The Wheat Belly Juggernaut

David MacPhail posted this comment on Facebook about the entire Wheat Belly phenomenon. I thought it was so well-stated that I’d reproduce it for posterity here:

I believe that Wheat Belly may well be the juggernaut that succeeds in blowing the status quo out of the water where those such as Atkins failed. There are a number of reasons why I feel this way.

First, and this is very important, Wheat Belly is not a diet book. Second, the message is factual, focused and unemotional. Wheat Belly offers impenetrable tenets – eat 2 slices of bread then read your blood sugar and see what happens – eliminate all sources of wheat for a few weeks and see what happens – then reintroduce wheat and see what happens.

No medical or diet professional can present an argument in favor of continued assaults of blood glucose elevation without appearing grossly incompetent, even criminally negligent. No medical or diet professional can posit that elimination of wheat for a week or more will be fatal, let alone remotely harmful. Keep to these points and Wheat Belly could actually win.

Wow! I’m glad David’s on our side!

As David points out, the argument in Wheat Belly is not a low-carb diet. It is, first and foremost, an expose of the incredible mess that has been created by the combination of the “eat more healthy whole grains” dietary advice and the replacement of conventional wheat with new genetically-altered high-yield semi-dwarf strains. This alone has the potential to transform the health of a population with unprecedented and rapid weight loss, as well as relief from an incredible array of conditions.

Yes, do the opposite of what “official” guidelines advise and wonderful things happen. Juggernaut indeed!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Ann

    As I’m sitting here reading this, a Cheerio commercial is playing on my T.V. in the background claiming how dramatically Cheerios will reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels! Unbelievable how the American public at large (myself included) have been so duped by all this. It makes me angry at our agricultural governing agencies.

    • Linda

      Same here! In fact, I am getting so fricken angry and disgusted with 90% of the ads shown on TV that I can barely refrain myself from throwing shoes at the set!
      Thanks to FatHead, Dr. Davis, Dr. Eades and many other intelligent low carb blogs now available to us via the internet, I have learned more about the foods we eat, the money behind the big federal departments, and what is really happening.
      We Americans have been lied to and deluded and led astray for far too long.
      It has been years since I saw a doctor for anything, and I have no desire to do so. I just have no faith in their advice or recommendations.
      I am always being told that I should have this test or that test done, after all, you know, when you reach a “certain age”, I guess everything is supposed to fall apart.
      I feel great, my weight is under control FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE thanks to living low carb. Why sit in a waiting room and subject myself to the medical establishment if not necessary?

      • Ah, Linda: You are among the newly-liberated, the self-empowered who can obtain better healthcare than what you obtain from the medical establishment.

        It is the dawn of a new age, an age in which you can make you own decisions–not stupid decisions, but decisions based on unbiased sources, a slant towards self-direction of health, and not to benefit the bottom line of some healthcare system.

      • Candy Hill

        Linda, So well said! I thought I was the only person who had no faith in the medical establishment and refused to have all those “necessary” tests done! If people would only realize how much BETTER they would feel by going low carb and wheat free. It’s only been a few weeks for me, but, honestly, I feel like a brand new person at age 60! The excess weight is coming off like peeling off layers from an onion – my energy is way up, the acid reflux is gone and I’m sleeping like a baby. Things I never thought could happen. But, I digress, just wanted to say “RIGHT ON!” and I agree with you 110 percent…

  2. Micci

    Hello Dr. Davis and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    I read your book Labor Day weekend after finding that my 9 year old son is wheat intolerant. I have been so surprised to find that almost everything I have been doing to keep my family healthy has been ALL WRONG!!! I’ve always read books, magazines, and anything else I could find to keep myself aware of any changes I should make to ensure good health for us. I’m still amazed that all this time I’ve been led down the path that causes so many health issues for my family!
    Since reading your book I have been wheat free and my son is mostly,(he has had a few cheats, but not many). He feels much better and I’m so thankful to you for helping me understand the problems with wheat in anyone’s diet. I have been reading more information and have found info about the GAPS diet. What are your thoughts on this and do you think this would further help my son?
    Thanks again for opening my “low fat” eyes to the real culprit of our problems!

