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The Holy Grail: Gluten-free . . . but low-carb

Thanks to the inventiveness of food manufacturers and people with celiac disease, there is no shortage of foods and recipes devoted to the gluten-free concept. Gluten-free cookies, pretzels, pizza, etc., all marketed to the gluten-free community. Problem: The cornstarch, potato … Continue reading

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Back to 4th grade weight!

Joel had struggled with weight for as long as he could remember. Even in fourth grade he weighed 181 pounds, bigger than all the other kids. Now 67 years old, Joel still struggled with being overweight, tipping the scales at … Continue reading

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Jelly beans are gluten-free

Yeah, you knew that already. Most jelly beans are made of corn syrup, sucrose, corn starch, food coloring, and flavorings. So, if jelly beans are gluten-free, you should eat lots of them. Right? You should eat them for breakfast, lunch, … Continue reading

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