SixServings: The uncensored comments

The comments continue to pound away at from fellow wheat dissenters. If you haven’t seen them yet, they provide some interesting commentary and feedback on the wheat-free experience. I reproduce several of them here.

I say the “uncensored” comments, because some of the posts never see the light of day. If this stuff is the uncensored stuff, I’d love to take a peek at their censored files!

Fat Guy Weight Loss said:
I think I might be addicted to spinach and meat, replaced it with my normal serving of grains.

I do have to admit I am seeing some strange effects:
* Feel great
* Lost 60 pounds
* No stomach issues
* Lots of energy
* Not constantly hungry
* No crashes a couple hours after eating

So you are saying I should give this up in order to be healthy? Seems like eating foods that naturally have nutrients in them versus “enriched” would make more sense.

Jill said:
. . . all I know is that my husband got his a1c today and it was 6.6, three months ago it was 8.2. He lost 12 lbs. and I lost 22 lbs. all we did was stop eating food that contains wheat. Coincidence?! I don’t think so! We feel so much better now. I’ll keep you posted as we continue our no wheat lifestyle. I think we are now addicted to spinach and meat now too!!!

Emm said:
I too am experiencing strange things… like my grades have improved immensely since dropping wheat, and I no longer have brain fog. Coffee in the morning is now a pleasure instead of a necessity for ‘waking up’. My skin rash docs wanted to give me steroids for is clearly triggered by wheat and shows up within days of eating it again. My dandruff is gone. And to think I started this wheat-free journey only to lose weight! Oh yea, I tested negative for celiac and wheat was still wreaking havoc in ways I didn’t know until now.

Paul said:
“The author of the book, Dr. William Davis, suggests two slices of wheat bread raise a person’s blood sugar more than if the same person ate table sugar;[…]”

I notice how you didn’t say that it didn’t (because what he states is true, but you don’t want to admit it outside of verbiage that might allow less savvy folks to infer it as untruth from your statement). Since when is spiking your blood sugar good for you? (hint… it’s not)

What vital nutrients have I cut out of my diet since giving up wheat three weeks ago? And if wheat is so good, then why do you have to alter it by adding nutrients? Why don’t you just take a vitamin? (by the way, I take no vitamins)

No matter what type of grain (carbohydrate) it is… the body uses it as sugar. A diet based upon sugar is NO good.

Three weeks without wheat, and I feel better than ever! (my girlfriend has noticed that I’ve become leaner too!)

Linda said:
WOW – a flat out bald faced lie:

USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service has stated that “there are no transgenic wheat varieties for sale or in commercial production in the United States.”

Did they mention any reason why our tall, “amber waves of grain” are now 2 feet high dwarf varieties?

I ran for months and GAINED weight – specifically around my middle. Also was pre-diabetic with a fasting blood sugar of 125. Had headaches more days than not, had to eat every 2 hours or get shaky and feel sick.

I read Dr. Davis’ book ‘Wheat Belly’ and did what he suggested – gave up wheat. Within the first 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds and 3 full inches off my belly. Something that months of daily running (3 miles per day) didn’t do.

Even more amazing – after 30 days my fasting blood sugar dropped to 95. Normal. No longer pre-diabetic.

I credit Dr. Davis for saving my life by clueing me in to the Frankenwheat that was hurting my health and racing me along to becoming diabetic!

Another correction to this article:
“Dr. Gaesser discussed the shortcomings of Wheat Belly, which calls for dieters to eliminate wheat entirely, including whole grains.”

Dr. Davis’ book ‘Wheat Belly’ does not direct “dieters”. It directs “human beings” – any and everyone who eats and does not want to die a sickly, slow, miserable death from obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases.

One more correction:
“What he fails to mention is that milk, meat, rice and spinach also produce the same so-called addictive peptides. However, few Americans are addicted to spinach or milk.”

One problem with that. Stop eating spinach and see if you have cravings for it. Or if your body feels withdrawal symptoms. Not so much.

