I need your Wheat Belly “before” and “after” photos!

I need your photos showing your “before” wheat belly and your “after” remnant of a wheat belly. The media requests are piling in and they all want some nice pictures of people who have kissed wheat goodbye.

Nothing tells a story like a picture; we all know this. In my cardiology practice, however, patients are reluctant to have before and after pictures taken. After all, I usually meet them because they either have heart disease or a heart-related condition and are reluctant to have me 1) take pictures (it would be kind of weird), and 2) show them to the public with their stories of heart disease. Few people want that kind of private information tossed about in public. While elimination of wheat is an incredibly powerful way to lose substantial weight, I do it in the office primarily to correct metabolic distortions, such as those that lead to heart attack.

So it means I’ve had difficulty in getting photos from my office patients, even of people who have lost 70 pounds in 6 months, 120 pounds in one year, etc. The “after” pictures are easier, but they mean little when there is no “before” photo.

So, anyone willing to allow their photos to be shown here . . . please take before and after photos! You might find yourself in a national magazine! (Your permission required, of course.)

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Angelyne

    Hello Dr Davis. I’m currently “experimenting” on my overweight husband. He has the classic wheat belly and HBP. His interest in nutrition is non-existent. In my attempt to make him loose weight, I had to focus on the simplest possible message, so I choose, “don’t eat wheat”. He still eats other carbs because “they aren’t wheat”. He is difficult that way. Mainly, those carbs are what he describe as a small serving of potatoes alongside his omelette in the morning. Lunch is soup and salad (no croutons). Supper varies. I don’t believe that he eats much sugar to begin with. The one thing that I can’t make him quit is alcohol, although I’ve managed to get him to exclude beer, at least. So wheat free there too.

    If he manages to loose weight we can say that it’s due to the exclusion of wheat. Specifically, he used to eat a Western egg sandwich in the morning and typically a sandwich or wrap for lunch. On the weekend we would both have bread with breakfast. So he has eliminated 2-4 slices of bread per day and nothing else really. So this is a good test for your hypothesis.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Hi, Angelyne–

      We’ll keep it our secret!

      The beauty of this approach is its simplicity. Even though there is obviously more to a healthy diet than eliminating wheat, I have seen 90% of health problems disappear with just this single maneuver.

  2. AllisonK

    I don’t have good photos of my belly…..but where I noticed a huge difference was in my face. I can send you before and after Wheat Face photos.
    Huge difference with my belly too, but not as noticeable to the camera. I cut out breads during my pregnancy because they made me sick, and then kept up with it after that. (as well as going low carb now)
    What happens during breastfeeding? How would hormones affect weight? I am not losing weight anymore. I lost some initially but think it was water weight. Although my stomach feels great and not extended anymore and no body pains.
    What I wonder is if when I am done breastfeeding, do you think the weight will just continue to drop off when my hormones get back to normal?

    • Hi, Allison–

      I will email you for your face photos. Any photos are appreciated!

      Sorry, but I’m the wrong guy to ask breastfeeding questions. However, I can say that going wheat-free can help you lose the weight associated with pregnancy.

      • AllisonK

        I guess that’s more of a question of how low estrogen affects weight and how it would affect weight loss even with removal of wheat from the diet.

        • Oh, boy, Allison. Uncharted territory for me, I’m afraid.

          I can say that, seeing plenty of postmenopausal females, and therefore low in estrogen by definition, enjoy as much health benefit as any other group with elimination of wheat.

  3. j

    Hi, I purchased the Audio book on my Iphone. I listened to the whole book, but was disappointed I didnt get the receipes. Anyway I can retreive them somewhere?

    • Hi, J–

      No, sorry, none I know of. However, follow the discussions in this blog and many more recipes will come out. Consider signing up for the recipes on the left sidebar.

