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Lose the wheat, lose the spare tire

Rob posted these incredible photos on Facebook. I reproduce them here to archive in the Wheat Belly Blog. Followed the Runner’s World whole grains approach for 3+ years and running 20+ miles a week and could never lose the spare … Continue reading

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Wheat Spring

The “Arab Spring” movement has toppled dictatorial, oppressive governments in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia, and sparked popular uprisings in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. Using little more than Tweets and Facebook posts, people in the Middle East accomplished the previously unthinkable: … Continue reading

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The Disinformation Campaign gets underway

This is an example of what seems to be developing over at, posted as a “book review”: The author has no credentials, no credibility, just a small cult of terribly misinformed followers. Don’t be fooled by the high volume … Continue reading

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Almonds are the new wheat

Once you eliminate this genetically-altered Frankengrain called modern wheat, the diet should center around vegetables, nuts, healthy oils like olive and coconut, fish, meats, cheese, olives, avocados and other real whole foods. This is, in fact, the diet that I … Continue reading

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Lettuce Wrap like PF Changs from Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Kelly of Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog fame, generously provided this recipe for Wheat Belly Blog readers. Kelly prides herself on providing “politically incorrect” nutrition information, a line of thinking perfectly in sync with the Wheat Belly approach! (Kelly’s blog … Continue reading

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Wheat: Up close and personal

              Come on! Wheat can’t be that bad! “If it’s so bad, how come my Mom lived until she was 85 in perfect health and my grandparents likewise?” Okay, Wheat Belly Busters–those of you … Continue reading

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Pre-diabetes cured, 2 dress sizes down . . . and "gravy"

Roz tried to leave this comment on the blog, the blog for the Grain Foods Foundation. (I say “tried” because they are censoring some of the comments, including my recent comment/question about the drug industry affiliation of one of … Continue reading

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Eat this, SixServings!

The comments (112 in total, as of September 23, 2011) posted on, the blog for the Grain Foods Foundation, provide an incredible cross-section of opinions and experiences. The Grain Foods Foundation is a trade and lobbying group for the … Continue reading

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Lose the wheat, lose the . . . addiction

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Ang, left this fascinating comment about her break from wheat addiction: I have been wheat-free for 9 days after reading the article in Woman’s Day (which I NEVER pick up — don’t know why it struck … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly cover story and controversy

Wheat Belly made the cover story for Macleans Magazine, with 2.4 million readers in Canada: On the evils of wheat: Dr. William Davis on why it is so addictive, and how shunning it will make you skinny       … Continue reading

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