Lemon Cheesecake Cupcakes

I just made these this past weekend and the family gobbled them up. I set one aside in the refrigerator for a friend and that, too, was snatched up when I wasn’t looking!





Makes 12

1 cup ground walnuts
1½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter, softened, or coconut oil
Sweetener equivalent to 3 tablespoons sugar
12 oz cream cheese or Neuchâtel cheese, softened
1½ tablespoons coconut flour
2 large eggs
Grated rind and juice of 1 medium lemon
½ cup coconut milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350º F.

In small bowl, mix together ground walnuts, butter or coconut oil, cinnamon, and one-third of sweetener. Spoon into paper cupcake liners and press down with spoon until flat.

In large bowl, place cream cheese, eggs, and coconut flour and blend at low speed until well-mixed. Add in lemon rind and juice, coconut milk, remainder of sweetener and vanilla and beat until thoroughly mixed. Spoon mixture over top of walnut crust in cupcake liners.

Bake for 30 minutes. Remove and cool.

Optionally, decorate with slice of strawberry, shaved dark chocolate, or mint leaf. Store in refrigerator.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. I’m most def going to try these – I tried your Mocha Cupcakes and we LOVE them (husband, teenager AND a picky 6yr old eater!).

  2. Gyrobob

    In general, is it okay to substitute almond flour for coconut flour? I have several packages of almond flour already. Coconut flour costs a lot less, though. Bob’s Red Mill almond flour is pretty expensive.

    I just finished the book, and have been wheat free for a week or so.

    Am I just kidding myself, or could it really be that the number of floaters in my eyes has decreased already?

    Thanks for bringing the Wheat Belly concepts to light.


    • Rachel

      I don’t think you’d get the same outcome as the two flours have a really different texture. I buy my almond flour online at amazon-the honeyville farms brand seems to work better in bread-like recipies than Bob’s red mill and it’s much cheaper than the store if you buy in bulk.

      • Yes, Rachel’s right: They behave differently.

        But why not give it a try? I’ve learned many lessons baking this way just by playing around. Worst case scenario: It might crumble.

        • Sigi

          Yes, I’d be really interested to hear what happens if you give it a try with almond flour instead!

          BTW, does using coconut flour make things taste in the slightest bit coconutty? Because (sadly) I LOATHE the taste of coconut. :-( But I LOVE cheesecake!

          • I can’t taste the coconut, but some people tell me they can.

            There must be some genetic basis for this coconut thing, since most people like it, while some simply cannot stand it, kind of an all-or-none thing.

          • S. Quade

            Sigi, I too have been a loather of the flavor of coconut for decades. I think it’s partly because of the use of coconut scent in soaps. Also don’t like the taste or smell of coconut extract. But the flavor of the coconut flour in baked products is wonderful — not overpowering and not sweet but adding a delightful smooth note (it may be just that it adds to the wonderful smell of the baked item and not really to the flavor — it’s hard to explain). Anyway, for the usefulness of coconut flour for folks who have the gluten problem I’m hooked. I love making tart shells from coconut flour and then drizzling with melted chocolate and sprinkling on some nuts. Yum.

        • kassie

          Well, I’m a believer. I am on my 4th batch of the pumpkin muffins and this morning i made a batch of your lemon cheesecake muffins. They are almost gone! I have energy, My muffin top is shrinking! You rock doc ! Oh, I used the almond flour for the crust . It was delicious.

          • Muffins, cheesecake . . . and losing your muffin top?!

            That’s great, Kassie! That is my goal: Show you where the problems in diet are, fix them, lose weight, regain health. But do it with style!

  3. We have all the ingredients for these and I think this would make a nice treat after we get past the initial adjustment phase. My hubby is being very conscientious in avoiding carbs and changing his lifetime mindset of including bread, muffins, cookies in his diet. So for him, staying away from these types of treats is part of the plan to make this life change. We are collecting all recipes right now and this one we will definitely try in the future.

    • Ooops. I added more sweetener.

      However, it is optional for the filling if you sweeten the crust, depending on where you stand with your sweet tooth.

  4. Anya

    I think I will try these today! I am so eager to try any and all things with cheese, since 2 days ago I tried cheese again after 10 years of living a vegan lifestyle! Let me say, I am now obsessed with cheese!!!! I cannot believe for 10 years I didn’t eat it. I feel like a part of me was dead for 10 years and now it is alive again, it is that dramatic! It is funny how the tables have suddenly turned- instead of dreaming about bread, I am now dreaming about delicious cheese! I also had chicken last week for the first time in about 17 years, too. This has been a huge mental and physical change for me, in so many ways. I feel that this way of eating has more options than being vegetarian. It is so less restrictive.

    I am incredibly appreciative for the chance at good health! I think that this may the time it actually works, and I have tried it all in that quest to eliminate my colitis along with other issues.

    Let’s see how these creamy cupcakes turn out!!!

  5. Lissa

    I bet this would be good substituting key limes for the lemons … and would make my husband a very happy man.

      • Ann

        What are you using to grind nuts? I saw a recipe for almond meal flour where a woman was using a coffee grinder, but mine is tiny. I would love to have a bread grinder to grind nuts, but most of them say they won’t grind nuts.