  4. Edward Porst DDS

    I have pretty good before and after pics. I haven’t been able to get your book on Kindle or Amazon in Germany.
    In Feb. I started with Caleb Lee’s program leaving out breakfast and lunch 2 days a week for 4 weeks and continued with The Paleo Diet. I can’t say I’ve been 100% wheat free ( the German bread is too good) but at least 98%, i.e. no junk and one piece of real whole grain bread ( not American brown white bread) in the morning. The before is 1Feb and the after is 30 June. I used to lecture on nutrition believing in the 70’s in Michio Kushi and Geo. McGovern. I have recently seen the light, so to say. If you would like the pictures and more history I could E-Mail them to you.
    Ted Porst

    • Joe


      I think you’re fooling yourself. One piece of “real whole grain bread” is NOT a 98% reduction, unless you previously lived on bread alone! That’s a lot of bread, my friend.

      Also, if I can can completely (as in: nada, zero, zilch) give up my warm, crusty Italian bread, you can give up your German bread. In my prior life, when I would dine at an Italian restaurant, for example, I would eat pretty close to an entire loaf of bread (slathered in fresh butter or olive oil) before the entrees even started arriving. I’d often end up doggie-bagging the real food, and getting by on the bread and wine. Yes, I could probably live on warm, fresh crusty Italian bread alone, I like it that much. Unfortunately, It would be a life spent at 300+ pounds, with chronic health problems, and gasping for breath.

      Free tip: Stay the hell out of Italian restaurants!

  5. Gary Jensen

    Dr. Davis,

    Thank you so much for your book. I did not take pictures as of yet, I started the diet a little over three weeks ago. I started at 284 #. This morning I weighed in at 251 # losing 33# so far, my goal is 100#. I have never been hungry and have told others. I will take pictures.

    Thank you again,


    • Hi, Gary–

      Please do! You may, in fact, set a new record: 33 lbs in 21 days?

      That is absolutely incredible. I’d be interested in hearing about the rest of your health, too, as well as how you feel. Please be sure to report back!

  6. ddbigshoots

    I’ve got before (242lbs) and after (175lbs) following a plan by Tim Ferriss – 4 hour body, since December 2010. Down 67 lbs and only 13.7 % body fat now. Following Paleo 99.9%for the past 3 months with occasional weekend cheat day but no gluten and still dropping 0.5lbs per week. 44 year old 5′ 11″ male

  7. jm

    Hello Dr. D. I have read your book and enjoyed it. As lab rat #2, I am testament that what you write in your book is true. In May 2010, my husband ( lab rat #1) and I stopped eating grains, starchy tubular root vegetables, all sugars, and all processed foods (i.e, all things that come in a box, can or bottle – with VERY few exceptions). My husband and I each lost 40 pounds and we have easily kept the weight off. At the top of my weight, I was at approx. 185 pounds and a tight size 14. My husband went from approx. 215 to 175. We have great photos of our before and after bodies.

    In addition to weight, within 7 months of Paleo eating, I went from being the victim of life long cystic acne to perfectly clear skin. I am now doing micro-dermabrasion treatments to reduce the effects of 40 some years of acne damage to my skin. Sadly, no dermatologist ever even suggested that high blood sugar was the culprit of my persistent acne breakouts. My husband has psoriasis, and lately his skin has also shown significant improvement.

    We are 100% Paleo – the object of our new way of eating is to keep our blood sugar as low as possible every day. At home, I cook and I know what is added to our foods. When we dine out, we do as best as possible and try to avoid foods that contain MSG, Aspartame, and Gluten – needless to say fast foods are out of the question. At fine restaurants we always turn away the bread basket – even at Morton’s. As much as we enjoyed bread and pizza it is simply not worth ‘tailing spinning’ through life with high blood sugar. When MSG or gluten is inadvertently consumed from dining out – I can feel the size effects at night and my skin breaks out. Like I said, we do the best we can when we eat food prepared by others – unlike us, they are ignorant and don’t know any better. In my opinion, between the hybrid gluten/grains, the MSG, Aspartame, and all the other chemicals that are “legally” added in food products, the general population is being poisoned to death. And, as you state in your open letter to the grain industry, I too believe that a massive class action lawsuit against the food industry is in our foreseeable future.

