Wheat Belly Blues: The Video

Singer/songwriter and incredibly talented guy, James Winningham, has added a YouTube video to his Wheat Belly Blues:

James views Wheat Belly not as a book, but a movement: a life-changing revelation that has the power to transform health.

In a future post, I will profile who this really cool guy, James Winningham, is.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Sarah

    I need some help. I went off wheat and ordered your book quite a few weeks ago now. It still hasn’t arrived, I guess that’s because it’s so popular. At first I was fine, no sugar, hardly any carbs at all. I guess I substituted cream and yoghurt for toast and oats. I eat a few vegies and a bit of fruit and rice but I’ve changed from carb focussed to fat focussed. I started noticing myself becoming a bit more lazy but I suppose I just felt less compelled to excercise. Then I started to feel sad more often. Now I feel like I’m quite depressed, I’m frantic really, finding myself oveereating, out of control, back on chocolate and wheat. I need some guidance and support.
    I’m trying mindfulness meditation and it seems to make me more despondant. I need to change my routines and rituals but there is a cascade of awfulness neurochemicals and I just want to curl up in a ball and hope tomorrow will be better. Any help would be welcome.
    Thanks Sarah.

    • Meat, lots of real meat and fish, eggs. Vegetables, green, about as much greens as you can eat. A few roots. That is about it. Occasionally a bit of fruit. Vit D, manganese, zinc, and a few multi-vits just to be sure. No TV. Get active through withdrawal, keep very busy.

    • PJ

      Are you sure you’re getting plenty of saturated fat and protein? The amount of omega-3 and other natural fats make a huge difference in how you feel.

    • Sounds like a nasty case of Wheat Belly Blues!

      It sounds like a nasty case of wheat withdrawal. I know of no way around it except to grin and bear it. Advice to engage your attentions in something enjoyable, call a friend, are all worth trying.

      We are playing around with VESPA, a nutritional supplement that athletes use to encourage fatty acid oxidation when they are glucose/glycogen depleted. I don’t yet know whether this will partially blunt the effects of withdrawal and it’s somewhat expensive, but it may be worth a try if the withdrawal continues.

  2. Linda

    Am so pissed! I was able to talk my doctor into giving me a TSH test. He wouldn’t do the T3. Results of the TSH was 2.70. Way above your recommendations for the IDEAL range. He says I’m fine and do not need any help.

    • MAC

      Linda: Find another doctor. It will be like looking for a needle in a haystack but the results will be well worth it. Some thyroid internet sites have lists of doctors, according to area, who will go beyond the standard TSH test. Hopefully you can find one in your area.

      The doctor I found ( who is an MD and practices holistic medicine) treats me according to my symptoms. We have spent one year slowly, slowly, slowly increasing my T3/T4 dosages ( a lot of doctors will not even prescribe T3) and I am beginning to feel “normal” again. I also had adrenal fatigue, which he is treating concurrently with hypothyroidism, and I have Hashimoto’s.

      I know your frustration. But help can be found.

      Good Luck Linda!

      • Linda

        Thanks MAC, I appreciate your reply. This blankety-blank-blank doctor at my local family clinic couldn’t even be bothered to report my blood test results to me in person. He had his assistant or whatever deliver the news. I was so angry when she calmly informed me that Dr. so and so feels you are just fine, etc.
        I have spent a lot of time reading the information on a another site called “Stop The Madness”, recommended by another poster here, they recommend a D.O., so I now have contacted one about 30 miles from my home and am waiting for a call back. Hope my insurance is accepted there as well.
        Dr. Davis is so correct about this being the major hurdle. This entire situation is so fricken maddening and unacceptable!

  3. Tracy B.

    I have no problem cutting out the wheat completely, but would gluten free products be ok to eat? They are essentially wheat free products right? My husband and I have cut out all white bad carbs and eat mostly fish, meat, veggies, some fruit occasionally, and grains (which now that we know we shouldn’t eat, will be cutting those out as well). We take vitamin c, multi vitamins, creatine, amino acids, and lots of water. We cutout caffeine. We’ve both lost weight and sleep much better. I exercise (still working on getting the hubby to exercise) and try to get at least 8 hrs of good sleep. Any further guidance would be great!

    • PJ

      Gluten-free products are high refined carb and will spike your blood sugar. It’s like trading one evil for another. I made that mistake for a little while. Not pretty. Spiked insulin and created hunger. (Remember “Snackwells” of the ’80s? People ate them like crazy because they were “fat free”.)