I’ve eaten shrimp and then not eaten it again for 6 months. When I stop, no effect on my body. When I eat some again, no effect except YUM.

When you stop eating wheat your body goes through a withdrawal. When you eat some again later it bloats, creates indigestion, sets off cravings, headaches, lots of different symptoms in different people.

Something just not right with that.

Deb said:
My children seem to be addicted to spinach as well; when I cook it in butter with garlic, raisins, and pine nuts, they ask for seconds and often thirds. and you should see what happens to okra and green beans cooked up in bacon fat. LOL

If they could handle milk without horrific digestive consequences, they might be addicted to it; it was hard enough to give up even with the awful tummy pains.

But as we have yet to find anything, and I mean ANYTHING in grains that we can’t get in a far more nutrient-dense form from almost anything BUT grains, I think we’ll keep on being grain-free. Really, however do celiacs cope without all that stuff? Probably the same way we do.

For the record, I’ve some disagreements with some of the stuff in Wheat Belly, but having kicked the grains habit, lost weight, gone off antidepressants and even thyroid meds, and finally ditched the chronic joint pain, I really can’t see why anyone with similar symptoms wouldn’t want to do the same in short order.

Eva said:
The only study I need to rely on to find out what will make me healthy is the one I do on myself every single day of my life. If my body does not agree with whatever I am putting into its mouth, then I listen to it and stop eating the offending food ever again and wheat plus all grains happen to be some of those offensive foods. I have finally reached a point in my life where I no longer worry about gaining weight or if I’m eating too much. If you want to know the true meaning of ‘freedom’, then this is it. I am free from the control food had over me for the past 49 years by just eliminating all grains. When I used to eat wheat and other grains, I can attest to the fact that they made me hungry all the time, and many a time I felt like I was drugged after eating them. No more! The yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations, and everyday battle with food is gone forever. I don’t count calories, I don’t measure out portion sizes at every meal, I just eat–but only the foods that I know will not make me fat and unhealthy! Another side benefit to losing the wheat is not having to be a workout fanatic in order to stay slim. My weekly workouts total about an hour or less. Leaves more time for enjoying life!


Ali said:
Bread gave me acne, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, ataxia, double vision, constipation AND diarrhoea, depression, acid reflux, dysphagia, and on and on. Bread destroyed my childhood. Bread cost me three organs. Bread made me into an obese compulsive eater. When I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, my life was completely transformed. I am gradually regaining my health. If, inadvertently, I ingest the slightest speck of wheat, I am ill for weeks. Because of wheat I may have a foreshortened lifespan. I am at greater risk of all manner of diseases. Without wheat I have lost over 50lb in weight, effortlessly. Please don’t kid yourselves. Wheat can be deadly. I have recommended a grain-free low carb diet to many people. I have never known someone’s not improve their health in some way, often dramatically. . When they give up bread, they start to feel better quite quickly. Dr. Davis is right about wheat’s being a dreadful “food”. Bread is the exact opposite of nourishment. And nothing you do to try and discredit him, his book, his patients, me, the other commentators here, or anyone else, can change that. If you want to do something constructive with this poison, why not research alternative uses for wheat. Better still, why not grow truly nutritious crops in its place.

I got a lucky break, finding my own disease. Wheat Belly will save more lives than Dr Davis even can imagine. The simple truth is that wheat is destructive to human health. And I can demonstrate that…. so can my children, both of whom were also diagnosed with wheat intolerance. It is deeply offensive to me that this website promotes the eating of wheat, and glosses over the immense suffering and damage caused by grains.

Howard said:
If Dr. Davis is wrong, then how come, as soon as I eliminated wheat & all other grains, I felt fantastic within a week or two? And how come I eliminated sleep apnea, snoring, hearburn, joint aches, muscle cramps, vision issues and much more? How come I’ve managed to keep off the 50 pounds I’ve lost, simply by eating healthy NON PROCESSED foods? You think you can dismiss his book and many other books like it with a simple few paragraphs that say “because we said so”? Sorry. Not going back to grains. Ever. Why don’t you shift your business in the direction of REAL healthy foods to sell us?