    • Excellent, Micci! It makes me wonder how many kids underperform in school from this perverse advice to eat more breakfast cereal, toast, etc., all impairing concentration, disrupting behavior, causing sleepiness, etc.

      Sorry, I don’t know anything about the GAPS diet except the brief comments made here.

  3. Chris Decker

    Great work! And I ‘d love to see a picture of David leaping up in his bathing suit like he’s got the woman doing.

  4. Rachel Hill

    I have been on the GAPS diet for 9 months now and I have just finished reading ‘Wheat Belly’.

    Comparing the two I can say that although they might be coming at things from slightly different angles they are very much singing from the same hymn sheet and complement each others findings. It was reassuring to read in Wheat Belly how a myriad of symptoms can be eliminated by following this type of eating, backing up what I’ve found to be true on GAPS.

    GAPS is no grains, including no wheat for approximately 2 years to heal and seal your gut and also has an emphasis on probiotic foods to repopulate your gut with good flora.
    This is a video of a lecture given by Dr Natasha Campbell – McBride which explains the theory behind GAPS really well.

    • I find it encouraging, Rachel, that many of us are coming to similar conclusions, though starting from different vantage points.

      There are gynecologists reporting enhanced fertility in the previously infertile, weight loss doctors reporting accelerated weight loss, neurologists reporting reversed neurologic impairment, but all pointing fingers at this product of the genetics lab, wheat.

    • Micci

      Thanks Rachel,
      The video is indeed very informative. Did you start with the intro gaps diet or just go straight into full gaps diet? I’ve read that many people see much improvement with the full gaps diet; and that would be much easier, considering that I’m working with a 9 year old! I must say that he has really surprised me with his wheat free diet ……… not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Thanks for the video link and any other info you can provide.

  5. DJH

    I caught your interview this morning and was struck by the role Frankengrains play in our obesity epidemic. Are their still farmers growing traditional wheat? Or probably more relevant any flour brands using their products. I can’t imagine giving up home backed goods.

    Why do I feel we have Monsanto and their subsidiary the FDA fro this:(
    Great work Dr, keep fighting for us.

    • Iris

      Nut flours, particularly almond flour, are a joy to work with and are so nutrient dense the tendency to over eat on goodies is extremely diminished. Good recipes in Dr. Davis’ book and all over the internet that don’t require grain flours of any type.

    • Hi, DJH–

      There are only very small efforts to resurrect or preserve either heritage wheat or ancestral forms like einkorn, emmer, and spelt. However, I am no so quick to bring these back as solutions. While better, at the root of it I don’t think that grains like wheat in any form are part of an ideal human diet.

  6. What I usually tell my friends/relatives is: Why eat something that has to be enriched to actually be really “nutritious”…cereals and bread tend to have nutrients ADDED.

    I say, just buy fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat… Nutrients naturally present and intact. Healthy. Fresh. No enrichment needed. Enrichment already included by God (or natural evolution or whatever depending on one’s worldview, hah). If one needs added “enrichment”, just take a dang multivitamin and spare yourself the calories/glucose spike from grains and the negative effects of gluten, etc.

    • Roz

      I’ve gathered from other sources on the internet that there is also the question of bio-availability in such things touted as being enriched. Does it really matter how much B1-12 you load up grains with if the phytates and lectins and other anti-nutrients present in grains and legumes prevent you from absorbing it? Combined with the fact that often the artificial enrichment isn’t in the best form for your body to utilize?

  7. PJ

    I agree, Wheat Belly is not a diet book. Eliminating wheat from your diet is no more “diet” information than advising someone not to consume rat poison.

  8. The Wheat Belly Juggernaut. Has a nice ring to it.

    In peanut news, one of our favorite Wheat Belly legumes is skyrocketing in price, due to the non-existent global warming killing off the peanut crop with drought.

    We just got some shelled dry-roasted Virginia peanuts at, and a bunch of Chunky Natural Peanut Butter through Amazon.

    Look for “peanuts and salt” as the only ingredients, team. Most brand names have extra oils and sugars.

    Peanut butter. It’s not AT ALL for sammiches any more.