  4. Deanna

    I love the song and the video !! James, I still can’t post a comment on your new blog. Still getting the message: “Your current account does not have access to view this page. Click here to logout and change accounts.” But…I only have one account and don’t know why I’m having a problem.

  5. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the kind words about my little musical project! It was a blast, and my first vocal. Little did Dr. Davis know how jazzed I was to show off my new wheat-free creativity. I surprised myself with the sheer intensity of the composing and recording and mixing effort. When I was trapped in the wheat cycle I spent two weeks tuning my guitar, and now I did the entire Blues project, music and video, in two weeks. AND I learned how to do many of the graphics and video edits on the fly, so there was a steep learning curve besides the simple act of hands on a guitar and keyboard and drums and bass and organ and a vocal chorus and my own voice triple-tracked in harmony. TechnoBabe’s backing voices shows she’s a natural at it. All in one take.

    It’s a devastating indictment of wheat’s death grip on creativity, because mine blossomed when i had this little idea. Dr. Davis and I intend to continue to explore the less-obvious but no less spectacular results of wheat elimination.

    By the numbers, over 700 people have been to the music site, and in two days 162 people have seen the video!

    The Wheat Belly Bluesman is just getting started!

  6. Great Video! I’ve been feeling the effects on my energy and creativty levels, too. I’ve just made a post of it on my blog, maybe more people will see it.

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  8. Wanda in Edmonton

    I have been using homeopathic HCG to help me lose weight – 38.6 lbs so far in 3 – 21 day cycles since Aug 19. Lots of my friends are having similar results. But a lot of people, even the FDA, are saying that homeopathic drops are nothing more than a placebo. Yet, my friends and I know that we lost more weight and lost it faster on the drops than ever before in our lives.
    Then last weekend I downloaded Wheat Belly from audible.com and have been listening to it for a few days now on my daily commute. It is starting to occur to me that the weight loss is not a ‘placebo effect’ at all. Perhaps it is a result of the fact that the HCG Diet essentially removes wheat from our food diets? It still does not explain why I am not hungry eating a low calorie diet, but I think there is a connection between my weight loss and the fact that wheat has been removed from my diet.
    A couple of other things lead me to think there is a wheat connection: (1) the only person in my circle who has not had success on the diet is a girl who did not have much wheat intake to start with, even though she does have a bit of a spare tire. (2) Also, as soon as I introduced wheat back into my diet again on the Maintenance Phase, I started wanting to snack mid-morning and in the evenings. (3) The constant pain in my hip joints was gone, until I introduced the wheat back into my diet.
    I am in the middle of Round 3, and as soon as I go back on Maintenance, I am going to play with the wheat thing. I have to think there is a connection. I am not saying the HCG doesn’t help me – but I sure think that conquering the wheat thing is going to be key to keeping the weight off for the rest of my life.
    Thanks for writing the song, Mr. Winningham and thanks for writing the book, Dr. Davis.

    • Boundless

      > Perhaps it is a result of the fact that the HCG Diet essentially removes wheat from our food diets?

      My bet would be on the wheat. You could test this by dropping the drops.

      > But a lot of people, even the FDA, are saying that homeopathic drops are nothing more than a placebo. …

      Placebos, by the way, often work. Based results I read last year or so, they can even work when both the doctor and the patient are fully aware that it’s a placebo. Science is still puzzling on that one. This issue needs to be considered in clinical trials of homeopathic compounds (and I suspect it is not).

      My problem with homeopathic compounds is that distilled water is cheaper.

    • I suspect that you are absolutely correct, Wanda. It’s also the reason why diets like South Beach work at first, then allow weight regain long-term because they allow the reintroduction of “healthy whole grains.” When that happens, all hell breaks loose in appetite control due to the gliadin protein.

      • Wanda in Edmonton

        I agree with your comment about “…all hell breaks loose in appetite control..” As soon as I started eating sandwiches instead of salads, and snacking on packaged granola bars instead of fruit, I started grazing, always looking for something to eat. As soon as I went back to the non-wheat way of eating, those cravings stopped. I was able to easily maintain the loss over the 7 week interim period between “HCG Rounds”, as long as I stayed away from what I was then calling “breads & sweets”. Yet, if I ate a baked potato for dinner and a piece of candy at night, no similar cravings arose.
        Your book brings up another interesting point that made a light bulb come on for me. All my life I have avoided cereal for breakfast because I was always hungry when I did eat cereal for breakfast. I never knew why; I just recognized that it was the case. Now I understand why.