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Wheat Belly explodes into bookstores!

Wheat Belly is finally available in Barnes and Noble and all major bookstores nationwide! Also available at Amazon. Electronic versions for Nook and Kindle, as well as an audio CD, will also be available. Chapters in the book include: Not … Continue reading

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That's no earthquake; that's just my Wheat Belly rumbling

That 5.8-magnitude rumble you feel under your feet is not another earthquake. It’s just the rumbling from your Wheat Belly. Have shredded wheat cereal at 7 am for breakfast and your stomach will be rumbling by 9. Have a few … Continue reading

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The Battle for Control of Your . . . Colon

Your colon–yes, that 4-foot long tube residing in the deep recesses of your abdomen, ugly, slimy, kind of smelly, hardly something you’d think would represent the spoils of any battle–is a battleground. The combatants? Bacteria. Billions of bacteria live, work, … Continue reading

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Hey, Bagel Face

Anyone who has teenagers, or was once a teenager herself, knows what a nuisance acne can be. Who hasn’t anticipated going out on a date at age 17, only to have a red hot zit spring up right on the … Continue reading

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Am I too thin?

While studies like the new NHANES analysis published in Lancet (discussed here in MedPage Today) lament the explosion of obesity, predicting that 50% of adults will be obese by 2030 (meaning BMI greater than 30), the conversation I have in … Continue reading

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Toast to wine

Thank goodness: Wine is a safe haven for those of use who wish to be wheat- and gluten-free. We all know that single-ingredient foods that occur in nature are wheat- and gluten-free: cucumbers, olives, basil, cranberries, etc. It’s when humans … Continue reading

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Men's lingerie is on the second floor

Repetitive insulin triggering grows this thing I call a “wheat belly,” the protuberant, hang-over-the-belt fat you see everywhere nowadays. Wheat belly fat is really visceral fat. Visceral fat means you have two fat kidneys, fat large and small intestines, a … Continue reading

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Got that warm feeling?

A condition called cerebellar ataxia is one manifestation of wheat’s effect on the human brain. This illness usually affects adults, average age of onset 48 years, though children can be affected, too. Symptoms consist of incoordination, falling . . . … Continue reading

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1985: The year the dough hit the fan

In 1985, the National Cholesterol Education Panel delivered its Adult Treatment Panel guidelines to Americans, advice to cut cholesterol intake, reduce saturated fat, and increase “healthy whole grains.” Congress followed suit with legislation requiring that the USDA provide dietary advice … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Bump Watch

You know People Magazine’s column called Bump Watch? Bump Watch chronicles the latest female celebrity sporting a near-term infant. This initiates a similar Wheat Belly Blog series I call Wheat Belly Bump Watch in which somebody in the media spotlight … Continue reading

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