Pre-diabetes cured, 2 dress sizes down . . . and “gravy”

Roz tried to leave this comment on the blog, the blog for the Grain Foods Foundation. (I say “tried” because they are censoring some of the comments, including my recent comment/question about the drug industry affiliation of one of their Advisory Board members.) I don’t know if they will censor her comment, too, so I reprint it here:

In Dec 2010, I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic (HbA1c of 5.8%), after years of following the low-fat, high whole grain, minimize red meat conventional wisdom diet dictated by people like you.

After a solid 6 weeks of research, I fired my dietician who was unwilling to consider anything beyond the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association (45-60 grams of carb per meal, 15-30 grams per snack x 2 a day? REALLY?). I adopted a wheat free diet and by APRIL 2011 (4.5 months later) my HbA1c was down to 4.9%, and I was never on any medication. The fact that I had lost 25 lbs in that same 4.5 months, and 2 dress sizes, was just gravy. I’ll point I did this without any exercise, in addition. Incidentally, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are ‘fantastic’ per my physician.

I will grant you this happened prior to the release of the Wheat Belly book (life-changing and life-saving, run — do not walk — to your nearest book store and buy it), but I’ve read it and it did help me understand more about the biochemistry involved with diet and its affects on the human body. I’ve gone one step further and adopted many of the Primal/Paleo guidelines. Without a doubt the largest impact has been going completely grain free.

In less than one year I’ve lost over 60 lbs, cured my pre-diabetes, gained immeasurable energy… and you want to tell me I’ve been conned by some ‘fad’ and my health is going down the drain? Please.

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  1. Fiona

    A very inspiring post, thanks! I just pre ordered the book from Amazon UK. The anticipated release date is 18th October and I can hardly wait to read it.

      • Fiona

        I certainly will, but just to let you know, I gave up grains mid July following a ‘pre diabetes’ scare (high fasting BS but GTT was ok – just) and I have dropped 16lbs already. There’s still a way to go, but I will let you know more about my story after reading the book, and hopefully improving my health further.
        I’m very grateful for medical practitioners like yourself who are prepared to make the stand against conventional ‘wisdom’.

        • Hi, Fiona–

          The proof will be in the (wheat-free) pudding! As you lose the weight you want to lose, HbA1c (blood sugar) plummets, blood pressure drops, you have more energy to do things . . . this unconventional path is the path to tremendous health!

  2. Didi Groen

    Type 1 diabetes 1990 (gestational turned type1)
    A1C- 8.2
    Taking multiple supplements but from reading article in LEF by Dr. Davis- I need to rapidly focus on decreasing the grains. Without the grains I should be able to drastically reduce my need for insulin. Weight is not an issue but the thoughts of fat around my organs makes me just ill.
    Getting the book tonight and if it is as good as I think- will get 2 more for my sons.
    Dr.Didi Groen D.D.S.

    • Hi, Dr. Didi–


      Please watch out for hypoglycemia: As blood sugar excursions drop by not eating the food that raises blood sugar, you will find that you require less insulin to control blood sugar. I tell my patients on insulin that I’d prefer high blood sugars (within reason, of course) to low blood sugars while they are ratcheting down their insulin doses. And, as wheat belly visceral fat shrinks, insulin needs diminish further.

      By the way, you may already know that an underlying cause for becoming type I in the first place is . . . yup: Wheat. In fact, if you haven’t already done so, it is worth getting you checked for celiac markers before you get too far down the wheat-free path. Any adult who develops type I diabetes is highly likely to be experiencing celiac disease or one of its variants.

  3. DebbieLee

    My copy of Wheat Belly is scheduled to arrive Monday. I went gluten free 6 days ago and have already lost 5 pounds! I am not terribly overweight, either, at 5’7″/154 (before the loss). I feel fine, have not had cravings and am loving it! Thanks for the inspiration, Dr. Davis and Mark Sisson. Sooner or later I will make it to 80-90% primal!

  4. Dezzy

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing this book. I’m telling anybody who will listen. My mother in law also purchased the book and has noticed changes already…..I’ve already lost two inches from my waist in 4 weeks….I also read Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It by Taubes. Great read as well. Thanks!

