An end to PMS?

Few things frighten me as much as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Wild animals, nasty unappreciative teenagers, aggressive wheat trade groups . . . you name it, I’ll take it head on.

But not a woman with PMS.

Few things can match the fury and wild emotional roller coaster ride of a woman’s monthly hormonal episode. So I found Susan’s comment to the Wheat Belly Blog so fascinating, a tantalizing description of PMS potentially . . . gone:

Among a few other health issues, one that was troublesome, but I thought, manageable was wicked PMS. I’m talking about relationship-threatening, everybody leave me alone, don’t even think about talking to me PMS, a full week every single month. It was easy to recognize, and it was usually the first temper tantrum each month that had my family, mostly hubby, running for cover. I would also be bloated, tired, and constipated.

When I bought your book two weeks ago, and started wheat-free, I actually didn’t even think about this part of my health. Guess what….NO PMS this month! A little edgy for a day or so, but work was hectic, and I sure wasn’t paying attention to the calendar.

At dinner tonight, I asked my husband and 14 year old if they had noticed PMS for the past week. The 14 year old is brutally honest, and would have come out with it. She said “no” right away. Hubby noticed the slight “edge” for two days, again attributing it to work.

I am simply amazed. Having accepted this as who I was for the last 30-something years, I am astounded that this simple change has made all the difference. My family thanks you, Dr. Davis! Stay tuned for the continuing successes I hope to have.

Isn’t that incredible?

Will this continue? Of 100 women with toxic-range PMS, how many will experience such relief? I really don’t know, since it is not something I have purposefully looked for.

But, if it holds true, why? What is in this thing that causes such extravagant emotional effects in sync with menstrual cycle? You will notice that, even with knowing about wheat gluten, gliadin, lectins, and amylopectin A, the effect of removing wheat is greater than the sum of the parts.

I believe it explains why, despite all we do know about this genetically-altered Frankengrain, there are things about it we still do not know . . . and new lessons being learned on all the wonderful things that happen when you say goodbye to it.

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  1. Naomi Rozak says:

    @Jennifer Snow, consider reading the book, “What your doctor may not tell you about premenopause” by John R. Lee MD. This books deals with the symptoms just about every woman you talk with is experiencing and the bottom line can be that we are being overloaded with high estrogen from the environment and the food we eat and even by our doctors in an attempt to balance our hormones. Eating well does often help symptoms but sometimes we need to supply something our bodies are lacking due to the extreme environmental stress they are going through. If you don’t read the book, perhaps google “natural progesterone cream” and read up on it. Progesterone is a hormone widely overlooked that balances the force of estrogen in our systems. it’s supposed to naturally be there but unfortunately we just don’t produce it anymore the way we should, or if we do, estrogen is in such high dominance that the progesterone doesn’t have a chance. There are a variety of reasons for the symptoms we experience but at least you could eliminate hormonal imbalance as one of them. ;)

  2. Laura says:

    I have had the worst PMS symptoms for more than 15 years. At least one day of the month I was unable to work, lying in bed and popping painkillers like they were chocolates. I had see many gynocologists and all had done many exams and said I was fine and didn’t have any major related causes of concern such as endometriosis or cysts.
    for 15 years I had every month very painful cramps, extremely heavy period, headaches, joint aches, bloating, gases, diarrhea and of course really bad humor.
    after reading your book I quit wheat and for the first time in my life my PMS symptoms are greatly diminished (I would say an improvement of 90%). Thank you!

  3. Bryna says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m in the same boat as you. I get terrible menstrual cramps about a week before my period and the whole week I’m on it. I only have relief every other two weeks! I’ve tried everything under the sun (including various brands of birth control that made me waaayyy too emotional and “unbalanced”). I am also hoping that going wheat-free completely eliminates them. However, since going wheat free hasn’t worked for you, consider taking Krill Oil (fish capsule) and/or Chaste Berry Herbal supplement. I take both every day and they have really helped (also exercise helps, but sometimes you need something that can take away the pain enough to get out of bed to start exercising!) I take Nature’s Way EfaGold Krill Oil (a capsule every day preferably after the meal with the highest fat content so it can be absorbed–I take it usually after dinner and during my period, I take two per day. With Chaste Berry, I’ve taken different brands, usually found at my local health food store. I take one pill in the morning after breakfast. Both can be a bit expensive, but well worth it in the end! Also, Krill Oil is a great antioxidant and helps with joint pain and extra heart health. Also, my doctor who suggested Chaste Berry warned that it makes women extra fertile. Hope this helps!