    The best aspect of this new way of life is we EAT – we eat well – and we are never hungry . The fact that I happen to fit into a size 6 again is, well, an added benefit which my husband really appreciates. Unlike all the yo-yo diets out there, this is not a diet. This is our new way of life.

    In conclusion, kudos to you for having the where-with-all to confront the powerful grain industry in your book and to tell it like it is. Best regards.

  8. Peter

    Send an address and I’ll send a pic, before and “during” but down some 60 pounds with compositional changes as well.

    • Thank you, Rob.

      However, it sounds like you did this with a Paleo approach, very very similar but slightly different. If you did it largely with wheat elimination, I’d love to post your photos for others to appreciate! Just let me know right here.

  9. I don’t have before and after pictures but I will take “before” pictures tomorrow. I’ve just recently read your book and am totally convinced. We’ve been cutting down on wheat the last couple of weeks but I’m going to cut it out completely now. It’s been a 180 degree turn for me as I’ve been on the whole grain whole wheat kick the last few years. My recipe blog is FILLED with nothing wheat products, this I will be slowly changing as well. This MAKES SENSE to me and I just know it will work. I hope I’ll have some good results to post soon!

  10. Paula Wyss

    Oh shoot fire…should have taken that picture for you! My Hans has gone from looking 8 months pregnant to about 4 months pregnant in just six short weeks. Sorry! It never occurred to us.

  11. Renee

    Hello Dr. Davis,

    I don’t have any full body before shots (because I hid from the camera) but I have a few face shots. Although I didn’t lose a bunch of weight when removing gluten, I did lose a ton of bloating in my face and many inches all over my entire body. Are you interested in face shots? If so, I’ll get the photos out to you.


  12. Valeria

    I can not wait to see some pics! I am 23,female from miami fl. and read the book a couple weeks ago, going on a month, and have been implementing wheat elimination. I was worried at first because I went three weeks with absolutely no wheat of any kind (The Longest period of time ever!) and didn’t lose not one lb. THEN I realized that because of my extremely diminished appetite, I was only eating three meals a day very very spread out with no snacks. So I began to eat, really eat, Nuts and meats and fruits and veggies all throughout the day and In just 2 or three days I lost 3 lbs and now I think I am going to see some progress. I will send pics when I have then and just want to say that teens, 20 somethings , college kids, you can do this this too, peer pressure aside, its not as hard as it sounds!!!!

    • Thanks, Valeria!

      It makes me wonder if your initial response was due to a ratcheting down of metabolic rate and activity. When you added back real food, this all reversed.

      Keep going!

  13. I have been *mostly* wheat free for three years now (I confess to an occasional slip up). I have pictures that I call “before” and “now” as opposed to before and after, since I’m still a work in progress so my “after” is still a ways down the road. But I have lost almost 125 pounds from my top weight, and you can see the pictures at the beginning of my blog at http://healingartoffood.blogspot.com/ . My belly has definitely shrunk amazingly! I had become very much an apple, but I’m getting back to my original pear shape now.

    • Debbie–

      Judging by your photos, you have come an incredibly long distance! You look fabulous!

      By the way, it looks like you live near where I grew up, in Lake Hiawatha, Parsippany, and Hopatcong. And you have great taste in music!

  14. Dr. Davis, I didn’t know you were a Jersey boy. I know the Parsippany area well. I lived in the town of Glen Ridge and worked in West Orange and Newark for many years. And you reminded me I needed to change my profile as I actually moved from Jersey to the Jacksonville, Florida area nearly a month ago! This way I’m closer to my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. In fact my “now” photo was taken at my grandson’s 2nd brirthday on Sept. 10 (I’ve lost 4 more pounds since then. I’m glad you like my taste in music. Most people think it’s weird. :-)

    P.S. I just bought your book and am looking forward to reading it.

