald–

      I predict that you will feel renewed with greater mental clarity and that metabolic markers like blood sugar, insulin, small LDL, HbA1c will demonstrate dramatic improvement. But, since you are not visibly overweight, it will be tougher to chronicle.

      Thank you for even considering letting us follow your progress. But we are looking for someone with something visible to track, since we won’t get into the blood markers.

  23. Mike

    I’m in Grand Rapids, MI which is not obviously NY or NJ, but is about 4 1/2 hours from Milwaukee. I’m also moving in the next 60 days to Madison, WI. I just read the book and am completely blown away. I’m young (22) but am over weight (248lbs 6ft tall) despite daily workouts and trying to cut back on eating. I’m fairly convinced it is all the fast food because I fly for work quite a bit and get stuck eating out a lot. I’m just about to begin my wheat free journey and am more than happy to provide anything in person or via email etc. Cheers – Mike

    • Thanks, Mike. It sounds like you’re off to a great start!

      Unfortunately, the team doing this is in NJ/NY and they need to be within driving distance. But thank you for offering.

  24. Cathy

    We’re not quite in the region, but just in case–we live outside of Philly and just started Monday. Other than weight loss (30 for me, less for my husband), we are hoping to take control of our eating–no more roller coasters–and health. Chris just went to the rheumatologist for joint pain and is in the midst of testing and I am hoping we beat unexplained infertility–this is a lot less expensive and invasive than in vitro if it works! I’d love to see more anecdotal stories about this.

  25. Linda Hershon

    I live in NY and would be interested in participating. Both my sister and I have “the basketball” and even with regular exercise and attention it has been difficult to minimize. There is significant Diabetes in our family and would like to minimize the risk as much as possible. Kindly let me know details and requirements of the study.


  26. Nicole M

    I am just finishing your book and about to start my wheat-free journey. I would love to work with you one on one and be part of your study. Please feel free to contact me if you are still looking for people!

  27. Mel

    I am a Type 1 diabetic, science/nutrition geek and Crossfitter, and have been experimenting with Paleo for a few months with huge success. I definitely know that living wheat-free is vital, especially for people with autoimmune disease, but somehow slip-ups happen. Currently reading Wheat Belly and want to kick this addiction for good!

  28. Hi, I live in Brooklyn, New York. After devouring your book at the end of September, I decided to do “one” month of wheat free living. I was suffering from weight gain, depression, joint pain, and lethargy. I was really at the end of my rope. No weight was coming off and I thought I was eating so healthy.
    Well, after one week of eliminating wheat, I swear, I felt no depression any more. I was astonished. I would literally sit at my desk and cry, with a heavy heart. I had experienced some life trauma’s a few years back, but had worked diligently on releasing it. So, I could not understand why I was still feeling that way. I am not into taking drugs, so that was out of the question. I wanted to handle it holistically. I have lost about 5 inches off my waist (not getting on the scale)……and everyone says I seem happy again. My joint pain is gone and I have so much energy, that even drinking coffee seems like too much now, LOL.
    So, this has definitely become my way of life now. I have no desire for carbs or desserts (maybe some chocolate from time to time)……and the choice between having wheat or feeling great is not even an issue anymore. I am talking about it with everyone, and may have been able to help a few people.
    At home, I am slowly weaning daughter and husband (he will make some rice instead of pasta for dinner now)…and lots of salads. As he is French, the baguette is not going anywhere for now……not for him at least…haa haa.
    I saw your book in the bookstore, and it just called out to me. I guess the teacher appears when the student is ready. I ran home and downloaded it on my NOOK and read it in two days.
    I am enjoying my way of eating and love the challenge of finding delicious things to make that fill me up and leave me satisified for hours on end.
    Thank you so much for all you have done! I feel you have saved my life and my brain is more alert now, so I can actually feel confident in the new career path I have chosen.

  29. Mike Lee

    Hi Dr. Davis
    I had to look around quite a bit to find how to contact you, but I guess you can’t respond to everyone who wants to talk to you. Anyway I’ll make this short. I read about you in LIFE EXTENSION magazine, October issue.
    I am 69 yrs old, retired seaman and cut down on wheat bread quite a few years ago and got rid of a lot of mucus and stuffiness etc. I try to exist on social security so I don’t go to the Dr unless I am at death’s door and even then I might consider it to be to expensive. Recently I noticed a toe in my left foot was going numb and then I started getting pains in the foot and then my lower foot and leg. Well I cut out carbs for about 10 days and then slowly adding beans and complex carbs back in for the next 20 days. I lost about 15 lbs and my blood preasure went down to 110/66 (went back up to 130/70 started drinking beer again) and the pains in my leg and foot went away. But I still had some numbness in that toe. So I started on the Master Mineral Solution http://jimhumble.biz/index.php and the numbness in the toe is pretty much gone. It comes back if I eat or drink too much sometimes. I did the MMS for about 3 weeks. But what I noticed was that my stiffness has gone and AGEs (liver spots) on my hands had started to fade and in the LIFE EXTENSION article about your book you say “Once AGEs form , they are irreversible and cannot be undone.” Well I think that the MMS started to eliminate the AGEs. I had occasion to use MMS a few yrs ago for another problem and it cleared that up also, so I think it might be an unrecognized cure(by conventional medicine) for a number of things.
    What it is, is sodium chlorite mixed w/citric acid half and half, so that it becomes chlorine dioxide, an oxidant. Well I don’t want to get into all the details of it, if you are interested you can visit his website for all the info you need. I thought you might be interested in my experience in light of your belief about the AGEs. Bye the way nice website I hadn’t realized how much wheat affected me until I started browsing your site. I am going to get your book.

    • Hi, Mike-
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the mineral mix. That would really be interesting if AGEs are reversible.

      Actually, I do believe that some AGEs are reversible, or at least some of the outward expression of AGEs. I’m just not sure how consistent we can expect this to me across many people and in its various forms. New lessons to learn every day!

  30. Jenny Graves

    Hello Dr Davis,

    My husband and I live in Hoboken NJ and just starting out our wheat free journey. We read your book and I also have it as an audiobook. We love all the work you do and would like to help. I especially have a lot of weight to lose, and also need help with fatigue, joint pain etc.
    We sort of started to get rid of everything that has wheat in the house and make a new start. I am not totally wheat free yet, and you are mentioning that the people you need have to just began.
    We would love to help, please let us know what the next steps are.
    Thank you,
    Jenny and Daryl
    Hoboken NJ

  31. Becky

    Is it too late to participate?
    I just read the book.
    I am a medical “hot mess” and I realize wheat is destroying me.

  32. Paul

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    If you’re still looking for volunteers I’d like to help out. I’m in central Jersey and work in the city. Just got back absolutely horrible VAP test results and was going to start going wheat free tomorrow. Haven’t read the book yet but have pored over this site for the last two days and have the basics down.