SixServings: The uncensored comments

The comments continue to pound away at from fellow wheat dissenters. If you haven’t seen them yet, they provide some interesting commentary and feedback on the wheat-free experience. I reproduce several of them here.

I say the “uncensored” comments, because some of the posts never see the light of day. If this stuff is the uncensored stuff, I’d love to take a peek at their censored files!

Fat Guy Weight Loss said:
I think I might be addicted to spinach and meat, replaced it with my normal serving of grains.

I do have to admit I am seeing some strange effects:
* Feel great
* Lost 60 pounds
* No stomach issues
* Lots of energy
* Not constantly hungry
* No crashes a couple hours after eating

So you are saying I should give this up in order to be healthy? Seems like eating foods that naturally have nutrients in them versus “enriched” would make more sense.

Jill said:
. . . all I know is that my husband got his a1c today and it was 6.6, three months ago it was 8.2. He lost 12 lbs. and I lost 22 lbs. all we did was stop eating food that contains wheat. Coincidence?! I don’t think so! We feel so much better now. I’ll keep you posted as we continue our no wheat lifestyle. I think we are now addicted to spinach and meat now too!!!

Emm said:
I too am experiencing strange things… like my grades have improved immensely since dropping wheat, and I no longer have brain fog. Coffee in the morning is now a pleasure instead of a necessity for ‘waking up’. My skin rash docs wanted to give me steroids for is clearly triggered by wheat and shows up within days of eating it again. My dandruff is gone. And to think I started this wheat-free journey only to lose weight! Oh yea, I tested negative for celiac and wheat was still wreaking havoc in ways I didn’t know until now.

Paul said:
“The author of the book, Dr. William Davis, suggests two slices of wheat bread raise a person’s blood sugar more than if the same person ate table sugar;[...]”

I notice how you didn’t say that it didn’t (because what he states is true, but you don’t want to admit it outside of verbiage that might allow less savvy folks to infer it as untruth from your statement). Since when is spiking your blood sugar good for you? (hint… it’s not)

What vital nutrients have I cut out of my diet since giving up wheat three weeks ago? And if wheat is so good, then why do you have to alter it by adding nutrients? Why don’t you just take a vitamin? (by the way, I take no vitamins)

No matter what type of grain (carbohydrate) it is… the body uses it as sugar. A diet based upon sugar is NO good.

Three weeks without wheat, and I feel better than ever! (my girlfriend has noticed that I’ve become leaner too!)

Linda said:
WOW – a flat out bald faced lie:

USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service has stated that “there are no transgenic wheat varieties for sale or in commercial production in the United States.”

Did they mention any reason why our tall, “amber waves of grain” are now 2 feet high dwarf varieties?

I ran for months and GAINED weight – specifically around my middle. Also was pre-diabetic with a fasting blood sugar of 125. Had headaches more days than not, had to eat every 2 hours or get shaky and feel sick.

I read Dr. Davis’ book ‘Wheat Belly’ and did what he suggested – gave up wheat. Within the first 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds and 3 full inches off my belly. Something that months of daily running (3 miles per day) didn’t do.

Even more amazing – after 30 days my fasting blood sugar dropped to 95. Normal. No longer pre-diabetic.

I credit Dr. Davis for saving my life by clueing me in to the Frankenwheat that was hurting my health and racing me along to becoming diabetic!

Another correction to this article:
“Dr. Gaesser discussed the shortcomings of Wheat Belly, which calls for dieters to eliminate wheat entirely, including whole grains.”

Dr. Davis’ book ‘Wheat Belly’ does not direct “dieters”. It directs “human beings” – any and everyone who eats and does not want to die a sickly, slow, miserable death from obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases.

One more correction:
“What he fails to mention is that milk, meat, rice and spinach also produce the same so-called addictive peptides. However, few Americans are addicted to spinach or milk.”

One problem with that. Stop eating spinach and see if you have cravings for it. Or if your body feels withdrawal symptoms. Not so much.

I’ve eaten shrimp and then not eaten it again for 6 months. When I stop, no effect on my body. When I eat some again, no effect except YUM.

When you stop eating wheat your body goes through a withdrawal. When you eat some again later it bloats, creates indigestion, sets off cravings, headaches, lots of different symptoms in different people.

Something just not right with that.

Deb said:
My children seem to be addicted to spinach as well; when I cook it in butter with garlic, raisins, and pine nuts, they ask for seconds and often thirds. and you should see what happens to okra and green beans cooked up in bacon fat. LOL

If they could handle milk without horrific digestive consequences, they might be addicted to it; it was hard enough to give up even with the awful tummy pains.

But as we have yet to find anything, and I mean ANYTHING in grains that we can’t get in a far more nutrient-dense form from almost anything BUT grains, I think we’ll keep on being grain-free. Really, however do celiacs cope without all that stuff? Probably the same way we do.

For the record, I’ve some disagreements with some of the stuff in Wheat Belly, but having kicked the grains habit, lost weight, gone off antidepressants and even thyroid meds, and finally ditched the chronic joint pain, I really can’t see why anyone with similar symptoms wouldn’t want to do the same in short order.