    • Pattye

      I just placed an order with today too, but no peanuts. They don’t seem to agree with me. But I got 2lbs each of raw almonds, raw shelled walnuts, raw shelled sunflower seeds and raw shelled pepitas (pumpkin seeds) AND 2 jars of raw almond butter. Their prices on all the nuts were much lower than my local shopping store who sells the rare 6oz bag of raw nuts for such a high price. The bags on nutsonline are all one pound bags. Love that place.

      • It’s surprising how wide the prices for nuts can range.

        Even in Milwaukee, I can pay anywhere from $3.00 per pound for raw almonds, up to $15.00. It’s even higher for organic.

        • Pattye

          organic raw almonds are $6.99 a pound on, even cheaper if you buy a 5lb or 25lb bag; plus they have every nut imaginable.

    • Mike Peters

      I am confused about the issue of peanuts. I understand they are legumes, not nuts, but I also wonder if they are okay to eat.

      I looked at a bag of salted in the shell nuts, commonly called stadium nuts, and it says they are gluten free and it lists no ingredients. Is it safe to eat if I’m trying to follow this diet?

  9. David MacPhail

    Dr. Davis, while I appreciate your compliment the lobby industry has a wealth of extremely intelligent, cunning individuals who are devoid of any semblance of a moral compass and all too willing to sell their sociopathic skills to the highest bidder. To them, winning by any means, is the end game. It is not about being fair or truthful or concerned about ancillary issues. It is about winning pure and simple. And these lobbyists are very, very good about what they do. As you are quickly learning lobbyists have armed the associations who serve their client’s interest with a stock set of responses which I call Sophisms. As the battle lines unfold in the wheat fields these skilled lobbyists will coninue to formulate, desseminate and deploy strategies intended to distract, discredit and confound the central issue of Wheat Belly. For this reason I strongly recommend that you set up a thread devoted to this issue, one free of comments pertaining to other matters. Make no mistake about it, we are engaged in a high stakes war that will escalate dramatically in lock step with the prominence of Wheat Belly.

  10. Maya

    I’m reading the book right now and it is truly excellent reading. Still, I am a bit hesitant to believe that wheatfree is the solution to most of our problems… what strikes me is that if industry has been crossbreeding wheat in order to maximize profits, don’t they do the same with other agricultural products? What about corn? Is that also somehow manipulated. All these nuts that we now start consuming more; where do they come from? What pesticides and crossbreeding is going on in those fields? Getting really paranoic towards any kind of food these days.

    • Hi, Maya–

      I agree: It’s not that wheat is the only problem in the modern diet; it’s just a problem of outsized proportions.

      Undoubtedly, there are other problems, such as herbicide/pesticide residues, hormone-supplemented and inhumane treatment of livestock, genetically-modified corn like glyphosate-resistant strains, and the trend towards high-yield crops that have lost the vigor of “heirloom” and landrace strains of vegetables and fruits. But, I believe, wheat stands apart as the worst of the worst, the really nasty sour apple in the basket, more so than other foods.

  11. Linda Jones

    James, look out for dry roasted nuts – they are on the ‘no no’ list.

    I love peanut butter. Our health food store grinds it fresh daily.

    And I like David’s post here!

      • PJ

        Linda, please explain why dry roasted nuts are a no-no. I love them but don’t want to be eating something that may have negative effects. Information would be truly appreciated.

      • Hi, Stephanie–

        Despite the whole “anti-nutrient” issue that some say applies to nuts when they’re raw, there is an issue of so-called advanced glycation end-products and lipoxidation products that develop when nuts are heated. Not a big issue, but enough to try and keep most nuts raw. It means eating most of your nuts raw, but I wouldn’t go (sorry) nuts about only raw.

          • Hi, PJ–

            Yes, there is overlap with oxidation of the oils, but there are also reactions that occur among the components in the nuts, leading to factors that contribute to hypertension, cancer, heart disease, etc.

    • JS

      The Wheat Belly book specifically says that peanuts should be consumed boiled or dry roasted, and not raw. Other nuts should be raw.

