And you thought Cinnabon was gross . . .

Here’s an example of what Thai baker, Kittiwat Unarrom, has been baking, what he calls Body Bakery.










As if wheat couldn’t gross us out any more than it has!

Pass the butter?

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Happy&WheatFree

    Please take this one down. It is not at all up to your usual educational and edifying standards.

    • PJ

      I agree with Darleen, Happy. I found it interesting (but yucky). It is educational to learn what other cultures consider marketable. Not every one is going to like every post on any blog, but let’s face it, it’s Dr. Davis’ blog and he can post anything he thinks his audience may find interesting or educational.

  2. Finally! Someone came up with the honest way to serve wheat products. The only problem is that the hanging arm should be twisted with arthritis. He could have added some feet to represent the amputated feet from diabetes.

  3. bluemountaingirl

    Quite a Lovecraftian display… even if I wasn’t phasing wheat out of my diet, I woudn’t touch those with a 10-foot pole. Yuuuuuuuck.

    • Kate

      Me too!

      I know Dr. Davis can post what he wants to, but he alsoprovides an arena for us to provide feedback by allowing comments, I have to say I dislike the lack of warning; I was scrolling through looking for support as I try to be grain free and saw this…even though it’s interesting as art, it still turns my stomach.

    • Dr. Davis

      ONLY the one you make yourself from the recipes in the book and in this blog, Karen.

      Search for the focaccia flatbread on this blog for a start.

  4. Laurie

    Funny you should mention them — Cinnabons may be the only thing that prevents this approach from being successful for me.