The wife and I both recently noticed the bad effects of wheat, when eaten, after being “off of wheat” now for long periods of time. We both went wheat free about a year ago. Recently, we were having a bun free burger at one of our favorite restaurants, and decided to “treat” ourselves to some breaded/fried appetizers. Oh boy, we really treated ourselves alright. Headaches and stiffness has been going on for 3 days now. It is AMAZING how bad this stuff is, and you don’t really know it until you cut it out for a while, and then try it again. Don’t “treat” yourself. Just friggin’ say goodbye to this stuff.

Gyrobob said:
My perspective is a little unique in that I have been a low-carber for about 8 years,… maybe 50g per day. I was pleased with all the standard benefits: lost weight and kept it off, better blood numbers, etc.

Now I have been wheat-free for maybe a month, but still consuming approx 50g carbs daily. So, I am a study (albeit with a pretty small database) in Atkins compared to Atkins minus wheat.

Wheat-free works. I have lost a few pounds, but nothing drastic. Additionally, I have more energy, greater stamina (I run 5k events for exercise), no headaches anymore, reduced appetite, and less food required to achieve a “satisfyingly full” feeling.

It is criminal the way the entrenched food gurus and bureaucrats still steer the masses to “healthy whole grain” this and that.
In the management consulting world we refer to folks like as “flat earthers.” By that we mean folks who go with generally accepted “common sense” concepts just because. Way back when everyone knew the earth was flat, anyone who said otherwise was just goofy. The flat earthers weren’t evil; they just didn’t understand reality yet.

A similar situation exists with wheat at the moment. The reality?,… wheat is not necessary, and causes all kinds of damage without offering any benefit. The sooner the flat-earthers like and the USDA, and Kellogg’s, and General Mills, etc., etc., start dealing with the actual effects of wheat, the better.

The earth is round, wheat is bad.


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Comments & Feedback...

  1. liz

    since putting down the bagels, i naturally wake up before the sun. i do more before i go to work, than i used to do in an entire day. i am not weighing myself, but my belly “shelf” is greatly diminished. my face and scarp rash is almost gone. most importantly, to be free from the chains of wheat induced hunger is truly a miracle. i feel like i have my life back.
    my palate is changing, and i make new and exciting foods every day!
    many thanks…liz

    • Excellent, Liz!

      I find that effect fascinating: the heightened taste for food when going wheat-free. It means that wheat somehow deadens taste while increasing appetite.

      You can see how it almost seems like this thing was created for maximum destructiveness. I don’t think a bunch of evil scientists could have created anything worse if they tried!

  2. Pattye

    I have started waking up at 6:30 the past two weeks myself, after 6 months of waking up at 10 or 11am. I am recovering from adrenal exhaustion, which the naturopath said is definitely aggravated by grains and sugar.

    As far as posting comments and them not showing up, when I post some nice ‘zingers” on the sixservings website, I always make a screen print of the page, which shows the website you were on and the date and time of your posting. That way there is proof that they are doing that, which I am sure they are.

    • Iris

      James, Tried to post to your blog but I couldn’t figure out how to post an id. Here’s what I tried to post: I was just thinking today as I was reading comments on the Wheat Belly blog that we are actually becoming a community. It has meant a lot to me to know I’m not really a weirdo as a result of feeling like everybody but me can eat wheat. I find comfort in knowing that I am way far and away not alone! Nice post, thanks.

      • No need to feel like a weirdo, Iris.

        In fact, I predict that the people who might raise eyebrows to your declaration of wheat-freedom today will, in time, recognize how much ahead of the pack you were.

  3. Iris, it is comforting to know that we are a little community unto ourselves, which I foresee as growing into a very large one as time rolls on. I love to read each and every person’s journey to better health with all the testimonials. Let FREEDOM ring!!!

  4. damaged justice

    The height of pathetically amusing and true statements: Go With the Grain’s Facebook page, whenever they post a snapshot of some celebrity scarfing down sandwiches, always add the caption that so-and-so is “getting their daily fix”.