    • Hi, Dezzy–

      I’ve got to respond to you just because you made me recall Desi Arnaz and all the laughs I’ve had over the years watching I Love Lucy reruns!

      2 inches from your waist in 4 weeks is fabulous! And you did it rejecting the advice of your USDA.

      • Kim Harper

        The USDA and the FDA are only interested in one thing, $$$$$. They are not interested in our health. Healthy Americans makes for a broke drug industry!!!!

  5. Jimee

    Thanks for having the cahones to step up and get this book out there , Dr Davis . I saw your material on Youtube and went and bought my copy on Amazon .

    One answer to the economics objection to this is that now those farmers can get to work growing biodiesel feedstock which will be far more profitable than wheat . This country burns 52 Billion gallons of Jet A fuel each year and the Fed has already decided to go biodiesel for it military .

    • Jimee

      I must add that the EU has imposed a tariff on jets flights that do not burn biodiesel . So , US commercial airlines the burn Bio Jet A will have a leg up on those that don’t . So this is a win / win for wheat farmers who grow feedstock , they get to clear their conscience and make more money for doing so .

      Tell it like it is , Dr D !!

  6. Kim Harper

    Very excited to get your book soon. I am a huge believer in the South Beach diet, which during the first phase has you off of carbs; which is when I lost all my weight. I found that when I moved on to the next phase that the weight loss stopped……………….so I am definitely a believer that wheat is a problem. I haven’t been able to figure out for years now why when I ate 1/2 sandwich on whole grain bread I would gain 3 lbs. A little lengthy, but I feel it is worth sharing, here is my health testimonial (which I plan on amending after going wheat free):
    Hello Ladies, I wanted to share a health testimonial with you in hopes that it would encourage many. When I was pregnant with Hannah in 1994 I found out for the first time that I had high cholesterol. By the 8th month of the pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which could only be controlled by insulin. I took injections 3 times a day for the remainder. When I was pregnant with Sarah in late 1996, early 1997 I had gestational diabetes again. It required insulin injections again and Sarah came 5 weeks premature.

    Diabetes runs in my family (actually it gallops). My father’s dad died of diabetes. My mother’s mom had diabetes. My father has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. And my mother now has diabetes as well. Due to my family history and the fact that I had gestational diabetes twice and found out that I had high cholesterol I have gone for regular lab tests to be proactive in my health. Thirteen years after having my oldest , in July of 2007, I tested positive for diabetes for the first time. I had always been borderline and my cholesterol remained high. My doctor, knowing that I prefer homeopathic remedies over pharmaceuticals, put me on the South Beach diet (not really a diet, it is a way of eating, a lifestyle change).

    Having always failed in the past on any kind of diet, of which I could only stick to for two days at the most, I went on the South Beach (August 2007) with a tenacity I had never known before. This is, after all, my life. I was absolutely against going on statin drugs for my cholesterol and even more against being a diabetic for the rest of my life. I went on phase 1 of the SB for six weeks (only two is recommended). I was feeling great and loving the way I was eating. After the six weeks on phase 1, I moved on to phase two. I never waivered, not once. I refused to put anything in my mouth that I thought could hinder the healing process. With a hemoglobin A1A of 6.3 in July ’07 (anything over 6.0 is diabetic) I was determined to win. In Nov. ’07 (six months after staring the SB) my A1A was down to 5.8. Praise God, I was no longer diabetic. All my other numbers were still not looking good. So I continued with the tenacity that I started with. By July 2008, 1 year after starting the SB and 1 month after going vegetarian I was still at 5.8 A1A, 95 glucose and normal in all other levels for the first time in about 14 years. So after being on the SB, phase 2 for an entire year and seeing positive changes I decided that it was finally time for me to move on to phase 3, which allows for small amounts of occassional sugar. For the most part I live on phases 1 and 2 because I love it, but I have allowed myself those occassional treats. I am still non-diabetic at 5.9 (still borderline) 18 months after starting the SB. My numbers are still normal, but elevated slightly, which I attribute to lack of exercise during the winter. During the warmer months we walk all over Canton. We exercise, lose weight, save gas, save the environment and keep me off of insulin.