    One more thing– if you don’t take one or the other (or both–I think both is best) consistently, you will cramps your next period. And it will take about 3 months for them to start working. It won’t be instant magic, but taking them consistently may greatly help you. It did for me and I was MISERABLE (vomiting, fainting, agony!)

  4. Andrea says:

    Since I have started eating a more primal diet, aka “wheat free”, for only 3 weeks, I have realized that all of a sudden my mood swings are gone! I am supposed to be PMSing this week and I feel fine. I usually am argumentative, irrational, cranky, and just unpleasant to be around. None of that anymore! It’s so liberating! I have been begging doctors for PMS help and had no such luck. I took supplements and vitamins religiously, that did not touch it. Only going wheat free did it for me.

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  6. Anne says:

    I read Dr. Davis’ book 6 weeks ago and have been following a wheat free diet since. The first week was a bit tricky, but now I love it, and my family as well as I am back to cooking all different new recipes all the time.

    I have yet to lose any weight (sigh) but am not really very overweight so perhaps that is why. I would like to lose 10 lbs that have crept up the last decade or so..

    However, I have not had PMS or cramps at all with my periods. It is INCREDIBLE!! I have my entire life dreaded getting my period as I would cry (every single time) 2 days before, be super cranky and irritable. I have now had 2 periods since beginning my wheat free life, and ZERO pain, ZERO crying, ZERO PMS. So thankful to be on this wheat free journey, and can’t wait to see what else is in store!

    BTW people are telling me that I look great and that my skin is glowing :)


  7. Renee says:

    I started a grain free diet a little over a month ago and have had one period during this time. For the first time in years I did not have any cramps at all and had minimal mood swings. It was amazing! I am still struggling with heavy bleeding since my tubal this year and wish that would get better but no cramps is a start! I actually gave into some wheat foods yesterday at a family meal and paid for it overnight. My legs ached horribly all night and included a headache. I assume it was the wheat because I haven’t had pain like that since before I started this diet. I have also lost 8 lbs and have more energy. I have hit a plateau but I think I need to cut back on my sugar intake. I am so excited at how much better I feel!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      The poisonous effects of wheat can show themselves in so many myriad ways, Renee. Stop the poison and wonderful things, including effects on hormones and PMS, happen!

  8. Amanda says:

    I wish I’d have this experience! I’ve had my TOM 4 times since starting WB (currently dealing with it), and honestly, my symptoms are just as bad as ever. Ah well, at least you allow a bit of dark chocolate in the lifestyle.

  9. ketokd says:

    Its true! Since going low carb/keto my pms symptoms are pretty much nonexistent. Since I can remember, and especially in the last few months, my pms symptoms were downright dangerous for my emotional/mental health…and I was often suicidal. Since going keto, I still get alot of cramps but no mood swings! Was able to exercise a bit as well. Going low carb has done wonders for my bipolar symptoms as well..but I wouldnt say that Im cured. Weight loss or not, I couldnt imagine living any other way.

  10. Nikki Yeager says:

    I always, always thought I was just doomed, as a woman, to hate everyone for a week out of every month. When I stopped eating wheat it was purely for vanity reasons (clearing up my acne, losing some weight)… and then I magically stopped PMSing just like the blog talks about. I thought it was a fluke but it’s happened every month since I stopped eating wheat. I even wrote a blog about it –

    For me, it didn’t just cure PMS, but I’ve found that my periods have been so easy. Has anyone else experienced that? I don’t get cramps anymore (and my cramps used to ruin me) or nausea or bloating. It makes me wonder if something I took for granted as unavoidable (terrible periods and PMS) was caused by wheat, what else was it doing to my body, you know?

  11. JoEve says:

    I have been perimenopausal for the past decade. It has been very unpleasant, to put it mildly.

    Since eliminating wheat from my diet 2 months ago, my hot flashes and night sweats ceased. My mood swings are gone. My family members are starting to realize that they don’t have to tiptoe around me anymore.

    Also, the psoriasis I’ve had for 30 years is nearly completely gone.

    It feels like some sort of miracle.

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