  5. Tina

    Okay, I have just completed a “wheat experiment” (not on purpose). I have been grain-free for about a year and a half. Never felt better and my weight remains constant. I would like to lose 5 pounds, but for a woman in her fifties, my weight is really good. Well, our first granchild was just born and we flew to visit for a week. His parents are vegan. Needless to say, I didn’t want to be a “problem” when they are also caring for a new baby. I did avoid wheat quite a bit but did have to break down and eat it a couple of times. The result????? My seasonal allergies are back and I am very “sinus-y”. I haven’t taken allergy meds in 18 months as I haven’t needed them but now they are back. In addition, my joints ache. I feel “old”. My wrist joints are really painful. I never feel like this. I don’t think this is coincidence. I think my body is having an inflammatory reaction to the wheat/grain. We are heading back home and I am definitely grain-free again. For those who have been grain-free awhile and wonder if it is worth it, rest assured it is. Life is too short to feel like this. It’s amazing that a few servings of food containing wheat over the course of a week had this dramatic of a reaction.

    • Your “re-exposure” symptoms are quite common, Tina.

      This in itself is a fascinating question: Why does wheat specifically cause pain in the wrists and fingers? And why sinus congestion and allergies? Is it lectins? Is it related to some shift in bacterial populations in the intestinal tract? I do not think it is a simple “allergy,” i.e., an IgE-driven antibody process, but something different.

      Nonetheless, I agree: Say goodbye to wheat for good!

      • smgj

        I think it’s related to edemas. I went on an elemination/challenge diet and in the challenge face with grains i got my cubital tunnell syndrome back, returning middle ear pressure, sinusitis and the “shrinking wedding band”-problem back. ;) So I believe that grains somehow cause tissue swelling.

        At the same time I had a downward shift in mood, which I didn’t like at all.

  6. Guy MacPhe

    I really think everything Dr Davis says sounds very logical. I have had a diet with a very minimum of processed foods and also do not eat alot of bread so going gluten free was pretty easy. For the first 7-10 days I was quite amazed how much more energy I felt I had. While there were not many changes made I was very dilligent about no wheat. I also felt really good and healthy and I am sleeping quite well.
    However…..I am so depressed about how enormous I am and how huge my belly is I simply do not know what to do. I am an active person. I walk 3 dogs every day. I have a farm with 8 horses and 3 times a week I do all the barn chores which is quite cardio vascular work out. I always ride my bike the 1km or so it is to the store instead of driving.
    I am 56 years old. I have always been an active person, and even with regards to equestrian sports I may even consider my self an athlete. I just saw some photos taken of me this past weekend riding with some of my young students and I thought I was going to burst into tears. I look so incredibly fat I do not even recognize myself. I do not know what else to do!!! I never eat sweets. I do not even like chocolate. I do drink moderately, but never to excess (really only wine and occasionally vodka & soda/no beer obviously) and I never ever binge drink. I cook all my own food. I never purchase processed food. I seldom eat out. I make myself eat a healthy breakfast (even though I am not hungry in the morning):smoothie with rice bran, poached eggs with (now gluten free) toast, baked eggs with spinach and salsa….good stuff. I always stop eating when I am full.
    Can anyone please please point me in a direction that will help me lose weight and inches (especially in my belly!). I was so excited about Dr Davis’ findings but 3 solid weeks in, despite increased energy I am having absolutely no weight lose results.

    • PJ

      Guy, it may be that you’re still consuming too many carbs. I noticed that you use rice bran and gluten free toast. That rice bran can still be very irritating to your intestinal lining and create inflammation. It’s probably wise to eliminate ALL grain and grain products because they’re just not necessary and can cause weight gain and illness. Those gluten free products can spike blood sugar very high. I made that mistake of trying gluten free stuff. After I realized what effect they had on my bood sugar, I ditched them, too. Carbs are killers.

      I read Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas and it brought everything together for me. Definitely recommend that book for anyone that wants to learn “the whole picture” when it comes to diet and health.