        • Just a couple days ago I make my first batch of homemade almond flour… turned out great!
          Used my VitaMix blender. I read the key was to only process about 1/2 cup at a time, very briefly, like 20 seconds or so. Then pour all out thru a fine wire sieve into a bowl. Return the chunky parts to the blender, add the next 1/2 cup of almonds, and repeat. It turned out very fine, just like the “store bought” stuff, yet much less expensive.

          The trick was to NOT try to get the whole 1/2 cup all fine at one time, or you end up with almond butter.

          Hope that helps!

  6. My two boys came over for dinner last night and I made these. Only one is left this morning, so they got gobbled up fairly quickly! The only complaint was they wished they were sweeter, so I will add some sweetener to the cream cheese mixture next time (although I rather liked the slightly tart flavor, myself).

    Oh, and I substituted pecans for the walnuts in the crust, as I am not a big walnut lover. It was fabulous!

  7. Becky

    Yummm these look awesome! I have a question about the cream cheese- can I just use the “normal/cheap” cream cheese or is it important to buy organic? The price keeps me from buying the organic but I’m not sure if it really even matters…?

  8. Bev

    I just pour a bunch of almonds into a regular blender, pulse it until it turns into a course flour. Works good in any recipe and doesn’t really need to be made super fine.

  9. S. Quade

    Is using Neufchatel, which has a higher water content than full fat cream cheese, expect the baked filling to be a little softer. A short additional baking time should reduce the extra moisture and firm up the ‘cakes, but continue baking for only one or two minutes at a time, testing after each stretch so that you don’t overbake. The ‘cakes just out of the oven will be a little soft in the middle, but will firm up after cooling on the counter followed by chilling in fridge.

  10. michelle

    I made these this weekend using cream cheese and butter but I was not blow away. The crust was really good but the filling seemed ehhh. I tried Stevia for the first time instead of Splenda and maybe I needed more I don’t know. I substituted 1 tsp Stevia for 1 tbsp of “sugar” so not sure whats up.

    • Perhaps a flawed stevia preparation, or simply not enough.

      Next attempt, Michelle, taste your batter while mixing to see whether it was sufficiently sweet. Also, note that, the longer you are wheat-free, the more your sweet sense is reawakened.

    • Jenni

      Ive tried stevia many time and just had to give up I have used generic splendia for many many years and i just cant stand the matilis or medicin taste of stevia!

  11. Jeff Mathis

    So I have bought and read the Kindle version of WHEAT BELLY. Does the paper version contain recipes that are not in the Kindle version?

  12. Amie

    I made these last night. Very happy with the way they turned out. Thought they tasted great, especially the crust. Just a side note: Read the book and I’ve been eating wheat free for just over two weeks. I’m just amazed at how not hungry I am. Before it was like I had an insatiable appetite. I know other have mentioned this many times on the blog but thought I’d share.

  13. Kathy in Nova Scotia

    OMG made these last night and just had one for dessert – very very good (with the addition of some sweetener in the cheesecake part lol). Keep the recipes and advice coming, Doc – love the book, and am sharing it around!

  14. Roz

    I think I want to try these with orange zest, but skip the juice and replace walnuts with almond (walnuts make my tongue feel dry, very weird). Has anyone else tried that variation yet? I love the combo of orange and strawberry, but juice of one orange seems over the top compared to one lemon (does that work out to be about 1/4 c, 2 tbsp, any idea?)

      • Roz

        Experiment 1: orange in lieu of lemon, and raspberries! Juice of one orange came to 4 tbsp of liquid, and I had to up the coconut flour to get the right density to the cheesecake batter. Forgot to add the 3 tbsp of sweetener (oops) and I put the raspberries on top before baking. Since I made mini-muffins, it was one berry per muffin. I missed the sweetener, but not as much as I would have expected. Suspect I can get by with half. Also used pecans instead of walnuts for the crust. Would do again! Curious about adding cocoa powder to the nut crust to see how that would turn out

  15. Jami Jordan

    Ok what is wrong with REAL cheesecake?
    I LOVE cheese cake and I am one of those that can not stand coconut.
    Once in a blue moon it should be ok to eat real cheese cake right? I can not bring myself to ruin my one true love with coconut. hahaha…

  16. Suzi

    Dr D!! I made these today for Easter ! So good and no one even noticed that I used stevia instead of sugar. Love your work!! :)

  17. Rose

    Oh man I just gotta try these since I dearly LOVE anything lemon! Do you know the carb count and fiber on them Dr. Davis? Diabetic here trying to be NON diabetic! :) and got some SORE fingers to prove it. lol

    • Dr. Davis

      No, I don’t, Rose. But I can tell you that the carbohydrate content is trivial and they are perfectly in line with the effort to get RID of diabetes.

      I purposely left out calorie and carbohydrate content to discourage counting for these recipes, all of which are compatible with an effort to CURE diabetes.

  18. Jeannie

    These were fantastic. I baked them with raspberries on top…yummy! Good breakfast items!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, it does matter.

      The canned variety is the form you want. The carton variety tends to be too thin.