  15. Kathy Clements

    Hi Dr Davis
    I have been following the progress of Wheat Belly through others recommendations. Here is a message I posted today in response to a post on the message board of startyourdiet.com which I am using in my quest to get healthy. No wheat works for me.
    I have before and during photos which clearly show a huge change happy to share if you are interested.

    In March my blood glucose was badly controlled and despite my medication being increased I was not able to stabalise them I was following a diet from the diabetes nurse which included a high percentage of carbs. Not only was my blood glucose not controlled (the spikes were evident after eating bread, cereal, pasta etc) but IBS was destroying my confidence. After joining SYD in May and using knowledge I had already gained from doing Atkins when it 1st did the rounds i decided to cut the carbs. I didn’t go ultra low just set my SYD plan to allocate percentages on a low carb basis which gave me 129grm carbs a day to play with. This plan suited me well and i ate every 3hrs or so the blood glucose started to come down and was more stable but I was still eating bread and other wheat products as well as some processed food. In june I started to lean towards eating clean after reading blogs and message board posts and eliminated bread. My IBS symptoms dissappeared and my blood glucose dropped too low so I stopped taking the meds. Since July I have been med free and apart for 1 occasion when I allowed myself bread at a resturant (with expolosive results) I have been free of IBS symptoms. However, I do eat oats and do not have any ill effect from them. It is definately worth giving wheat & gluten free a trial there is nothing to loose except some weight and I have gained my life back

      • Wow, Kathy: Absolutely spectacular!

        Yes, indeed: You have gained control over your health back, not to mention an average of 8 years when you finally achieve CURE of your diabetes.

        Keep going!

  16. D Scheuerman

    I’m JUST beginning a challenge like that and have some great (unflattering) before pics. Can I email them to you?

  17. Michelle Cloutier

    I stopped cutting wheat back in May (trying a low-carb/low, low sugar diet), then found out in June that I had a gluten intolerance, so for all intents and purposes, I’ve been wheat-free since July. I have a before pic from late April, and an after pic from Sept. I lost 25 lbs without increasing exercise. I no longer have GERD, intestinal issues, or chronic headaches. I have amazing energy, and sleep like a baby every night. When I eat anything with wheat (to “treat myself” – ha!) I experience some or all of those symptoms, so it’s not worth it. I would love to share my pic with you… My friends are amazed.

  18. Allen

    I just read some of the comments from Food Business News about “science conflicts” concerning the book Wheat Belly and am convinced the “scientists” are that in theory only. My wife has suffered from severe arthritis pain for several years and is on several medicines, none of which have helped. Three weeks ago, she and I started on the Wheat Belly plan. Two days ago, she told me that for the first time in many weeks, she could say that she was pain free. It may or may not continue, but after two weeks, the pain began lessening and as of today, she is still (3 days in a row) pain-free. She also lost 7 pounds and I lost 14. Wheat Belly may be just a low-carb diet as the FBN contends, but at this time, we are convinced it is what Dr. Davis says. We have three other family members and a couple friends that have watched our progress and are now convinced they too will try it.

    • Should we expect anything less from them? After all, Wheat Belly potentially impacts substantially on their bottom line and the bottom line of their industry.

      And great results for you and your wife, Allen! Keep going–and ignore the defenders of the corrupt status quo!

  19. Jenni

    Ive only started my journey 13 days 9lbs down! When do you need these pix? And what type of clothes do you want for the pix?

  20. Celesta

    Hi, just received your book in the mail and will be going through it with our whole church. (Mostly all very health-conscious people.) Looking forward to seeing what happens and how people”s health improves. Already using “Wheat Belly” as our new insult of choice for each other (i.e., “Hey you Wheat Belly, get out of the fast lane”). Wondering when you grew up in Lake Hiawatha & Parsippany area? I grew up in Parsippany.

    • That”s great, Celesta: Your new “insult of choice”!

      I lived in Lake Hiawatha from around 1962-1971 on Washington Ave, just off Beverwyck Road, just down the street from the fire station. To me, Parsippany was the wealthy area!