      Don’t give up! You’ll accomplish what you want with determination and education. Hang in there.

    • You sound exactly like my life Guy. Except Im a female. 57 and do the same things ou do. I have a horse farm and dogs and do all the farm work. Basically eat the same way you do except I dont eat any gluten free foods as Dr. Davis says they will spike the insulin. I feel I need to lose 20lbs but just cant get past 5. Im stuck. Been doing this for almost 2mos now. Did have the thyroid checked and of course they tell me its ok. I dont believe that for a minute as I have all the signs of low thyroid. You might also want to have that checked. Hang in there! Its definately worth it. We horse people need all the energy we can muster up!!!! For me its just been great not to have the cravings I once was having and I do have more energy, and not much hurts which is a GOOD thing!!! Keep doing what your doing. I know we wil both get there

    • HI, Guy–

      You absolutely must take a look at the thyroid discussion we had a few posts back. It is very simple.

      The toughest part is to find a healthcare practitioner who will work with you. You may have to talk to several before you find somebody willing. You might start with someone who practices “functional medicine.”

  7. Mark Mulholland

    I notice that Six Servings is lead by Judi Adams, M.S., R.D. , but it is not clear from the website which corporations are supporting this foundation. But if you look at another grain lobby group Go With the Grain you will notice a few things. First Judi Adams also leads this group, second the website layout scheme is similar and you can see all the companies that act as trustees of this group. I think it is fair to say that these are probably the same trustees that are on the Six Servings board.

    Take a look at the companies. This is one powerful lobby group.

    • No doubt, Mark. I’m sure these people spend a lot of time lobbying Congress, the USDA, the FDA, trying to influence school lunch policies, etc. And they have the patina of do-gooders because of the false blessings “healthy whole grains” have received.

      I believe one strategy I would like to pursue is to pit other powers within the food industry against wheat powers, since they have plenty more money than you and me to fight a public battle. In other words, if we can enlist the support, say, of the almond and nut people who will help fuel the fight, then we will be better armed.

      • PrimeNumbers

        Yes, use the almond and nut people – but also the eggs and meat lobby too. They especially get such a bad time of the un-scientific food guidelines.

        • Kelly Lynn

          I would say before the meat and egg industries get into it with the wheat industry they need to clean up their acts as well. Where I live, due to the Veggie-Liable laws, it is a FELONY for me to say anything negative against them, but I do it anyways. :) The ways in which they raise their products are inhumane as well as extremely environmentally unfriendly and unsanitary. Until they decide that factory farming is a bad idea and spreads disease not only to the animals, water sources, crops (due to contaminated manure), and people they really don’t have an argument in this standoff. Even in their industries they can’t see the forest through the trees made of dollar bills. So I save all year to buy my meat from grass-fed open range sources in September when they “harvest” their animals. Many people don’t have the option to do that though. The food guideline gives them an unnecessary bad rap, but they also give it to themselves unfortunately. Until they look inward and fix the issues they have (like the monopolies of businesses and the meat slaughtering industry), I don’t think they’ll be able to compete lobbying wise regardless of the proof that their products are better for us than the wheat industries.


          • MJ

            Dr. Davis, I think there’s a danger in aligning yourself with any segment of the big food industries. Right now you’re able to put out your message in your own words, but I think your meaning could be twisted when it goes through organizations who have their own selfish agendas. Your message is being spread person-to-person, friend to friend, which may take a while, but it’s a lot more believable than hearing it from some big lobby.

          • Boundless

            re: No kidding: a felony?
            google: Oprah Winfrey beef industry lawsuit
            I’m impressed that Big Grain(TM) hasn’t taken or threatened legal action.
            Either they think the WB phenomenon will be short-lived and ineffective,
            or they know they have no case.
            That might not stop a nuisance SLAPP action, however.
            Should you ever need to contemplate a legal defense fund, instead encourage people
            to just buy more copies of WB and hand them out (hmmm, I think I will).
            Didn’t Ibsen write a play about this?

