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A Wheat Belly Thanksgiving

I’m hoping that we are all looking forward to a wonderfully healthy and slender wheat-free Thanksgiving. So here are some ideas to point you in the right direction. Let’s start with a recipe for wheat-free Thanksgiving dressing, followed by a … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly: 90% science . . .

I found this tale of wheat-free success on the Amazon UK website, posted by a J.E. Garrett. It caught my eye because some critics of the Wheat Belly message have tried to dismiss it as nothing more than “another low-carb … Continue reading

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This story might freak you out. So put the kids to bed, close the door, and make sure no nosey neighbors are watching. Okay. Imagine you and I are evil scientists. We want to know what happens when we mate … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Chronicle

If you live in northern New Jersey or New York city and are just starting your Wheat Belly wheat-free experience, I’d like to talk to you. If you’d agree to allow us follow your experience, please post a comment to … Continue reading

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Mini Cocoa Cheesecake Pops

Here’s a clever recipe from young nutritionist and cookbook author, Hallie Klecker, for Mini Cocoa Cheesecake Pops. Hallie writes about wheat-free health and cooking at her blog, Daily Bites. Hallie has been wheat- and gluten-free since her teenage years, when … Continue reading

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Just who is the Wheat Belly Bluesman?

In case you’re just joining the conversation, songwriter and all-around-talented-guy, James Winningham, has declared himself The Wheat Belly Bluesman, having created the song and video, Wheat Belly Blues. People have asked why and how Mr. Winningham came to write this … Continue reading

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Bulimia cured?

An anonymous commenter left this very interesting description of her experience on the Wheat Belly Blog. While it’s hard to know whether this is truly “bulimia” or yet another unique experience generated by wheat consumption, it is nonetheless an interesting … Continue reading

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The Wheat-free "Movement"

I have seen bowel health improve in the majority of people who say goodbye to wheat. But one observation I have not purposefully tracked is constipation. I have indeed seen constipation improve in many people, but it’s simply not part … Continue reading

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Calories in, calories . . . ooops! Where'd they go?

Michael left this interesting personal experience as a comment on the Wheat Belly Blog. It is a tale of weight gained with wheat and carbohydrate intake, weight lost with elimination . . . far out of proportion to calories. After … Continue reading

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Tritisync: A cure for what ails you

There’s a new drug, actually a new combination of drugs, called Juvisync on the market. (Yeah, what genius thought that name up?) Juvisync is a combination of the diabetes drug, sitagliptin (Januvia), and the cholesterol-reducing statin drug, simvastatin. Because so … Continue reading

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