The Wheat Belly Art Gallery

Not only are wheat-free people more slender, healthier, smarter, and more fun, they are also experiencing an unprecedented burst of creative energy, thanks to the mind-clearing effects of ridding their lives of wheat.

Witness the fabulous artwork pouring out of this talented wheat-free audience:

Clay Caldwell:











Ali Lister:






































Rose O’Hara:











Robert Rominger:

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Chris

    Dr. Davis, I completely agree with everything I’ve read here over the past two to three months. I’ve lost 35 lbs in the past two years, but 10 of those have come since I dropped the wheat around the same Wheat Belly was released. I feel great!

    But lately, I feel like this forum is turning into a base of attack, rather than a comfortable place for encouragement and uplifting. Don’t you think it’s time to rise above the petty back-and-forth with the grain industry websites and make this place about Wheat Belly again? Let them eat cake (or bread or muffins…)! We’re better than that!

    • Rose


      I can only speak from my perspective and I am very angry with the information regarding healthy food which has been foisted on me over many decades. I am one of those (and there are many of us) who were the ‘conscientious’, ‘responsible’, ‘do the right thing for my body’ type of person. I ate so-called ‘heart healthy whole grains’. I drank healthy soy milk. I ate lots of fruit and avoided ‘fattening’ foods such as pies, cakes, biscuits (I live in Australia). I have always been of slim build, so I didn’t even have the ‘warning’ of excess weight to flag for me that my body was struggling with what I was feedint it.

      What did it all my rigorous application of nutritional guidelines do for me – just have a look at my Bread Art – I ended up with a damaged gut, Major Depression (so incapacitating that my husband had to feed me with a spoon because I couldn’t lift a spoon to my own mouth), months off work, gout, arthritis in my finger joints, an unsightly skin disease called Granuloma Annulare which looks like ring- worm over my arms and legs (heaven help me if it had made it’s way to my face). I saw many doctors, specialists, had all the invasive, objectifying tests to no avail.

      What has ‘cured’ me of all these afflictions, is cutting grains out of my diet.

      Yes, I am angry and I have a right to be. I am not directing my anger towards any particular individual. I am not harming anyone. I am expressing myself and how I feel. While I was so sick, I couldn’t express my anger. Now I have gotten myself well, I am mad as h-ll and I think it’s healthy.

      • PJ

        I agree with you, Rose. I think it’s human nature to band against a common enemy and express our anger creatively in a forum that allows us to express how we feel. How can we not be angry with the advice we’ve been given and the way we’ve been treated? I think when a group expresses their common anger is when changes are made. Historically, this is how we made changes to civil rights, discrimination, freedom and women’s rights. It’s not like we’re going to go out and burn wheat fields and bomb bread factories. We’re just expressing how we feel with creativity and humor. Very theraputic.

        I enjoy hearing how many others feel the way I do. It’s time for things to change and expressing how we feel, both physically and emotionally, is great.

    • I hear you, Chris.

      Don’t despair: There’s plenty more to talk about that is constructive and useful. If I didn’t have a full-time practice to attend to, I’d be posting left and right. So I try and do what I can.

      In the coming weeks, I will be posting holiday recipes.

  2. Rose

    Hi Jason2

    Personal abuse is not the way to encourage others to listen to your opinions. You don’t know my story and I don’t know yours. If you knew my story, I hope you wouldn’t have written what you wrote. If I knew yours, I hope I would better understand your need to attack others.


  3. Mike W.


    Geez Dude! If you have read the book and don’t agree fine. Pack up your tent and move down the road!
    I have lost 20 lbs. within a month. Works for me.

    Mike W.

    • MJ

      It seems like the people who come here to blast Dr. Davis and the book haven’t actually read the book or tried giving up wheat. Just sayin’.


    • I took Jayson2’s comments and sent them to the trash. While I am not fond of censorship, when you start to call people names, that’s when I put my foot down and send you to the trash bin.

      • Mike w

        Dr. Davis,

        Good for you. I think your research and expertise is right on! Thanks for your committment to your believes.

        Mike W.

  4. Cindi

    One of my main issues with giving up wheat is that I have so much energy I can’t sleep! : / I love having all this energy but I think not getting enough sleep is not good either. I’m getting a very restless 4-5 hours Maybe a night. Does anyone else have this issue? Good thing I don’t drink coffee in the afternoon or evening…good heavens I’d probably NEVER sleep. I’m so restless at night. I just want to sleep. I even took 6 mg of melatonin last night and still WIDE awake!

    I suppose something else could be going on but I don’t think so. I’m fully awake and not tired or drowsy during the day either. But I really do love to sleep at night. I try and retire around 10 maybe 11 and wake up/get up between 5:30 and 7 (never later than 7) But usually it is well after 1 or sometimes 2 before i finally settle down.

    • That’s wacky, Cindi. I don’t think that I’d throw health to the wind and resume eating wheat to sleep, however.

      If melatonin doesn’t work by itself, a little diphenhydramine, 25 mg, can also help along with the melatonin. It’s a harmless antihistamine. Also keep in mind that physical exhaustion is the best soporific.

      • Cindi

        it IS Wacky. Might just menopausal. : / And no, I’m not eating wheat to go to sleep. Also, my husband is a migraine sufferer. For 10 years we’ve not done much wheat since we’ve been following atkins but on occasion we’d have the “healthy whole wheat” and he did more than I did. But upon reading your book, both quit all the wheat and that was 4 weeks ago. He hasn’t had a headache yet. Coincidence? I just wish I could get my children on board…they are all adults and only one is living here. My youngest is suffering from depression and takes meds for it. I had often thought that there was something in her diet that was causing issues. She has had some learning difficulties, although is now in college and doing well. I will keep working on them though. I suggested that she think about giving it a good try during lent and see how she is feeling after 6 weeks . She just might.

        Thanks again for all the insight.