          • Kelly Lynn

            Oh yeah, it’s a felony.

            It’s the only state in the Union that has actually criminalized it. Oprah won against the meat industry because she has millions of dollars, and though these laws are, in my opinion 100% Unconstitutional, they have yet to go to the Supreme Court. (Which right now, is probably a good thing, given these large food corporations are now “people” and have more rights than I do.)

      • I t sure would be nice and great if somehow the Hospitals and Schools would eliminate wheat from their food. Yea, guess Im dreamin here.

  8. Chris

    Wow! That’s all I can say about Wheat Belly. It worked for me. I lost a good bit of weight the old fashioned way, with lots of running and weights, but still had a belly that wouldn’t budge. I dropped the wheat and lost some more weight. Less arthritis pain, less headaches. I think in time, there will be very little to none of of those annoyances. Three weeks ago I started with the very low carb, high protien and fat “diet” and my tummy is gone–FLAT–almost a six pack! I still need to do some more sit ups and crunches to get the pronounced abs I want, but I already like the way I look in shorts (and the shorts are smaller now too!) I’m not even exercising as much and I’m now wearing the same size pants as I did in high school. Not bad for a 48 year old guy. Thanks Dr. D. I can’t wait to see what happens when Wheat Belly comes out in paperback.

  9. Heather

    I think I may have come across wheat in what I thought was a wheat free meal. For three days my back has hurt to the point that I was struggling to walk, get up out of chair and beds, and generally just move about. Looks like I am going to have to go even more strict with my food choices when I am out with my husband (not wheat or grain free but asking I make more foods that are. Except he is very picky about his veggies – which is a pain.)

    After reading responses to your blog I am fairly certain that the culprit was that meal that caused me back ache that lasted no less than 3 days. Plus my skin which has been clear for weeks broke out in the last 3 days – and is refusing to heal. It’s going to take me about a week to fully recover am sure. *sighs! Back to the drawing board!

    I have been striving for Paleo with strong emphasis on raw vegan meals with a few meats and eggs. Only problem I am noticing is craving sugar but am getting better at deterring myself and snacking on healthy things.

    • Hi, Heather–

      Yes, it is very odd how a wheat re-exposure can declare itself with a vengeance. I believe it is very telling that, after having recovered health off wheat, it can redeclare itself so violently when consumed again.

      • Heather

        It’s taking longer to get better than I thought it would – seems to fluctuate. I am also asking my doctor about wheat allergy testing.

        I did order Wheat Belly today at my local bookstore. Don’t want to wait until it’s in paperback.

  10. Connie

    I’ve gone off wheat and related products several times in my life for different diets/cleanses always with the same result of clearer skin, pain-free joints, more energy and lessened or no allergy symptoms. Don’t know why it hasn’t clicked for me before now. Was off wheat and decided to eat a sandwich last night. Woke up LATE (luckily it’s a Saturday) and also ended up taking a two hour nap!! I’ve also had extensive rosacea symptoms for the first time in a while.And here I always thought it was mainly sugar that was my problem. I guess I needed to take a longer look at this than I have in the past.

    • Yes, very common, Connie.

      The wheat was given a free pass just because of the endlessly repeated “healthy whole grain” mantra. Despite on-again, off-again experiences, many other people fail to connect the dots. You’ve got lots of company!