  12. Julianne

    I just finished Wheatbelly and found it very informative. I have been off of wheat for about 1 1/2 weeks and so far I really can’t tell much difference except possibly not having as many food cravings. How long does it usally to take for your symptoms to abate ( constant stuffy nose, joint pain, fatigue, etc.) I do have one question. I was most excited to hear of the weight loss occurring with the elimination of wheat.since my weight has really crept up over the last years. I do have one issue and that is with artificial sweeteners, or really any artificial food for that matter. I just cannot bring myself to use them. Does this mean I will not benefit from the weight loss? I do love sweets and am trying very hard to not have them. Is there another alternative to artificial sweeteners? I so hope I will reap the benefits that you wrote about! Thanks.

    • Hi, Julianne–

      It’s not necessary to use sweeteners to obtain any of the benefits. However, I do believe that the stevia and Truvia (erythritol and rebiana) are among the most benign. It would be a rare person with individual sensitivity to them.

      If symptoms are indeed from wheat exposure, you should know within a few days, perhaps a couple of weeks at most. Shockingly, there are indeed health conditions that are NOT caused by wheat!

  13. amine

    What’s up buddy! So far 4 weeks wheat free I believe and loving every second of it. My performance in the Tennis court (ex college player) and surfing in the water is incredible….:)

    Belly is really shrinking and thought the scale was broken when I saw 185 pounds down from 195…:)
    I was stunned!

    I’m now reading paleo book and its super interesting as well.

    Will keep you posted….:)

    the moroccan who lives in Florida…;)

  14. Honora

    Dr. Davis– I marinate my veggies in olive oil and spices and then cook them on a gas grill. I also grill just about all the meat that I eat. In Wheat Belly, you touch on the danger of heating some fats and oils too high. Could you elaborate on this? Should I start baking more of my food? Is broiled food also suspect?

    PS, thanks for your work Dr. Davis. I have been wheat free for about 5 days now and I feel great. My husband is kind of skeptical of stuff, but he has ‘devoured’ your book and now we have the a wheat free household. The hardest part for me is actually incorporating healthy fats back into the diet, since I have been told for so long that they were what was making me fat!!

    • No, not necessarily avoided. But be careful: Despite lacking the undesirable ingredients of wheat, like lectins, gliadin, and amylopectin A, millet is still a carbohydrate.

      Most people can tolerate modest quantities without adverse blood sugar consequences, e.g., 1/2 cup.

      • Dr. Davis,
        Just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to read and respond to so many members of the growing Wheat-Free Tribe who are being drawn to your blog!
        I love the personal touch and the clear personal interest you have in improving the health, success and happiness of this Tribe!


        John in Austin

        • Thanks, John!

          As this movement gains steam, I believe you and I will find it easier and easier to navigate through grocery stores, restaurants, and social settings while maintaining our wheat-free lifestyle. I don’t think the day is too far off when you say “no bread and no wheat” and the waiter/waitress immediately understands and inadvertent wheat exposures become the exception rather than the rule.

  15. Walking Tall

    I do not know how to thank you, Dr. Davis.
    There is not enough time, nor room, to list all the symptoms, and express my emotional despare.
    You and your book, not only has saved my life, I have my life back!
    Walking Tall

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s great, Walking Tall!

      However, all of us would love to hear your entire story at some point, even the Cliff Notes version!

      • Walking Tall

        I am writing on a combination of what the addtion of Chiropractic and the subtraction of Genetic Modifed Wheat has done . . .
        My head is still spinning, from my one month anniversary–emancipation from man-made Wheat. I would have been better off, emotionally, winning the Lotto.–as I could get over that small event–but, this? TOO Big! Wealth accumulation is a joke, compared to the loss of heath.
        My bowel problems that I have had, since my late teens, GONE! That and That alone, is priceless! Joint pain, diminishing, along with belly fat. IF that was all, just that and that alone, would be enough! If I ever get my book published, not that I care if it will be a best seller, I am dedicating to You, Dr. Davis, and My Dr. of Chioropractic–as the combination of you two, has returned this disabled Vet. back into Service–though too old for Military Duty.

        Walking Tall

  16. dizzyfingers

    Just a thought. Could wheat belly be connected to chronic fatigue? Sorry if this has been asked and answered previously.