    Ladies, I did lose weight. I lost a total of 15 pounds over the course of being on the SB, and I have kept it off. The reason I didn’t mention weight loss is because that was not MY primary reason for going on the SB. My reason was to save my life and preserve my health. I succeeded. Praise God. This will be a lifelong battle for me.


  7. bonnie G

    I heard you today on the Underground Wellness show. Very interesting things learned. I have Type 2 , High triglicerides (sp), non alcholic Fatty Liver, IBS and am on prilosec daily for “the rest of my life” . All these issues seem to point to one thing… WHEAT. However I would be kidding myself if I said Im not shaking like a drug addicted, at the thought of no more wheat products. Not sure I can really do it.

  8. Vicky L

    Dear Dr Davis-
    A good friend of mine just shared your book with me, i then bought my own copy. I have read it in two days in utter shock. I am 5’1″129 lbs and was told last week i was type 2 diabetic. My heart was broken and i felt as though i failed myself and my family. I have cut wheat out after i read your book, a very very scary task for me.
    This week i am less tired and like you said have lost weight, 5 lbs. My goal is not weight loss but health. I am due back to my doctor for another blood test in 5 weeks. I cant wait to see the wheatless impact. Thanks for your help.

    • Excellent start, Vicky!

      Please keep us posted on your progress. Sadly, don’t expect your doctor to be interested or understand what you are doing, even if you show up CURED.

  9. Celine

    hi, I myself celine. I stay in Mauritius and at present I”m in India for vacation. I got pre diabetes when I was pregnant and doctor had started with insulin for safe delivery. later I started with tablets on doctors advice. But as days passed my BGL kept increasing. Doctors mention me clearly , THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES”. Doctor increased the dose of tablets and asked me to have very strict diet. after 4 months when my fasting sugar level once touched 332 , I consulted doctor again and I was adviced to start with insulin. I was not ready in my heart to start with insulin. for starting 1 month I started taking 1 gm tablet 4 times a day and I started hunting for good herbal doctor. Soon on internet I happen to learn about SB GROUP in india. So without wasting time I h consulted SB GROUP FOR DIABETES in India.
    Mr.SB advice me to make herbal medicine myself. which helped me to come out of diabetes.
    Before starting herbal medicine , SB expalained me everything what was problem in my pancreas and gall bladder.. Due to consuming of tablets I use to get acidity and my chest use to have burning sensation. But now from last 8 months I have stopped consuming tablests. but I make herbal medicine myself. Now fastring sugar level is between 110 to 150 and after dinner it reaches to 180.
    my sugar level are are reducing since I started herbal medicine from SB GROUP.
    consult SB GROUP FOR diabetes in INDIA. They are really good.

  10. Jessica

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    On the Dr. Oz show there was a demontration where you and he showed the effects of a potato and bread on blood sugar showing that a potato had less of an effect is that saying that we can have a bit of potato say with our dinner after all there is no wheat in the potato.


    • Boundless

      > … potato had less of an effect …

      Less, but way far from ideal. It’s a matter of net carbs. A typical potato is your entire day’s worth of net carbs on WB guidelines, which means that 1/3 of a potato hits your total one-meal limit. I occasionally eat potato, but only 1/4 of one.

      Potato flour is on the “never” list. It appears to be 2x or 3x as glycemic as whole potato, and is a common ingredient in “gluten-free” poisons.

  11. Monica

    What exactly do you count in the 15g of carbs in a meal. Do you count everything? even the unlimited quantity foods?

  12. Barbara Parry

    I bought the book for my Kindle and the book truly inspired me. I have been on the diet for one week and I feel great. The numbness and tingling in my feet and legs is much improved. In fact I don’t even notice my legs where before I went on the diet they drove me nuts in the evenings.
    I don’t think there has been enough time for nerve regeneration and I’m wondering if it could be due to reduction of inflammation? I don’t think it’s placebo effect.
    I haven’t been diagnosed with pre- diabetes or IBS.
    My advice is get that book but I think it would be better to get it in the physical form as it’s a pain trying to look up the recipes in the Kindle. If you have a Kindle you know what I mean.
    My solution is to get the recipe book too… the physical form.