  11. Kelly Lynn

    Recently, my boyfriend and I went wheat-free for about a month. I am not overly overweight, and neither is he. I have always been compact and muscular, but I have also always suffered from digestive issues (which run in my family, mainly diverticulitis, and chronic constipation), cystic type acne on my back (thankfully not on my face so I could hide it), mood swings, horrible cramps and PMS, ADHD, and massive hypersensitivity to about everything. I also get hives from anything topical and sneeze at anything foreign in the air such as perfumes. He has never had any of these problems at all, but to support me he went wheat-free as well. We did it for a month (and then ran out of money-we’re college kids, so it’s hard), and noticed that he lost 15 lbs which was all he needed to lose, I lost 7 lbs, but 4 inches around my waist, became regular (digestion wise), my skin became clear, my moods were great, and I even forgot to count down the days to PMS like I have always been known to do so I can worn people so they know why I knife them during that week (if I do, which I haven’t yet, so that’s good…I do have some self-control even while eating wheat). I also had no cramps. Now that we have had to add wheat back in EVERYTHING has come back for me. He has been able to keep the weight off, but he’s sluggish and feels awful all the time. I used to get migraines a few times a month, now I get them every other day, and I have gnarly phlegm all day everyday in my throat as well. It’s insane how much wheat and all grains affect my body. I wish that people on sixservings would try it…just for a month, and then add it back in to see how awful THEY feel too. We will be going wheat free as soon as possible so that we can feel better again! Thanks Doc for your book, and thanks everyone else for your comments and constant support!


    • Boundless

      re: I wish that people on sixservings would try it…just for a month, and then add it back in to see how awful THEY feel too.
      That’s not going to happen.
      That lobby has to remain legally misinformed in order to avoid being legally liable.
      Once the evidence becomes too great to ignore, you will not see an apology on
      The site will just mysteriously vanish.

      • Agreed.

        I believe it is hard to accept that something you’ve repeated over and over again, told others about, lectured, taught, etc. could be wrong. And not only wrong, but incredibly destructive. You go from looking like the good guy to feeling like the bad guy.

        The doctors who, in the 1950s, advised people to smoke Chesterfields for lung health had to recant and probably felt like real ninnies when the truth came out. So it goes here, too.

    • Clearly a useful experiment, Kelly! As soon as your budget permits, of course, go back to the diet that cleared up all your health problems and say goodbye to wheat for a lifetime.

      I’m not going to hold my breath and wait for the Wheat Lobby to give it a try!

  12. Kat

    Have been trying for a few years to avoid wheat as I’ve an allergy to it, with lots of symptoms, most of which have been mentioned here in previous discussions. My point is this, I have had numerous falls off the wheat free wagon and have suffered the painful consequences. The teeter totter eating got to a point where I just could no longer poison myself with bread. Now, I just say “no” as a previous first lady mentioned to say to drugs. If I cannot avoid the wheat then I know I am in for a consequence. Some wonderful positive consequences are I no longer need my c-pap as my oxygen saturation is fine, my sinus problems are much improved, my constant bronchitis is gone, my edema is gone and my shoe size therefore smaller, my rosacea very improved, my itchy rash improved, my allergies improved, my outlook and energy improved. I could go on, but we all get the idea. I need not describe or dwell on my falls and those unpleasant consequences. I proselytize to all the people I know about my improvements and why but I am getting the “Crackpot” nomen these days. Wish my husband and family and friends would just try it 1 month.

    • Boundless

      kat: I proselytize to all the people I know about my improvements and why but I am getting the “Crackpot” nomen these days.

      Here’s a question you can put to them:
      Suppose that a common GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) foodstuff was actually a historical slow-acting health hazard, and in the last few decades had morphed into a public health disaster. From WHOM would you expect to learn this (considering that a billion dollar industry, government policy, special interest advocacies, and professional reputations are on the line)?

      Hint: how did the world learn that 70-90% of ulcers were the result of something thought impossible, and that the conventional wisdom on causes was flat out incorrect ?

      > Wish my husband and family and friends would just try it 1 month.
      Imagine that the problem food was broccoli. If you suggested to most people to give that up for a month, they’d probably say “sure”. But with wheat, they freak out.
      I tell them: “That’s the wheat talking. It’s addictive, too.”

  13. Diane

    You know comments from one blog followers to an opposing blog as biased. It is selling to/from the choir. “I feel better because the people who already believe still believe”. (Sarcasm) Believe me I am interested but I will be avoiding this site. The negativity from the comments and the bread art. Not worth my time. Too bad you let fluff take over something that could be good.