Eva said:
The only study I need to rely on to find out what will make me healthy is the one I do on myself every single day of my life. If my body does not agree with whatever I am putting into its mouth, then I listen to it and stop eating the offending food ever again and wheat plus all grains happen to be some of those offensive foods. I have finally reached a point in my life where I no longer worry about gaining weight or if I’m eating too much. If you want to know the true meaning of ‘freedom’, then this is it. I am free from the control food had over me for the past 49 years by just eliminating all grains. When I used to eat wheat and other grains, I can attest to the fact that they made me hungry all the time, and many a time I felt like I was drugged after eating them. No more! The yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations, and everyday battle with food is gone forever. I don’t count calories, I don’t measure out portion sizes at every meal, I just eat–but only the foods that I know will not make me fat and unhealthy! Another side benefit to losing the wheat is not having to be a workout fanatic in order to stay slim. My weekly workouts total about an hour or less. Leaves more time for enjoying life!


Ali said:
Bread gave me acne, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, ataxia, double vision, constipation AND diarrhoea, depression, acid reflux, dysphagia, and on and on. Bread destroyed my childhood. Bread cost me three organs. Bread made me into an obese compulsive eater. When I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, my life was completely transformed. I am gradually regaining my health. If, inadvertently, I ingest the slightest speck of wheat, I am ill for weeks. Because of wheat I may have a foreshortened lifespan. I am at greater risk of all manner of diseases. Without wheat I have lost over 50lb in weight, effortlessly. Please don’t kid yourselves. Wheat can be deadly. I have recommended a grain-free low carb diet to many people. I have never known someone’s not improve their health in some way, often dramatically. . When they give up bread, they start to feel better quite quickly. Dr. Davis is right about wheat’s being a dreadful “food”. Bread is the exact opposite of nourishment. And nothing you do to try and discredit him, his book, his patients, me, the other commentators here, or anyone else, can change that. If you want to do something constructive with this poison, why not research alternative uses for wheat. Better still, why not grow truly nutritious crops in its place.

I got a lucky break, finding my own disease. Wheat Belly will save more lives than Dr Davis even can imagine. The simple truth is that wheat is destructive to human health. And I can demonstrate that…. so can my children, both of whom were also diagnosed with wheat intolerance. It is deeply offensive to me that this website promotes the eating of wheat, and glosses over the immense suffering and damage caused by grains.

Howard said:
If Dr. Davis is wrong, then how come, as soon as I eliminated wheat & all other grains, I felt fantastic within a week or two? And how come I eliminated sleep apnea, snoring, hearburn, joint aches, muscle cramps, vision issues and much more? How come I’ve managed to keep off the 50 pounds I’ve lost, simply by eating healthy NON PROCESSED foods? You think you can dismiss his book and many other books like it with a simple few paragraphs that say “because we said so”? Sorry. Not going back to grains. Ever. Why don’t you shift your business in the direction of REAL healthy foods to sell us?

The wife and I both recently noticed the bad effects of wheat, when eaten, after being “off of wheat” now for long periods of time. We both went wheat free about a year ago. Recently, we were having a bun free burger at one of our favorite restaurants, and decided to “treat” ourselves to some breaded/fried appetizers. Oh boy, we really treated ourselves alright. Headaches and stiffness has been going on for 3 days now. It is AMAZING how bad this stuff is, and you don’t really know it until you cut it out for a while, and then try it again. Don’t “treat” yourself. Just friggin’ say goodbye to this stuff.

Gyrobob said:
My perspective is a little unique in that I have been a low-carber for about 8 years,… maybe 50g per day. I was pleased with all the standard benefits: lost weight and kept it off, better blood numbers, etc.

Now I have been wheat-free for maybe a month, but still consuming approx 50g carbs daily. So, I am a study (albeit with a pretty small database) in Atkins compared to Atkins minus wheat.

Wheat-free works. I have lost a few pounds, but nothing drastic. Additionally, I have more energy, greater stamina (I run 5k events for exercise), no headaches anymore, reduced appetite, and less food required to achieve a “satisfyingly full” feeling.

It is criminal the way the entrenched food gurus and bureaucrats still steer the masses to “healthy whole grain” this and that.
In the management consulting world we refer to folks like as “flat earthers.” By that we mean folks who go with generally accepted “common sense” concepts just because. Way back when everyone knew the earth was flat, anyone who said otherwise was just goofy. The flat earthers weren’t evil; they just didn’t understand reality yet.

A similar situation exists with wheat at the moment. The reality?,… wheat is not necessary, and causes all kinds of damage without offering any benefit. The sooner the flat-earthers like and the USDA, and Kellogg’s, and General Mills, etc., etc., start dealing with the actual effects of wheat, the better.

The earth is round, wheat is bad.


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  1. Heidi says:

    Been Wheat free for 3 weeks and feel much better. I used to feel so tired and bloated after a much loved sandwich with huge chewy bread – gone! So while that is great news and I am noticing the scale going down I decided to get a test kit and check out my blood sugar. I have been sugar free and the only carbs I get are low carb veggies. I must say I was shocked at the 140 reading I got every morning. I panicked a little after I looked up numbers and realized that was very bad for a fasting test. Two hours after meals I drop down to around 100 so I calmed down a bit. Now I’m wondering if I’m going too long without food. I typically eat dinner around 6 ish and only coffee (half decaf/black) until around 10am when I get hungry and have breakfast (protein). Lunch around 2 and dinner at 6. I don’t eat between meals at all nor do I snack at night. I haven’t even had fruit outside of a few berries in a long time. Now I’m a little scared by the high blood sugar numbers and wonder if I need to go in and have blood work done. I sure wouldn’t want to have them put me on meds especially if I can get this under control if the timing of meals is the issue. Should I wake up and eat at night?

    I am overweight and take 4 drugs for blood pressure. I so want this to be the answer to healing my system.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hi, Heidi–

      I replied to your comment on the Wheat Belly Facebook page.

      But it’s all good: This is a transitional stage that subsides over a few weeks.