Skinny Mom: No more postpartum pitas

Melissa posted this tale of postpartum weight loss in the comments of The Wheat Belly Blog:

I am in the fitness industry and have known about the dangers of gluten for the past 7 years. During different times in the past 7 years, I have avoided it like the plague, for health but mainly trying to control my weight (I am 5’1” and have weighted over 150 pounds in middle school).

With my recent pregnancy (he is 4 1/2 months old now) I gained 55 pounds!!!! WOW! The culprit… all the carbs I was consuming. I typically eat meat and veggies but with the morning sickness and migraines and having an aversion to meat, I consumed lots of carbs, mainly whole wheat and gluten free cookies, cakes, etc.

2 months after my son was born, I had only lost 22 pounds. Then these past 2 months I went really strict back to cutting out sugar and breads, only consuming low carb pita and and maybe a little jelly on my pb&j on pita and occasionally baking with whole wheat flour. So during the next 2 months, I lost another 10 pounds. The weight was coming off slowly, but coming off.

I stumbled upon your blog this past week and it really motivated me to go 100%. I wouldn’t believe anyone else if they told me this but I have lost 4 pounds since Monday (today is Friday)!! That is crazy! I never thought my low carb pita (which I new contained added gluten would have kept me from losing the weight!) I am nursing so I am very conscious to make sure I eat enough during the day and staying hydrated! I’m feeling great, my son is continuing to thrive (he sleeps 11 and 12 hours at night so I know he is getting the proper nutrition). Just want to motivate people to educate themselves and JUST DO IT! Your body will thank you and you will not want to turn back.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Megan

    I love this post, and the last line. Thanks for taking the time to articulate this. These stories inspire me every day.

  2. Kathleen

    Thank you, Melissa, for telling your story–very inspiring for all new Moms out there. And congratulations on your darling new baby!

    • Thank you ladies! Another 2 pounds off since posting! I am waiting for it to slow down, but it has really motivated me to give it 100%. My precious son was worth it but the next go around, there will be no excuse or all the carbs! I just wish others would follow through. I have so many family members and friends suffering from things that I know would resolve with getting their blood sugar in check and elimination of grains and sugars! If they won’t do it for their health, then maybe they will do it when I see them next month for Thanksgiving and I have lost all of my baby weight (unfortunately most are more moved by aesthetics than health. I think I am starting to convince my husband too! Good luck to you ladies! I know you can do it!

  3. shell ledrew

    you mentioned he is sleeping well at night due to getting the proper nutrition? my 4 month old is waking maybe 2 to 3 times a night to nurse….is there something you can suggest? i am intersted in this Wheat Belly way of eating and I have cut down my grains and sugar, but not completely…

  4. Nola Cornish

    I found this post very inspiring! I have a 3 month old baby boy, also consumed way too many carbs laden with wheat for the past 12 months and I am totally convinced that my baby is very fussy after I have had a sandwich or pizza and then nurse. He pulls his legs up and cries, and has way too much gas ! Poor little guy. I too want to lose my last 15 pounds now and get back to feeling good. I had also done a low carb eating plan just before I got pregnant and thrived on it, lost weight and felt great.
    It’s time to get back on the wagon and be an example to others that cutting out this horrid grain has way too many benefits to be ignored ! I’m starting tomorrow and will go out first thing to fill my cart with all I need to succeed. Bring on the raw almonds !!