    • Boundless

      re: The negativity from the comments and the bread art.
      Even if only 27% of Dr. Davis’ conclusions are correct, grains as human food are a public health disaster, and technowheat in particular is a tobacco-scale scandal.
      I’m impressed that the responses here are so restrained.
      One might reasonably expect explosive outrage, given that some of the grain producers, pushers and preachers probably have known, suspected, or have deliberately avoiding learning, for a very long time, that their product forms no part of a healthy diet.

  14. Neicee

    Dr. Davis, you lost one fan but gained another. Been lurking and reading comments for some time, and very much appreciate your efforts to keep us informed on the long term problems we face by eating wheat. Without you pointing out the rediculous claims by the wheat and grain lobbies I certainly thought it was fine for some people to injest the products – just that I couldn’t. Thank you.

  15. pdxmama

    I have carefully followed the WB diet for two full weeks and, though I have a bit more energy, I have experienced NO weight loss whatsoever. Unfortunately, I have about sixty pounds to lose. My portions are moderate and I’m focusing on lean poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and nuts. I just don’t get it and am feeling very discouraged. Any insight on how to jump start the weight loss?

    • Please go back on this blog, PDX, and see the blog post devoted specifically to this question.

      More than likely, there is a thyroid issue to deal with. Very common.

      • pdxmama

        Thank you, Dr. Davis. I actually had thyroid cancer 14 years ago with total thyroidectomy. I’ve been on Synthroid & Cytomel since. My thyroid levels are normal. Could a history of thyroid disease, even though treated, cause or contribute to the difficulty losing weight on WB or any other eating plan?

  16. Elizabeth

    I have had the same experience, except have cut out all other carbs as well (despite being a “mostly vegetarian”, I’ve cut out the legumes and beans for now until I see results). I started struggling with thyroiditis after having my son 4 years ago, when I was 5’4 and 150 pounds, depressed and exhausted, and they finally figured out my TSH was 140. The endocronologist is convinced it’s Hashimotos despite 2 negative antibody results. A lifetime on Synthroid and normal test results ever since, however, I absolutely cannot lose the weight after nearly 3 years on Synthroid (and normal test results).
    I’m sticking with the Wheat Belly diet because I feel it is giving me other benefits so far after a few weeks of wheat free and low/no carbs. I have just made an appointment with a very qualified Naturopathic Doctor who I trust and who will take the time to look a little deeper into what might be going on.
    Dr. Davis, I’ve also passed on your book to my parents, in their 60s with various health issues who have just read it and are starting this week. Thanks for starting what I hope will be a revolution!

    • Hi, Elizabeth–

      Be sure to ask your naturopath about your T3 status. You are taking Synthroid, which is T4. Most people taking T4 only are not fully replenished in thyroid, despite being told that they are normal. Most people feel much better with addition of T3.

  17. Julie

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if wheat has been associated as a causative factor in any eating disorders – bulimia in particular? Thanks. Julie

  18. Heidi

    Been Wheat free for 3 weeks and feel much better. I used to feel so tired and bloated after a much loved sandwich with huge chewy bread – gone! So while that is great news and I am noticing the scale going down I decided to get a test kit and check out my blood sugar. I have been sugar free and the only carbs I get are low carb veggies. I must say I was shocked at the 140 reading I got every morning. I panicked a little after I looked up numbers and realized that was very bad for a fasting test. Two hours after meals I drop down to around 100 so I calmed down a bit. Now I’m wondering if I’m going too long without food. I typically eat dinner around 6 ish and only coffee (half decaf/black) until around 10am when I get hungry and have breakfast (protein). Lunch around 2 and dinner at 6. I don’t eat between meals at all nor do I snack at night. I haven’t even had fruit outside of a few berries in a long time. Now I’m a little scared by the high blood sugar numbers and wonder if I need to go in and have blood work done. I sure wouldn’t want to have them put me on meds especially if I can get this under control if the timing of meals is the issue. Should I wake up and eat at night?

    I am overweight and take 4 drugs for blood pressure. I so want this to be the answer to healing my system.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Heidi–

      I replied to your comment on the Wheat Belly Facebook page.

      But it’s all good: This is a transitional stage that subsides over a few weeks.