Wheat Belly Art Gallery II

Our prolific Bread Artists are continuing to slave away creating their masterpieces. The Wheat Belly Art Gallery experience continues to prove that people who are wheat-free are more interesting, look better, feel better, and are more fun at parties.

Pattye Zamborsky Ludwig:










Ali Lister:











Mark Mulholland:





















Linda Jones:







Robert Rominger:



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Comments & Feedback...

    • Hi, f8–

      I believe there is a “img” button above that allows you to pull a graphic off your hard drive and post. You can also do this on the Wheat Belly Facebook page, accessible via the Facebook button on the top of the blog.

  1. Yes! I love the “Bread is Cheaper than Heroin” slice of toast! We follow the advise of Dr. Davis in our office and at least once a day someone says “Bread is more addictive than Heroin!”

    • From my (admittedly sketchy) reading on the subject, cortisol is independent of carbs for most people. It might increase your cortisol levels if something in your previous carb-heavy diet was causing adrenal gland dysfunction or stress. It might also *decrease* your cortisol levels.